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Visualization and Data Analysis 2011
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Volume Number: 7868
Date Published: 24 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7868
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The science of visual analysis at extreme scale
Author(s): Lucy T. Nowell
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Data repository mapping for influenza protein sequence analysis
Author(s): Donald Pellegrino; Chaomei Chen
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GPU-accelerated visualization of protein dynamics in ribbon mode
Author(s): Manuel Wahle; Stefan Birmanns
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OpenOrd: an open-source toolbox for large graph layout
Author(s): Shawn Martin; W. Michael Brown; Richard Klavans; Kevin W. Boyack
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A pseudo-haptic knot diagram interface
Author(s): Hui Zhang; Jianguang Weng; Andrew J. Hanson
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Interactive isosurfaces with quadratic C1 splines on truncated octahedral partitions
Author(s): Alexander Marinc; Thomas Kalbe; Markus Rhein; Michael Goesele
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Indirect multi-touch interaction for brushing in parallel coordinates
Author(s): Robert Kosara
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A randomized framework for discovery of heterogeneous mixtures
Author(s): Mark A. Livingston; Aditya M. Palepu; Jonathan Decker; Mikel Dermer
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Exploring height fields: interactive visualization and applications
Author(s): Madjid Állili; David Corriveau; Alvaro Villares
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An evaluation of methods for encoding multiple 2D spatial data
Author(s): Mark A. Livingston; Jonathan Decker; Zhuming Ai
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Multivariate visualization of chromatographic systems
Author(s): Timothy Urness; Thomas Marrinan; Andrew R. Johnson; Mark F. Vitha
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Visualization of dynamic adaptive resolution scientific data
Author(s): Andrew Foulks; R. Daniel Bergeron; Samuel H. Vohr
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A flexible low-complexity device adaptation approach for data presentation
Author(s): René Rosenbaum; Alfredo Gimenez; Heidrun Schumann; Bernd Hamann
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EdgeMaps: visualizing explicit and implicit relations
Author(s): Marian Dörk; Sheelagh Carpendale; Carey Williamson
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Visualizing node attribute uncertainty in graphs
Author(s): Nathaniel Cesario; Alex Pang; Lisa Singh
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Interactive visualization of scattered moment tensor data
Author(s): Harald Obermaier; Magali I. Billen; Hans Hagen; Martin Hering-Bertram
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Visualizing frequent patterns in large multivariate time series
Author(s): M. Hao; M. Marwah; H. Janetzko; R. Sharma; D. A. Keim; U. Dayal; D. Patnaik; N. Ramakrishnan
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Visual pattern discovery in timed event data
Author(s): Matthias Schaefer; Franz Wanner; Florian Mansmann; Christian Scheible; Verity Stennett; Anders T. Hasselrot; Daniel A. Keim
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Enhancing visualization with real-time frequency-based transfer functions
Author(s): Erald Vuçini; Daniel Patel; M. Eduard Gröller
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The role of visualization and interaction in maritime anomaly detection
Author(s): Maria Riveiro; Göran Falkman
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Multiscale visual quality assessment for cluster analysis with self-organizing maps
Author(s): Jürgen Bernard; Tatiana von Landesberger; Sebastian Bremm; Tobias Schreck
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Privacy-preserving data visualization using parallel coordinates
Author(s): Aritra Dasgupta; Robert Kosara
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A tri-linear visualization for network anomaly detection
Author(s): Robert B. Whitaker; Robert F. Erbacher
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EmailTime: visual analytics and statistics for temporal email
Author(s): Minoo Erfani Joorabchi; Ji-Dong Yim; Christopher D. Shaw
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A web-enabled visualization toolkit for geovisual analytics
Author(s): Quan Ho; Patrik Lundblad; Tobias Åström; Mikael Jern
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A 3D particle visualization system for temperature management
Author(s): B. Lange; N. Rodriguez; W. Puech; H. Rey; X. Vasques
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A digital topology-based method for the topological filtering of a reconstructed surface
Author(s): M. Allili; D. Li; M. S. Allili
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A meta-notation for data visualization
Author(s): Sang Yun Lee; Ulrich Neumann
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Enhancing online timeline visualizations with events and images
Author(s): Abhishek Pandya; Aniket Mulye; Soon Tee Teoh
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Multivariate data visualization via outdoor scenes
Author(s): Benjamin A. Hillery; Robert P. Burton
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