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Visual Information Processing and Communication II
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Volume Number: 7882
Date Published: 24 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7882
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A hybrid video codec based on extended block sizes, recursive integer transforms, improved interpolation, and flexible motion representation
Author(s): Marta Karczewicz; Peisong Chen; Rajan Joshi; Xianglin Wang; Wei-Jung Chien; Rahul Panchal; Muhammed Coban; In Suk Chong; Yuriy A. Reznik
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Achieving H.264/AVC performance using distributed video coding combined with super-resolution
Author(s): Robert Klepko; Demin Wang; Grégory Huchet
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Real-time priority-aware transfer of SVC encoded video over MIMO communications system
Author(s): Daniela Radakovic; Yingwei Yao; Rashid Ansari
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Optimal power allocation and joint source-channel coding for wireless DS-CDMA visual sensor networks
Author(s): Katerina Pandremmenou; Lisimachos P. Kondi; Konstantinos E. Parsopoulos
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A device and an algorithm for the separation of visible and near infrared signals in a monolithic silicon sensor
Author(s): G. Langfelder; T. Malzbender; A. F. Longoni; F. Zaraga
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Localization of buildings with a gable roof in very high-resolution aerial images
Author(s): Lykele Hazelhoff; Peter H. N. de With
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Impact of near-lossless and lossy coding on information extraction from hyperspectral data
Author(s): Agnieszka Miguel
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Motion adaptive Kalman filter for super-resolution
Author(s): Martin Richter; Fabian Nasse; Hartmut Schröder
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Hyper-cube watermarking scheme
Author(s): Marc Chaumont; Dalila Goudia; William Puech
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A joint JPEG2000 compression and watermarking system using a TCQ-based quantization scheme
Author(s): D. Goudia; M. Chaumont; W. Puech; N. Hadj Said
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Robust HOSVD-based multi-camera motion trajectory indexing and retrieval
Author(s): Qun Li; Xiangqiong Shi; Dan Schonfeld
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Particle filtering with missing frames and its application to video tracking over lossy networks
Author(s): Jing Huang; Dan Schonfeld
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Affine image registration with curve mapping
Author(s): Yong Li; Robert L. Stevenson
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Optimal optical flow based disparity map estimation for lossless stereo image coding
Author(s): Amit Kumar K. C.; Rony Darazi; Benoît Macq
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Background subtraction using a pixel-wise adaptive learning rate for object tracking initialization
Author(s): Ka Ki Ng; Edward J. Delp
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Background estimation and update in cluttered surveillance video via the Radon transform
Author(s): N. Conci; Ebroul Izquierdo
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People re-identification in camera networks based on probabilistic color histograms
Author(s): Angela D'Angelo; Jean-Luc Dugelay
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Estimating the number of people in crowded scenes
Author(s): Minjin Kim; Wonjun Kim; Changick Kim
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MD/PNC with feedback for heterogeneous video multicast in lossy networks
Author(s): Adarsh K. Ramasubramonian; John W. Woods
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Object-adaptive depth compensated inter prediction for depth video coding in 3D video system
Author(s): Min-Koo Kang; Jaejoon Lee; Ilsoon Lim; Yo-Sung Ho
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Depth map coding based on color motion information
Author(s): Byung Tae Oh; Ho-Cheon Wey; Du-Sik Park
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A color video compression technique using key frames and a low complexity color transfer
Author(s): Rakesh Agarwal; Sumana Gupta; Varaprasad Gude
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