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Energy-based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment VI
Editor(s): Thomas P. Ryan
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Volume Number: 7901
Date Published: 10 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7901
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The art and science of low-energy applications in medicine: pathology perspectives
Author(s): Sharon L. Thomsen
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Practical pathology perspectives for minimally invasive hyperthermic medical devices
Author(s): James E. Coad
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Non-ablative hyperthermic mesenchymal regeneration: a proposed mechanism of action based on the Viveve model
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Vos; Ryan H. Livengood; Morris Jessop; James E. Coad
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The influence of electric charge transferred during electro-mechanical reshaping on mechanical behavior of cartilage
Author(s): Dimitry E. Protsenko; Amanda Lim; Edward C. Wu; Cyrus Manuel; Brian J. F. Wong
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Strategies for microwave thermal treatment planning, navigation, and assessment
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan
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Conformal needle-based ultrasound ablation using EM-tracked conebeam CT image guidance
Author(s): E. Clif Burdette; Filip Banovac M.D.; Chris J. Diederich; Patrick Cheng; Emmanuel Wilson; Kevin R. Cleary
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Preliminary evaluation of robotic needle distal tip repositioning
Author(s): Conor J. Walsh; Alexander H. Slocum; Rajiv Gupta
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Thermal treatment planning for SonoKnife focused-ultrasound thermal treatment of head and neck cancers
Author(s): Xin Chen; Duo Chen; Rongmin Xia; Gal Shafirstein; Peter Corry; Eduardo G. Moros
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Nanoparticle-based cancer treatment: can delivered dose and biological dose be reliably modeled and quantified?
Author(s): P. Jack Hoopes; Alicia A. Petryk; Andrew J. Giustini; Robert V. Stigliano; Robert N. D'Angelo; Jennifer A. Tate; Shiraz M. Cassim; Allan Foreman; John C. Bischof; John A. Pearce; Thomas Ryan
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FEM numerical model study of heating in magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): John A. Pearce; Jason R. Cook; P. Jack Hoopes; Andrew Giustini
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Nanoparticle heating: nanoscale to bulk effects of electromagnetically heated iron oxide and gold for biomedical applications
Author(s): Zhenpeng Qin; Michael Etheridge; John C. Bischof
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Modelling and characterization of photothermal effects assisted with gold nanorods in ex vivo samples and in a murine model
Author(s): Horacio Lamela Rivera; Félix Rodríguez Jara; Vincent Cunningham
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Comparison of microwave and magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia radiosensitization in murine breast tumors
Author(s): Andrew J. Giustini; Alicia A. Petryk; Paul J. Hoopes
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Computational modeling of high-intensity focused ultrasound mediated drug delivery
Author(s): Astrid Gasselhuber; Sunil Appanaboyina; Matthew Dreher; Ari Partanen; Bradford Wood; Frank Rattay; Dieter Haemmerich
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Determination of cellular injury and death thresholds following exposure to high voltage 10ns electrical pulses
Author(s): Bennett L. Ibey; Caleb C. Roth; Joshua A Bernhard; Andrei G. Pakhomov; Gerald J. Wilmink; Olga Pakhomova
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How does temperature affect the function of tissue macrophages?
Author(s): Chen-Ting Lee; Elizabeth A. Repasky
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Lysosomal exocytosis in response to subtle membrane damage following nanosecond pulse exposure
Author(s): Danielle R. Dalzell; Caleb C. Roth; Joshua A. Bernhard; Jason A. Payne; Gerald J. Wilmink; Bennett L. Ibey
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Effects of femtosecond laser radiation on blood cell suspensions
Author(s): Tatyana Gening; Aleksey Sysolyatin; Tatyana Abakumova; Dinara Arslanova; Olga Voronova; Igor Zolotovsky; Vladimir Ostatochnikov; Marina Yavtushenko
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Removal of brain tissue by 1940-nm Tm-Fiber laser
Author(s): Burcu Tunç; Murat Gülsoy
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Magnetic resonance-guided focused ultrasound surgery for treatment of painful osseous metastases
Author(s): Mark Hurwitz; Ronit Machtinger; Fiona Fennessy
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Microwave thermal imaging of scanned focused ultrasound heating: animal experiments
Author(s): Tian Zhou; Paul M. Meaney; P. Jack Hoopes; Shireen D. Geimer; Keith D. Paulsen
