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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XVI
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Volume Number: 7865
Date Published: 1 February 2011

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Front Matter: Volume 7865
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
How 3D immersive visualization is changing medical diagnostics
Author(s): Anton H. J. Koning
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Vision as a user interface
Author(s): Jan Koenderink
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What makes good image composition?
Author(s): Ron Banner
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A comparison of perceived lighting characteristics in simulations versus real-life setup
Author(s): B. Salters; P. Seuntiens
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Investigating two features of aesthetic perception in consumer photographic images: clutter and center
Author(s): Cathleen Daniels Cerosaletti; Alexander C. Loui; Andrew C. Gallagher
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Analyzing near-infrared images for utility assessment
Author(s): Neda Salamati; Zahra Sadeghipoor; Sabine Süsstrunk
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Appearance-based human gesture recognition using multimodal features for human computer interaction
Author(s): Dan Luo; Hua Gao; Hazim Kemal Ekenel; Jun Ohya
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Adaptive user interfaces for relating high-level concepts to low-level photographic parameters
Author(s): Edward Scott; Pubudu Madhawa Silva; Bryan Pardo; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas
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Parametric quality assessment of synthesized textures
Author(s): Darshan Siddalinga Swamy; Kellen J. Butler; Damon M. Chandler; Sheila S. Hemami
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On the perception of band-limited phase distortion in natural scenes
Author(s): Kedarnath P. Vilankar; Logesh Vasu; Damon M. Chandler
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Applying information visualization principles to biological network displays
Author(s): Tamara Munzner
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Hypergraph visualization and enrichment statistics: how the EGAN paradigm facilitates organic discovery from big data
Author(s): Jesse Paquette; Taku Tokuyasu
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Perceptual issues in the recovery and visualisation of integrated systems biology data
Author(s): Tony Pridmore
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Using cellular network diagrams to interpret large-scale datasets: past progress and future challenges
Author(s): Peter D. Karp; Mario Latendresse; Suzanne Paley
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Visualizing large high-throughput datasets based on the cognitive representation of biological pathways
Author(s): Axel Nagel; Marc Lohse; Anthony Bolger; Mark Stitt; Björn Usadel
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Metadata Mapper: a web service for mapping data between independent visual analysis components, guided by perceptual rules
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Naim Matasci
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Examination of 3D visual attention in stereoscopic video content
Author(s): Quan Huynh-Thu; Luca Schiatti
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Quantifying how the combination of blur and disparity affects the perceived depth
Author(s): Junle Wang; Marcus Barkowsky; Vincent Ricordel; Patrick Le Callet
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Preferences for the balance between true image detail and noise
Author(s): Sachin Deshpande; Scott Daly
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Measurement of compression-induced temporal artifacts in subjective and objective video quality assessment
Author(s): Claire Mantel; Patricia Ladret; Thomas Kunlin
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Perceived contrast of electronically magnified video
Author(s): Andrew M. Haun; Russell L. Woods; Eli Peli
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Estimating the impact of single and multiple freezes on video quality
Author(s): S. van Kester; T. Xiao; R. E Kooij; K. Brunnström; O. K. Ahmed
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The effects of scene characteristics, resolution, and compression on the ability to recognize objects in video
Author(s): Joel Dumke; Carolyn G. Ford; Irena W. Stange
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Supplemental subjective testing to evaluate the performance of image and video quality estimators
Author(s): Frank M. Ciaramello; Amy R. Reibman
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On evaluation of video quality metrics: an HDR dataset for computer graphics applications
Author(s): Martin Čadík; Tunç O. Aydin; Karol Myszkowski; Hans-Peter Seidel
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Interactions of visual attention and quality perception
Author(s): Judith Redi; Hantao Liu; Rodolfo Zunino; Ingrid Heynderickx
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Task dependence of visual attention on compressed videos: point of gaze statistics and analysis
Author(s): Anish Mittal; Anush K. Moorthy; Wilson S. Geisler; Alan C. Bovik
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Measuring contour degradation in natural image utility assessment: methods and analysis
Author(s): Guilherme O. Pinto; David M. Rouse; Sheila S Hemami
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Evolution of attention mechanisms for early visual processing
Author(s): Thomas Müller; Alois Knoll
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Learned saliency transformations for gaze guidance
Author(s): Eleonora Vig; Michael Dorr; Erhardt Barth
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Relationship between selective visual attention and visual consciousness
Author(s): Naotsugu Tsuchiya; Christof Koch
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A gaze-contingent display to study contrast sensitivity under natural viewing conditions
Author(s): Michael Dorr; Peter J. Bex
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Analyzing complex gaze behavior in the natural world
Author(s): Jeff B. Pelz; Thomas B. Kinsman; Karen M. Evans
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What your visual system sees where you are not looking
Author(s): Ruth Rosenholtz
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Attention as a Bayesian inference process
Author(s): Sharat Chikkerur; Thomas Serre; Cheston Tan; Tomaso Poggio
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Depth perception enhancement based on chromostereopsis
Author(s): Ji Young Hong; Ho Young Lee; Du Sik Park; Chang Yeong Kim
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An evaluation of perceived color break-up on field-sequential color displays
Author(s): Masamitsu Kobayashi; Akiko Yoshida; Yasuhiro Yoshida
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Text detection: effect of size and eccentricity
Author(s): Chien-Hui Kao; Chien-Chung Chen
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Image enhancement of high digital magnification for patients with central vision loss
Author(s): Zhengzhou Li; Gang Luo; Eli Peli
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Quality versus intelligibility: studying human preferences for American Sign Language video
Author(s): Frank M. Ciaramello; Sheila S Hemami
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Metaphor progress report: image recall and blending
Author(s): Hawley K. Rising III
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Space perception in pictures
Author(s): Andrea J. van Doorn; Johan Wagemans; Huib de Ridder; Jan J. Koenderink
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