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Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging IV
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Volume Number: 7905
Date Published: 8 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7905
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Ultra high-throughput single molecule spectroscopy with a 1024 pixel SPAD
Author(s): Ryan A. Colyer; Giuseppe Scalia; Federica A. Villa; Fabrizio Guerrieri; Simone Tisa; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova; Shimon Weiss; Xavier Michalet
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Parallel fluorescence photon timing module with monolithic SPAD array detector
Author(s): I. Rech; A. Gulinatti; C. Cammi; A. Gallivanoni; F. Panzeri; M. Ghioni
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Second harmonic generation of single metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): J. Butet; G. Bachelier; J. Duboisset; F. Bertorelle; I. Russier-Antoine; C. Jonin; E. Benichou; P. F. Brevet
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Comparison of algorithms for the trapping of single molecules in an electrostatic corral
Author(s): Jörg C. Woehl
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Time resolved 3D orientation spectroscopy: experimental realization and simulation
Author(s): Richard Börner; Danny Kowerko; Christian von Borczyskowski; Christian G. Hübner
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Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy as tool for high-content-screening in yeast (HCS-FCS)
Author(s): Christopher Wood; Joseph Huff; Will Marshall; Elden Qingfeng Yu; Jay Unruh; Brian Slaughter; Winfried Wiegraebe
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Plasma membrane microorganization of LR73 multidrug-resistant cells revealed by FCS
Author(s): Pascale Winckler; Rodolphe Jaffiol; Aurélie Cailler; Hamid Morjani; Pierre Jeannesson; Régis Deturche
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Subunit rotation in a single FoF1-ATP synthase in a living bacterium monitored by FRET
Author(s): K. Seyfert; T. Oosaka; H. Yaginuma; S. Ernst; H. Noji; R. Iino; M. Börsch
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Detection of pathogenic DNA at the single-molecule level
Author(s): Idir Yahiatène; Tobias Klamp; Mark Schüttpelz; Markus Sauer
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A reliable and sensitive bead-based fluorescence assay for identification of nucleic acid sequences
Author(s): Tobias Klamp; Idir Yahiatène; André Lampe; Mark Schüttpelz; Markus Sauer
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A photophysical study of two fluorogen-activating proteins bound to their cognate fluorogens
Author(s): Tiziano Gaiotto; Hau B. Nguyen; Jaemyeong Jung; Gnana S. Gnanakaran; Jurgen G. Schmidt; Geoffrey S. Waldo; Andrew M. Bradbury; Peter M. Goodwin
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DOPI and PALM imaging of single carbohydrate binding modules bound to cellulose nanocrystals
Author(s): D. J. Dagel; Y.-S. Liu; L. Zhong; Y. Luo; Y. Zeng; M. Himmel; S.-Y. Ding; S. Smith
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Live cell single-molecule and superresolution imaging of proteins in bacteria
Author(s): Julie S. Biteen; W. E. Moerner
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Multi-color laser source for STED microscopy
Author(s): Gregory L. Keaton; Mark W. Byer; Manuel J. Leonardo; Manuel Martinez; Kiyomi Monro
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Confocal imaging at the nanoscale with two-color STED microscopy
Author(s): Hilmar Gugel; Arnold Giske; Marcus Dyba; Jochen Sieber
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Buffer controlled photoswitching microscopy using standard organic fluorophores
Author(s): Volker Buschmann; Samantha Fore; Sebastian van de Linde; Markus Sauer; Steve Wolter; Mike Heilemann; Felix Koberling; Rainer Erdmann
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3D structured illumination microscopy
Author(s): William M. Dougherty; Paul C. Goodwin
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Superresolution saturated structured illumination microscopy system: theoretical aspects and real life
Author(s): Dror Fixler; Aviram Gur; Zeev Zalevsky
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Quantification of DNA repair protein kinetics after gamma-irradiation using number and brightness analysis
Author(s): Salim Abdisalaam; Milan Poudel; David J. Chen; George Alexandrakis
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Lifetime-based discrimination between spectrally matching vis and NIR emitting particle labels and probes
Author(s): K. Hoffmann; T. Behnke; D. Drescher; J. Kneipp; U. Resch-Genger
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