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LED and Display Technologies
Editor(s): Gang Yu; Yanbing Hou
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Volume Number: 7852
Date Published: 3 November 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7852
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design and fabrication of an ultra-slim light guide for LCD backlights
Author(s): Zongbao Fang; Xiaohong Zhou; Heng Zhang; Linsen Chen
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Design of multilayer light guide films for multifunctional keypad
Author(s): Xiaohong Zhou; Zongbao Fang; Heng Zhang; Linsen Chen
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Evaluating the uniformity of color spaces and performance of color difference formulae
Author(s): Yusheng Lian; Ningfang Liao; Jiajia Wang; Boneng Tan; Zilong Liu
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Performance simulation of diffuser with microstructure for LCD backlight system
Author(s): Yongmin Shi; Qiaofeng Tan
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The technology of multiuser large display area and auto free-viewing stereoscopic display
Author(s): Tian-Qi Zhao; He-Ling Zhang; Jing Han
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Study on the heat dissipation of high-power LEDs
Author(s): Jijun Li; Lihua Zhang; Xiuqing Yang; Chunwang Zhao; Yongjun Jin
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LED white lights with high CRI and high luminous efficacy
Author(s): Guoxing He; Lihong Zheng; Huafeng Yan
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A kind of side-emitting LED backlight light guide panel net dot design method
Author(s): Hong Wang; Chuanfang Liu; Wei Zhang; Lingling Ji
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Design of precision approach path indicator with LEDs as its light sources
Author(s): Haiping Shen; Xiaoli Zhou; Wanlu Zhang; Jiangen Pan; Muqing Liu
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Tunable emission wavelength of InGaN/GaN multiquantum wells employing strain-accommodative structures
Author(s): XiaoLi Wang; HaiQiang Jia; Yang Jiang; Ziguang Ma; Yao Chen; Peiqiang Xu; Hui Li; Tao He; Longgui Dai; Hong Chen
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High illuminance light-emitting diode headlight for medical applications
Author(s): Ui-Hyung Lee; Jae-hun Jung; Seung Hyun Park; Gye Seon Lee; Young-Gu Ju
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Study of key technologies of visible light communications based on white LED
Author(s): De En; Ningbo Zhang
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Three-chip LED illumination system for laparoscopy and minimal access surgery applications
Author(s): Bin Ye; Liqiang Wang; Huilong Duan
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The cinema LED lighting system design based on SCM
Author(s): De En; Xiaobin Wang
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Full color polymer light-emitting diodes with photo-patterning process
Author(s): Xian-Yu Deng; King-Young Wong
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n-Type doping in organic electronic devices
Author(s): Lixin Xiao; Jiaxiu Luo; Fei Wang; Boyuan Qi; Zhijian Chen; Bo Qu; Qihuang Gong
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An electron transporting blue emitter for OLED
Author(s): Boyuan Qi; Jiaxiu Luo; Suyue Li; Lixin Xiao; Wenfang Sun; Zhijian Chen; Bo Qu; Qihuang Gong
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The escaped and trapped emission in organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Shixiong Liang; Zhaoxin Wu; Xuanke Zhao; Dawei Wang; Xun Hou
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Fault diagnosis in LED illuminating circuits based on cloud model
Author(s): Qi Liu; Hong-Dong Zhao; Jie Zhao
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Monocular 3D display unit using soft actuator for parallax image shift
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Yuuki Kodama
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Invisible code display for robots' eye communication using polarization control by LCD panel
Author(s): Kunio Sakamoto; Takeru Furukawa
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A design of LED adaptive dimming lighting system based on incremental PID controller
Author(s): Xiangyan He; Zexin Xiao; Shaojia He
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Vibronic coupling parameters and luminescent properties of Eu2+ doped complex alkaline earth thioaluminates
Author(s): Dong-pu Zhang; Wei Xue; Zhi-nong Yu; Ting Zhang; Jian Leng; Xiang-jun Kong
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The investigation of light outcoupling in blue top-emitting OLEDs
Author(s): Ling-ling Deng; Shu-fen Chen; Wei Huang; Bin Liu
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Investigation of hole injection characteristics in NPB/Alq3 heterojunction devices
Author(s): Denghui Xu; Xiong Li; Zhaoyue Lv; Ye Zou; Zhenbo Deng
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A study of power saving LED back light module
Author(s): Yi-Chin Fang; Jyh-Cheng Yu; Cheng-Mu Tsai; Cheng-Hsien Huang
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The ferroelectric analysis of LCoS
Author(s): Lifang Hao; Bin Lin
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Effect of BCP layer on electroluminescent performances in blue top-emitting organic light-emitting devices
Author(s): Jun Xie; Shufen Chen; Lingling Deng; Yang Yang; Quli Fan; Wei Huang
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Free-form lens design for LED indoor illumination
Author(s): Kuang-Lung Huang; Jin-Jia Chen; Te-Yuan Wang; Li-Lin Huang
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Improvement of OLED properties with anti-reflection coatings
Author(s): Chunling Liu; Dongmei Wang; Lei Zhao; Wenlong Jiang; Zhengkun Qin; Chunwu Wang
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Improvement of OLED properties with the AlN insulated layer
Author(s): Chunling Liu; Jin Wang; Chunwu Wang; Lei Zhao; Wenlong Jiang
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Effect of junction temperature on the performance of high-power white LEDs
Author(s): Jijun Li; Lihua Zhang; Anxiang Wang; Chunwang Zhao; Lin Lin
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Synthesis of Eu3+ doped yttrium orthosilicate phosphor by sol-combustion method
Author(s): Li Guan; Litao Jin; Guoqi Jia; Xu Li; Zhiping Yang; Qinglin Guo; Guangsheng Fu
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Study on the luminescent properties of Tb3+ doped pyrosilicate phosphor
Author(s): Li Guan; Guoqi Jia; Wenhao Chen; Litao Jin; Xu Li; Zhiping Yang; Qinglin Guo; Guangsheng Fu
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