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Imaging and Printing in a Web 2.0 World II
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Volume Number: 7879
Date Published: 7 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7879
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Web-based magazine design for self publishers
Author(s): Andrew Hunter; David Slatter; Darryl Greig
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Improve artwork designs through data ranking system
Author(s): Wiley Wang; Russ Muzzolini
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DOM-based print-link detection for web article extraction
Author(s): Sam Liu; Suk-Hwan Lim; Jerry Liu
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A web-based troubleshooting tool to help customers self-solve color issues with a digital printing workflow
Author(s): Hector J. Santos-Villalobos; Victor Loewen; Mark Lehto; Jan Allebach
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Language-based color editing for mobile device
Author(s): Yonghui Zhao; Raja Bala; Karen M. Braun; Zahra Langford; Robert J. Rolleston; Michael T. Stevens
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Personalized imaging: moving closer to reality
Author(s): Hengzhou Ding; Raja Bala; Zhigang Fan; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Document similarity measures and document browsing
Author(s): Ildus Ahmadullin; Jian Fan; Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Suk Hwan Lim; Qian Lin; Jerry Liu; Sam Liu; Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Jan Allebach
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Adaptive removal of background and white space from document images using seam categorization
Author(s): Claude Fillion; Zhigang Fan; Vishal Monga
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Aesthetic role of transparency and layering in the creation of photo layouts
Author(s): Maria V. Ortiz Segovia; Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Jian Fan; Suk Hwan Lim; Sam Liu; Jerry Liu; Qian Lin; Jan P. Allebach
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Automatic picture orientation detection based on classifier combination
Author(s): Yuejia Sun; Changsong Liu; Xiaoqing Ding; Zhigang Fan; Francis Tse
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Whiteboard sharing: capture, process, and print or email
Author(s): Michael Gormish; Berna Erol; Daniel G. Van Olst; Tim Li; Andrea Mariotti
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Building a print on demand web service
Author(s): Prakash Reddy; Benedict Rozario; Shariff Dudekula; V. Anil Dev
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iULib: where UDL and Wikipedia could meet
Author(s): Yonghong Tian; Tiejun Huang; Wen Gao
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Book Widget: embedding automated photo-document publication on the Web and in mobile devices
Author(s): Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Andrew Hunter; Jerry Liu; Qian Lin; Daniel Tretter; Jiayan Wang; Xuemei Zhang; Peng Wu
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Semantic photo books: leveraging blogs and social media for photo book creation
Author(s): Mohamad Rabbath; Philipp Sandhaus; Susanne Boll
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Automatic image selection scheme utilizing comments for insertion of images into weblogs
Author(s): Tomoaki Konno; Emi Myodo; Koichi Takagi; Ryoichi Kawada
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Title identification of web article pages using HTML and visual features
Author(s): Jian Fan; Ping Luo; Parag Joshi
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Creating 3D realistic head: from two orthogonal photos to multiview face contents
Author(s): Yuan Lin; Qian Lin; Feng Tang; Liang Tang; Sukhwan Lim; Shengjin Wang
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Mobile multimedia understanding applications: an overview
Author(s): Xiaofan Lin
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Learning object detectors from online image search
Author(s): Feng Tang; Daniel R. Tretter
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Image categorization for marketing purposes
Author(s): Mishari I. Almishari; Haengju Lee; Nathan Gnanasambandam
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Text extraction from web images
Author(s): Changsong Liu; Cheng Yang; Xiaoqing Ding; Jian Fan
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Web image annotation using two-step filtering on social tags
Author(s): Sunyoung Cho; Jaeseong Cha; Hyeran Byun
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