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Optical Interactions with Tissue and Cells XXII
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Volume Number: 7897
Date Published: 8 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7897
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mechanisms of femtosecond laser cell surgery in the low-density plasma regime
Author(s): K. Kuetemeyer; R. Rezgui; H. Lubatschowski; A. Heisterkamp
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Ultrafast laser assisted microinjection enables distinct spatial localization pattern in cells and retina
Author(s): L. Gu; S. Shivalingaiah; S. K. Mohanty
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Endovenous laser ablation with TM-fiber laser
Author(s): Meral Filiz Somunyudan; Nermin Topaloglu; Mehmet Umit Ergenoglu; Murat Gulsoy
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Assessing mechanical properties with intravascular or endoscopic optical coherence tomography
Author(s): G. Lamouche; H. Azarnoush; S. Vergnole; V. Pazos; C.-E. Bisaillon; P. Debergue; B. Boulet; R. Diraddo
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Non-invasive optical modulation of local vascular permeability
Author(s): Myunghwan Choi; Chulhee Choi M.D.
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Laser-induced detachment and re-orientation of cells
Author(s): Ling Gu; Ninad Ingle; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Terahertz pulsed imaging in vivo
Author(s): E. Pickwell-MacPherson
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THz techniques for human skin measurement
Author(s): Yu Guan; Koji Mizukoshi; Koji Suizu; Kodo Kawase
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Gene expression profile of Jurkat cells exposed to high power terahertz radiation
Author(s): Jessica E. Grundt; Caleb C. Roth; Benjamin D. Rivest; Michael L. Doroski; Jason Payne; Bennett L. Ibey; Gerald J. Wilmink
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Accelerating thermal deposition modeling at terahertz frequencies using GPUs
Author(s): Michael Doroski; Michael Knight; Jason Payne; Jessica E. Grundt; Bennett L. Ibey; Robert Thomas; William P. Roach; Gerald J. Wilmink
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Bioheat model evaluations of laser effects on tissues: role of water evaporation and diffusion
Author(s): Deepthi Nagulapally; Ravi P Joshi; Robert J. Thomas
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Effects of He-Ne laser irradiation on red blood cells in vitro
Author(s): Vijay H. Ghadage; Gauri R. Kulkarni
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Temperature increase of ex vivo corneas from multiple 2.01-micron incident laser pulses
Author(s): Edward Kelly; Thomas Johnson
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Characterizing temperature-dependent photo-oxidation to explain the abrupt transition from thermal to non-thermal laser damage mechanisms at 413 nm
Author(s): Michael L. Denton; C. D. Clark III; Gary D. Noojin; Larry E. Estlack; Adam C. Schenk; Curtis W. Burney; Benjamin A. Rockwell; Robert J. Thomas
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Detection of familial adenomatous polyposis with polarized spectroscopic imaging and oral vascular density
Author(s): Ali Basiri; Daniel L. Edelstein; Francis M. Giardiello; J. C. Ramella-Roman
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Determining the optical properties in a fibrous turbid medium
Author(s): Ali Shuaib; Gang Yao
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Detection of cancer cells in prostate tissue with time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): C. E. Gerich; J. Opitz; M. Toma; M. Sergon; S. Füssel; R. Nanke; J. Fehre; M. Wirth; G. Baretton; J. Schreiber
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Behavior of optical properties of coagulated blood sample at 633-nm wavelength
Author(s): Beatriz Morales Cruzado; Sergio Vázquez y Montiel; José Alberto Delgado Atencio
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Vibrational spectroscopy characterization of low level laser therapy on mammary culture cells: a micro-FTIR study
Author(s): Taciana D. Magrini; Nathalia Villa dos Santos; Marcella Pecora Milazzotto; Giselle Cerchiaro; Herculano da Silva Martinho
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Detection of pre-charring optical behavior at a laser catheter-tip in blood: ex vivo and in vivo study
Author(s): Mei Takahashi; Arisa Ito; Takuro Kajihara; Tsunenori Arai
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Three-dimensional angular domain optical projection tomography
Author(s): Eldon Ng; Fartash Vasefi; Michael Roumeliotis; Bozena Kaminska; Jeffrey J. L. Carson
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Angular-domain imaging of fluorescence sources within tissue phantoms
Author(s): Rongen L. K. Cheng; Polly Tsui; Glenn H. Chapman; Reza Qarehbaghi; Nick Pfeiffer
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Optical technique for the investigation of light transport within irradiated tissues
Author(s): Rinat Ankri; Dror Fixler; Haim Taitelbaum
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Photothermal therapy of cancer cells using magnetic carbon nanoparticles
Author(s): V. Vardarajan; L. Gu; A. Kanneganti; S. K. Mohanty; A. R. Koymen
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Photothermal therapy of acute leukemia cells in the near-infrared region using gold nanorods CD-33 conjugates
