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Color Imaging XVI: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
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Volume Number: 7866
Date Published: 24 January 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7866
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Adaptive color visualization for dichromats using a customized hierarchical palette
Author(s): Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez-Pardo; Gaurav Sharma
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R/G/B color crosstalk characterization and calibration for LCD displays
Author(s): Reza Safaee-Rad; Milivoje Aleksic
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Color gamut boundary optimization of wide gamut display devices
Author(s): Fritz Lebowsky
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Color correction for projected image on colored-screen based on a camera
Author(s): Dae-Chul Kim; Tae-Hyoung Lee; Myong-Hui Choi; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Modeling LCD displays with local backlight dimming for image quality assessment
Author(s): Jari Korhonen; Nino Burini; Søren Forchhammer; Jesper M. Pedersen
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Content dependent selection of image enhancement parameters for mobile displays
Author(s): Yoon-Gyoo Lee; Yoo-Jin Kang; Han-Eol Kim; Ka-Hee Kim; Choon-Woo Kim
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Saliency driven Black Point Compensation
Author(s): Albrecht Lindner; Nicolas Bonnier; Sabine Süsstrunk
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DIN 6164 for gamut mapping?
Author(s): Ursina Caluori; Dennis Küpper; Klaus Simon
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Estimation of low dynamic range images from single Bayer image using exposure look-up table for high dynamic range image
Author(s): Tae-Hyoung Lee; Wang-Jun Kyung; Cheol-Hee Lee; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Flicker reduction in tone mapped high dynamic range video
Author(s): Benjamin Guthier; Stephan Kopf; Marc Eble; Wolfgang Effelsberg
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Applying AR technology with a projector-camera system in a history museum
Author(s): Kimiyoshi Miyata; Rina Shiroishi; Yuka Inoue
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Memory preservation made prestigious but easy
Author(s): Reiner Fageth; Christina Debus; Philipp Sandhaus
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A method to estimate the UV content of illumination sources
Author(s): Phil Green; Yerin Chang
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Knowledge exchange in the CREATE project - Colour Research for European Advanced Technology Employment
Author(s): Carinna Parraman; Alessandro Rizzi
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Is it turquoise + fuchsia = purple or is it turquoise + fuchsia = blue?
Author(s): Giordano B. Beretta; Nathan M. Moroney
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Human vision based color edge detection
Author(s): Ari Kim; Hong-suk Kim; Seung-ok Park
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Color universal design: analysis of color category dependency on color vision type (2)
Author(s): Natsuki Kojima; Miyuki G. Kamachi; Yasuyo G. Ichihara; Kei Ito
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Object classification by color normalization or calibration?
Author(s): Wolfram Hans; Dietrich Paulus
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Contrast preserving color fusion
Author(s): Jan Kamenicky; Barbara Zitova
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Evaluating the smoothness of color transformations
Author(s): Anna Aristova; Zhaohui Wang; Jon Yngve Hardeberg
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High capacity image barcodes using color separability
Author(s): Orhan Bulan; Basak Oztan; Gaurav Sharma
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HDR imaging and color constancy: two sides of the same coin?
Author(s): John J. McCann
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ICC profiles: are we better off without them?