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Catheter-based ultrasound hyperthermia with HDR brachytherapy for treatment of locally advanced cancer of the prostate and cervix
Author(s): Chris J. Diederich; Jeff Wootton; Punit Prakash; Vasant Salgaonkar; Titania Juang; Serena Scott; Xin Chen; Adam Cunha; Jean Pouliot; I. C. Hsu
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Fast optimization and planning of clinical interstitial ultrasound hyperthermia using superposition and surrogate models of temperature distributions
Author(s): Vasant A. Salgaonkar; Punit Prakash; Chris J. Diederich
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Experimental characterization of a SonoKnife applicator
Author(s): Rongmin Xia; Duo Chen; Gal Shafirstein; Xin Chen; Peter Corry; Robert Griffin; Eduardo G. Moros
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Hepatic ablation with multiple interstitial ultrasound applicators: initial ex vivo and computational studies
Author(s): Punit Prakash; Vasant A. Salgaonkar; E. Clif Burdette; Chris J. Diederich
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Investigation of the electrical conductivity in perfused liver using micro electrical probe
Author(s): Ming Yi; Ronald J. Podhajsky; Roop L. Mahajan
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Ultra-miniature wireless temperature sensor for thermal medicine applications
Author(s): Ahmad Khairi; Shih-Chang Hung; Jeyanandh Paramesh; Gary Fedder; Yoed Rabin
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Electrical property-based biopsy for prostate cancer detection and assessment
Author(s): Ryan J. Halter; Vaishali Mishra; Hamza Bouayad; Preston Manwaring; John Heaney; Alan Schned
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Microwave radiometry for non-invasive detection of vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) following bladder warming
Author(s): Paul R. Stauffer; Paolo F. Maccarini; Kavitha Arunachalam; Valeria De Luca; Sara Salahi; Alina Boico; Oystein Klemetsen; Yngve Birkelund; Svein K. Jacobsen; Fernando Bardati; Piero Tognolotti; Brent Snow
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Ultrasound therapy applicators for controlled thermal modification of tissue
Author(s): E. Clif Burdette; Carol Lichtenstiger; Laurie Rund; Mallika Keralapura; Chad Gossett; Randy Stahlhut; Paul Neubauer; Bruce Komadina; Emery Williams; Chris Alix; Tor Jensen; Lawrence Schook; Chris J. Diederich
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1125-nm quantum dot laser for tonsil thermal therapy
Author(s): Kathleen McMillan
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Hyperthermic tissue sealing devices: a proposed histopathologic protocol for standardizing the evaluation of thermally sealed vessels
Author(s): Ryan H. Livengood; Jeffrey A. Vos; James E. Coad
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Dual thermal ablation modality of solid tumors in a mouse model
Author(s): Gal Shafirstein; Klressa Barnes; Leah Hennings; Jessica Webber; Eduardo G. Moros; Beata Przybyla; Robert J. Griffin
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Arrhenius parameters for primary thermal injury in human tonsillar tissue
Author(s): Kathleen McMillan; Rebecca Radabaugh; James E. Coad
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New visualization strategy to study the dynamics of surgical coagulation devices in biological tissue using absolute subsurface thermal imaging
Author(s): Stefan L. Been; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk; John H. G. M. Klaessens
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Indocyanine green enhanced near infrared laser treatment of SCK tumors in a mouse model pilot study
Author(s): Gal Shafirstein; Wolfgang Bäumler; Ran Friedman; Leah Hennings; Jessica Webber; James Suen; Robert J. Griffin
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Computed effects of sweat gland ducts on the propagation of 94 GHz waves in skin
Author(s): Gal Shafirstein; Eduardo G. Moros
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Development of novel magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia cancer therapy
Author(s): Shiraz M. Cassim; Andrew J. Giustini; Ian Baker; P. Jack Hoopes
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Selective nanoparticle-directed photothermal ablation of the canine prostate
Author(s): Jon A. Schwartz; Roger E. Price; Kelly L. Gill-Sharp; Krystina L. Sang; Jennifer D. Khorchani; J. Donald Payne; Bradford S. Goodwin
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In vivo biodistribution of iron oxide nanoparticles: an overview
Author(s): Jennifer A. Tate; Alicia A. Petryk; Andrew J. Giustini; P. Jack Hoopes
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Kinetics and pathogenesis of intracellular magnetic nanoparticle cytotoxicity
Author(s): Andrew J. Giustini; Rachel E. Gottesman; A. A. Petryk; A. M. Rauwerdink; P. Jack Hoopes
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Comparison of iron oxide nanoparticle and microwave hyperthermia alone or combined with cisplatinum in murine breast tumors
Author(s): Alicia A. Petryk; Robert V. Stigliano; Andrew J. Giustini; Rachel E. Gottesman; B. Stuart Trembly; Peter A. Kaufman; P. Jack Hoopes
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