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Multimodal Biomedical Imaging VI
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Volume Number: 7892
Date Published: 10 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7892
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Evaluation of the accuracy of brain optical properties estimation at different ages using the frequency-domain multi-distance method
Author(s): Mathieu Dehaes; P. Ellen Grant; Danielle D. Sliva; Nadège Roche-Labarbe; Rudolph Pienaar; David A. Boas; Maria Angela Franceschini; Juliette Selb
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Empirical factors affecting reconstruction of image-guided near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Michael A. Mastanduno; Shudong Jiang; Roberta DiFlorio-Alexander; Brian W. Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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Spectrally-resolved imaging of dynamic turbid media
Author(s): Nathan Hagen; Noah Bedard; Amaan Mazhar; Soren Konecky; Bruce J. Tromberg; Tomasz S. Tkaczyk
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Integrated scanning laser ophthalmoscopy and optical coherence tomography for quantitative multimodal imaging of retinal degeneration and autofluorescence
Author(s): Ali Issaei; Lukasz Szczygiel; Nima Hossein-Javaheri; Mei Young; L. L. Molday; R. S. Molday; M. V. Sarunic
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Fiber-based combined optical coherence and multiphoton microscopy
Author(s): Gangjun Liu; Zhongping Chen
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Combined OCT and CARS using a single ultrashort pulse Ti:Sapphire laser
Author(s): Claudia Hoffmann; Bernd Hofer; Angelika Unterhuber; Boris Poavzay; Uwe Morgner; Wolfgang Drexler
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Spectral a priori to spatial a posteriori in continuous-wave image reconstruction in near-infrared optical tomography
Author(s): Guan Xu; Daqing Piao; Hamid Dehghani
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Fully parallel adaptive finite element simulation using the simplified spherical harmonics approximations for frequency-domain fluorescence-enhanced optical imaging
Author(s): Yujie Lu; Banghe Zhu; Haiou Shen; John C. Rasmussen; Ge Wang; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca
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Three dimensional time reversal optical tomography
Author(s): Binlin Wu; W. Cai; M. Alrubaiee; M. Xu; S. K. Gayen
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In vivo reconstruction of NIR FRET using full-field time resolved optical tomography
Author(s): Vivek Venugopal; Jin Chen; Margarida Barroso; Xavier Intes
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Potentialities of a new bimodal Xray/fluorescence tomograph within a cyindrical geometry for pre-clinical studies
Author(s): Anne Koenig; Anne Planat-Chrétien; Jean-Guillaume Coutard; Lionel Hervé; Marco Brambilla; Véronique Josserand; Jean-Luc Coll; Jean-Marc Dinten
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Concurrent magnetic resonance and diffuse luminescence imaging for hypoxic tumor characterization
Author(s): Madhavi Seetamraju; Xuefeng Zhang; Scott Davis; Rajan Gurjar; Richard Myers; Brian W. Pogue; Gerald Entine
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Tumor characterization by chromophore concentrations in small animals using a hybrid MRI-DOT system
Author(s): Mitchell Hsing; Yuting Lin; Mehmet Burcin Unlu; Orhan Nalcioglu; Gultekin Gulsen
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MRI-guided fluorescence tomography of PPIX in the breast: a case study
Author(s): Scott C. Davis; Michael A. Mastanduno; Brian W. Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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Feasibility of detecting mineral content in turbid medium using stimulated Raman photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Rajan Arora; Georgi I. Petrov; Hao F. Zhang; Vladislav V. Yakovlev
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Image contrast in fluorescence and magnetic resonance images for glioblastoma detection
Author(s): Kimberley S. Samkoe; Summer L. Gibbs-Strauss; Harold H. Yang; S. Khan Hekmatyar; P. Jack Hoopes; Julia A. O'Hara; Risto A. Kauppinen; Brian W. Pogue
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Different optical spectral characteristics in a necrotic transmissible venereal tumor and a cystic lesion in the same canine prostate observed by triple-band trans-rectal optical tomography under trans-rectal ultrasound guidance
Author(s): Zhen Jiang; G. Reed Holyoak; Jerry W. Ritchey; Kenneth E. Bartels; Kendra Rock; Charlotte L. Ownby; Gennady Slobodov; Charles F. Bunting; Daqing Piao
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An investigation on fluorescent-optical dual-mode tomography using time-resolved data
Author(s): Limin Zhang; Wei Zhang; Feng Gao; Jiao Li; Huijuan Zhao
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Particle velocity measurements with macroscopic fluorescence imaging in lymph tissue mimicking microfluidic phantoms
Author(s): Ricky Hennessy; Chiwan Koo; Phuc Ton; Arum Han; Raffaella Righetti; Kristen C. Maitland
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Research on high-order approximation of radiative transfer equation for image reconstruction
Author(s): Wenjuan Ma; Feng Gao; Linhui Wu; Xi Yi; Pingping Zhu; Huijuan Zhao
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Integrating optical system designed for multimodal analysis of pearls and its mother oyster to distinguish and appraise cultured pearls
Author(s): Myeong Jin Ju; Sang Jin Lee; Yuri Kim; Jun Geun Shin; Do Hyung Kim; Hae Yeon Kim; Dong Seon Lee; Byeong Ha Lee
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Studying skin penetration by NMR imaging
Author(s): J. M. Burg; M. Voelker; P. Schlupp; T. Schmidts; U. Maeder; T. Bergmann; F. Runkel; J. T. Heverhagen; M. Fiebich
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An algorithm to correct 2D near-infrared fluorescence signals using 3D intravascular ultrasound architectural information
Author(s): Georgios Mallas; Dana H. Brooks; Amir Rosenthal; Claudio Vinegoni; Marcella A. Calfon; R. Nika Razansky; Farouc A. Jaffer; Vasilis Ntziachristos
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A hybrid positron and OCT intraoperative probe for ovarian cancer detection and characterization
Author(s): Yi Yang; Nrusingh C. Biswal; Tianheng Wang; Patrick Kumavor; Mozafareddin Karimeddini; Melinda Sanders; Molly Brewer; Quing Zhu
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In vivo tumor characterization using both MR and optical contrast agents with a hybrid MRI-DOT system
Author(s): Yuting Lin; Michael Ghijsen; David Thayer; Orhan Nalcioglu; Gultekin Gulsen
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In vivo comparison of kinetics of saline and ICG for the detection of normal and tumor tissue using NIR diffuse optical technique
Author(s): Ning Liu; Orhan Nalcioglu; Gultekin Gulsen
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Acquisition and reconstruction of Raman and fluorescence signals for rat leg imaging
Author(s): Jennifer-Lynn Demers; Brian Pogue; Frederic Leblond; Francis Esmonde-White; Paul Okagbare; Michael Morris
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Development of a hybrid MRI and fluorescence tomography system for small animal imaging
Author(s): Michael T. Ghijsen; Yuting Lin; Orhan Nalcioglu; Gultekin Gulsen
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A hybrid approach combining microCT and fluorescence tomography: imaging workflow and system of coordinate registration
Author(s): Robert Holt; Fadi El-Ghussein; Kenneth M. Tichauer; Frederic Leblond; Brian W. Pogue
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