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Digital Photography VII
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Volume Number: 7876
Date Published: 24 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7876
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High dynamic range image sensor architectures
Author(s): Boyd Fowler
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Bayer and panchromatic color filter array demosaicing by sparse recovery
Author(s): Mohammad Aghagolzadeh; Abdolreza Abdolhosseini Moghadam; Mrityunjay Kumar; Hayder Radha
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Improved motion invariant imaging with time varying shutter functions
Author(s): Steve Webster; Andrew Dorrell
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Optimal image acquisition by auto-defocusing
Author(s): Tao Ma; Stanley J. Reeves
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Mobile phone imaging module with extended depth of focus based on axial irradiance equalization phase coding
Author(s): Hsin-Yueh Sung; Po-Chang Chen; Chuan-Chung Chang; Chir-Weei Chang; Sidney S. Yang; Horng Chang
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Performance of extended depth of field systems and theoretical diffraction limit
Author(s): Nicolas Bachelard; Frédéric Guichard; Frédéric Cao; Imène Tarchouna
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Implementation of a multispectral color imaging device without color filter array
Author(s): G. Langfelder; A. F. Longoni; F. Zaraga
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One-shot multispectral color imaging with a stereo camera
Author(s): Raju Shrestha; Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Alamin Mansouri
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Multispectral image invariant to illumination colour, strength, and shading
Author(s): Mark S. Drew; Amin Yazdani Salekdeh
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Methods for spectral characterization of multispectral cameras
Author(s): Julie Klein; Johannes Brauers; Til Aach
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Evaluation of a hyperspectral image database for demosaicking purposes
Author(s): Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Sabine Süsstrunk
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Automatic annotation of outdoor photographs
Author(s): Claudio Cusano; Raimondo Schettini
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Fast orientation driven multi-structure morphological inpainting
Author(s): D. Jemi Florinabel; S. Ebenezer Juliet; V. Sadasivam
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How many pixels does it take to make a good 4"x6" print? Pixel count wars revisited
Author(s): Michael A. Kriss
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A prototype high-speed CMOS image sensor with 10,000,000 fps burst-frame rate and 10,000 fps continuous-frame rate
Author(s): Yasuhisa Tochigi; Katsuhiko Hanzawa; Yuri Kato; Nana Akahane; Rihito Kuroda; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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Two-dimensional measurement of the lens optical transfer function from a digital image
Author(s): David P. Morgan-Mar; Matthew R. Arnison; Chris A. Deller; Peter A. Fletcher; Kieran G. Larkin
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Efficient defect pixel cluster detection and correction for Bayer CFA image sequences
Author(s): Touraj Tajbakhsh
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Image scaling with aliasing cancellation
Author(s): Alan Tõnisson; Andrew Dorrell; Nagita Mehrseresht; Richard Zillman
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Random-temporal block selection for video stabilization
Author(s): S. Battiato; A. R. Bruna; G. Puglisi
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Comparison of objective metrics for image sensor crosstalk characterization
Author(s): Feng Li; Henrik Eliasson; Alexander Dokoutchaev
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An image quality evaluation tool simulating image sensors including quantum efficiency off-axis effect
Author(s): Clémence Mornet; Jérôme Vaillant; Thomas Decroux; Nicolas Virollet; Didier Herault; Isabelle Schanen
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Image quality assessment based on edge
Author(s): Xuanqin Mou; Min Zhang; Wufeng Xue; Lei Zhang
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Method for evaluating tone mapping operators for natural high dynamic range images
Author(s): Mikko Kuhna; Mikko Nuutinen; Pirkko Oittinen
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High dynamic range imaging of non-static scenes
Author(s): Imtiaz Hossain; Bahadir K. Gunturk
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Toward a quantitative visual noise evaluation of sensors and image processing pipes
Author(s): Clémence Mornet; Donald Baxter; Jérôme Vaillant; Thomas Decroux; Didier Herault; Isabelle Schanen
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Fidelity tolerance analysis for computational imaging system
Author(s): Chuan-Chung Chang; Yung-Lin Chen; Kuang-Vu Chen; Hsiao-Yue Tsao; Hsin-Yueh Sung; Chir-Weei Chang; Po-Chang Chen; Horng Chang
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Noise-robust image deblurring by blending regular- and short-exposure images
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Tsuda; Haruo Hatanaka; Shimpei Fukumoto; Masaaki Ueda; Kunihiro Chihara
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Improving the sensitometric and OECF standards: recognizing the photosensitive exposure range
Author(s): Michael G. Prais
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Image enhancement technique using color and edge features for mobile systems
Author(s): Won-Ho Cho; Tae-Chan Kim
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Rectangular pixels for efficient color image sampling
Author(s): Tripurari Singh; Mritunjay Singh
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A robust color signal processing with wide dynamic range WRGB CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Shun Kawada; Rihito Kuroda; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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Adaptive contrast enhancement for underexposed images
Author(s): Silvia Corchs; Francesca Gasparini; Raimondo Schettini
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Moving refractive optical low pass filter for digital cameras
Author(s): Michael Schöberl; Jürgen Ernst; Wolfgang Schnurrer; Siegfried Fößel; André Kaup
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A JPEG-like algorithm for compression of single-sensor camera image
Author(s): Omar Benahmed Daho; Mohamed-Chaker Larabi; Jayanta Mukhopadhyay
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Reduced reference image quality assessment based on statistics of edge
Author(s): Min Zhang; Wufeng Xue; Xuanqin Mou
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Evaluation of LED flash performance for camera phones
Author(s): John Pincenti; Cole Sheldon; By-Her Richards; George John
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Characterization of pixel crosstalk and impact of Bayer patterning by quantum efficiency measurement
Author(s): Jérôme Vaillant; Clémence Mornet; Thomas Decroux; Didier Hérault; Isabelle Schanen
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