Author(s): Anton Liopo; André Conjusteau; Marina Konopleva; Michael Andreeff; Alexander Oraevsky
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Skin damage thresholds with continuous-wave laser exposures at the infrared wavelength of 1319 nm
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Oliver; Corey A. Harbert; Gary D. Noojin; Isaac D. Noojin; Kurt J. Schuster; Aurora D. Shingledecker; David J Stolarski; Semih S. Kumru
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Metal nanoparticles amplify photodynamic effect on skin cells in vitro
Author(s): Brigitte Bauer; Si Chen; Mikael Käll; Linda Gunnarsson; Marica B. Ericson
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Laser injury and in vivo multimodal imaging using a mouse model
Author(s): Ginger M. Pocock; Adam Boretsky; Praveena Gupta; Jeff W. Oliver; Massoud Motamedi
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Optical control of urinary bladder contraction using femtosecond-pulsed laser
Author(s): Jonghee Yoon; Myunghwan Choi; Chulhee Choi
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No effect of femtosecond laser pulses on DNA, protein, M13, or E. coli
Author(s): Jeffrey C. Wigle; Eric A. Holwitt; Gary D. Noojin; Larry E. Estlack; Katharine E. Sheldon; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Correlating computational docking predictions with Raman spectroscopy for β-Lactoglobulin-porphyrin complexes
Author(s): James Parker; Lorenzo Brancaleon
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Rotating wall vessel system designed for fluorescent imaging
Author(s): Tristan J. Tayag; S. Dan Dimitrijevich; Lauren C. Del Gallego; Pankaj Kumar
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Characterization of tissue scaffolds using optics and ultrasound
Author(s): N. T. Huynh; N. G. Parker; D. He; H. Ruan; B. R. Hayes-Gill; M. L. Mather; J. A. Crowe; F. R. A. J. Rose; M. J. W. Povey; S. P. Morgan
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Validation of artificial skin equivalents as in vitro testing systems
Author(s): Robert Schmitt; Ulrich Marx; Heike Walles; Lena Schober
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Electrospun fiber alignment using the radon transform
Author(s): Nicholas J. Schaub; Ryan J. Gilbert; Sean J. Kirkpatrick
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Optical methods for diagnostics and feedback control in laser-induced regeneration of spine disc and joint cartilages
Author(s): Emil Sobol; Alexander Sviridov; Alexander Omeltchenko; Olga Baum; Andrey Baskov; Igor Borchshenko; Vladimir Golubev; Vladimir Baskov
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Stretching of red blood cells by optical tweezers quantified by digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Nelson Cardenas; Lingfeng Yu; Samarendra K. Mohanty
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Laser ultrasound characterization of normal and decayed teeth by measuring elastic properties of surface layers
Author(s): Yasser H. El-Sharkawy; Ashraf F. ElSherif
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VEGF-C as a survival factor for retinal pigment epithelial cells from photothermal stress
Author(s): Brent J. Lavey; Katharine E. Sheldon; Larry E. Estlack; Kurt J. Schuster; Michael D. Barnhart; Benjamin A. Rockwell
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Analysis on unevenness of skin color using the melanin and hemoglobin components separated by independent component analysis of skin color image
Author(s): Nobutoshi Ojima; Izumi Fujiwara; Yayoi Inoue; Norimichi Tsumura; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Kayoko Iwata
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Monte Carlo simulation for light propagation in 3D tooth model
Author(s): Yongji Fu; Steven L. Jacques
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Angular-domain spectroscopic imaging of turbid media: derivative analysis
Author(s): Fartash Vasefi; Mohamadreza Najiminaini; Eldon Ng; Astrid Chamson-Reig; Bozena Kaminska; Jeffrey J. L. Carson
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FDTD multi-GPU implementation of Maxwell's equations in dispersive media
Author(s): Mohammad R. Zunoubi; Jason Payne; Michael Knight
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Human skin auto-fluorescence decay as a function of irradiance and skin type
Author(s): Martin P. Debreczeny; Rebecca Bates; Rick M. Fitch; Karen P. Galen; Jiajia Ge; Richard B. Dorshow
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Traumatic brain injury caused by laser-induced shock wave in rats: a novel laboratory model for studying blast-induced traumatic brain injury
Author(s): Ben Hatano; Yoshihisa Matsumoto; Naoki Otani; Daizoh Saitoh; Shinichi Tokuno; Yasushi Satoh; Hiroshi Nawashiro; Yoshitaro Matsushita; Shunichi Sato
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Error analysis of tissue optical properties determined by double-integrating sphere system and inverse Monte Carlo method
Author(s): Takaya Terada; Takuya Nanjo; Norihiro Honda; Katsunori Ishii; Kunio Awazu
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Optical imaging through non-transparent small aquatic creatures with angular-domain imaging
Author(s): Rongen L. K. Cheng; Polly B. L. Tsui; Gary Chiang; Glenn H. Chapman
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Photoinduced unfolding of tubulin dimers bound to meso-tetrakis (sulfonatophenyl) porphyrin
Author(s): Brady McMicken; Lorenzo Brancaleon
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