Author(s): Giordano B. Beretta; Gary J. Dispoto; Eric Hoarau; I-Jong Lin; Jun Zeng
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Soft proofing of printed colours on substrates with optical brightening agents
Author(s): Nikhil Parab; Phil Green
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Ghostscript color management
Author(s): Michael J. Vrhel; Raymond Johnston
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Color control of a lighting system using RGBW LEDs
Author(s): Midori Tanaka; Takahiko Horiuchi; Shoji Tominaga
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Brightness contrast under high surround luminance levels: psychophysical data vs CIECAM02
Author(s): Ye Seul Baek; Ari Kim; Hong-suk Kim; Seung-ok Park
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LabRGB: optimization of bit allocation
Author(s): Fumio Nakaya
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Spatio-temporal colour correction of strongly degraded movies
Author(s): A. B. M. Tariqul Islam; Ivar Farup
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Color correction optimization with hue regularization
Author(s): Heng Zhang; Huaping Liu; Shuxue Quan
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Spectral model of an electro-photographic printing system
Author(s): Michael A. Kriss
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Optimized selection of image tiles for ink spreading calibration
Author(s): T. Bugnon; R. D. Hersch
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Preferred skin color enhancement for photographic color reproduction
Author(s): Huanzhao Zeng; Ronnier Luo
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Kubelka-Munk theory for efficient spectral printer modeling
Author(s): Mekides Abebe; Jérémie Gerhardt; Jon Y. Hardeberg
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A simple color prediction model based on multiple dot gain curves
Author(s): Yuan Yuan Qu; Sasan Gooran
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Subsampled optimal noise management method for a robust separation based calibration of color printing systems
Author(s): Mu Qiao; Michael Sanchez; Yongda Chen; Isaac Case; Gou-Yau Lin
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Investigating the wavelength dependency of dot gain in color print
Author(s): Mahziar Namedanian; Sasan Gooran; Daniel Nyström
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Fast approach for toner saving
Author(s): Ilia V. Safonov; Ilya V Kurilin; Michael N. Rychagov; Hokeun Lee; Sangho Kim; Donchul Choi
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A virtual printer and reference printing conditions
Author(s): Phil Green; W. Craig Revie; David Q. McDowell
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Cost function analysis for stochastic clustered-dot halftoning based on direct binary search
Author(s): Puneet Goyal; Madhur Gupta; Carl Staelin; Mani Fischer; Omri Shacham; Jan Allebach
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Stochastic clustered-dot screen design for improved smoothness
Author(s): Madhur Gupta; Puneet Goyal; Mani Fischer; Carl Staelin; Tamar Kashti; Omri Shacham; Jan Allebach
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Design of color screen tile vector sets
Author(s): Jin-Young Kim; Yung-Yao Chen; Mani Fischer; Omri Shacham; Carl Staelin; Kurt Bengtson; Jan P. Allebach
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UV fluorescence encoded image using two halftoning strategies
Author(s): Yonghui Zhao; Shen-Ge Wang
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Moiré-free color halftoning using hexagonal geometry and spot functions
Author(s): Shen-ge Wang; Robert P. Loce
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A hybrid adaptive thresholding method for text with halftone pattern in scanned document images
Author(s): Songyang Yu; Wei Ming
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Window-based spectral analysis of color halftone screens
Author(s): Ahmed H. Eid; Brian E. Cooper; Edward E. Rippetoe
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Descreening of color halftone images in the frequency domain
Author(s): C. J. Stanger; Thanh Tran; Elisa H. Barney Smith
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Analog image backup with steganographic halftones
Author(s): Robert Ulichney; Ingeborg Tastl; Eric Hoarau
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Spectral reflection and transmission prediction model of halftone image on fluorescent supports
Author(s): Gongcheng Shi; Na Dong; Yixin Zhang; Jie Chen
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The transmission of light affect the color reproduction of plastic print
Author(s): Jie Chen; Yi-xin Zhang; Gongcheng Shi
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Reflectance model of plastic substrate halftone image based on Markov chain
Author(s): Wenhu Ni; Zhen Liu; Gongcheng Shi; Jianhong Huang; Yixin Zhang
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Color image segmentation on region growing and multi-scale clustering
Author(s): Zong-pu Jia; Wei-xing Wang; Jun-ding Sun; Tai-wen Wei
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Regression based characterization of color measurement instruments in printing applications
Author(s): Peter Nussbaum; Jon Y. Hardeberg; Fritz Albregtsen
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Printing anaglyph maps optimized for display
Author(s): Ruzhu Zeng; Huanzhao Zeng
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A restoration method for distorted image scanned from a bound book
Author(s): HyungSoo Ohk; HyunSeok Seo; KiMin Kang; Sangho Kim; DonChul Choi
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