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Semiconductor Lasers and Applications IV
Editor(s): Ning-Hua Zhu; Jinmin Li; Farzin Amzajerdian; Hiroyuki Suzuki
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Volume Number: 7844
Date Published: 5 November 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7844
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Novel semiconductor lasers and integrated photonic devices
Author(s): Jian-Jun He; Jialiang Jin; Dekun Liu; Lei Jin; Min Lou; Tingting Yu; Lei Wang
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High brightness InAs/GaAs quantum dot tapered laser at 1.3 µm with high temperature stability
Author(s): Yu-Lian Cao; Peng-Fei Xu; Hai-Ming Ji; Tao Yang; Liang-Hui Chen
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Beam-shaping of laser diode stack for uniform illumination by cylindrical micro-lenses
Author(s): Wangpin ShangGuan; Huimin Yan; Yanbing Jiang; Xiuda Zhang; Chao Yang
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Experimental demonstration of a widely tunable two-section DFB laser
Author(s): Yin Wang; Mingxin Li; Jian-Jun He
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Optical fiber sensors for landslide monitoring
Author(s): Yong Liu; Zhiyong Dai; Xiaoxia Zhang; Zengshou Peng; Jianfeng Li; Zhonghua Ou; Yongzhi Liu
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Suppression of time delay signatures of chaotic output in mutually delay-coupled semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Jia-Gui Wu; Zheng-Mao Wu; Jin-Ting Shen; Ling Ding; Neng-Yao Li; Guang-Qiong Xia
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Power equalization using nonlinear polarization rotation in a single semiconductor optical amplifier
Author(s): S. J. Zhang; Y. L. Zhang; K. Zhang; S. Liu; Y. Z. Liu; Y. Liu
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A novel optical heterodyne approach for measuring frequency responses of photodetectors
Author(s): Qiang Yan; Yongqing Huang; Xiaofeng Duan; Damin He; Hui Huang; Xia Zhang; Qi Wang; Xiaomin Ren
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Phase estimation in coherent communication systems with semiconductor laser noises
Author(s): Changyuan Yu; Pooi Yuen Kam; Shaoliang Zhang; Jian Chen
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Theoretical analysis of emission characteristics of second-order distributed feedback semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Li Qin; Shujuan Ye; Yongsheng Hu; Nan Zhang; Yongqiang Ning; Yun Liu; Lijun Wang
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Intracavity second harmonic generation characteristics of semiconductor disk laser
Author(s): Zili Li; Yanrong Song; Peng Zhang; Xiao Zhang
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Optical bistability in InP/InAlGaAs multi-quantum-well semiconductor ring lasers
Author(s): Yan Chen; Luhong Mao; Weilian Guo; Shilin Zhang; Sheng Xie; Jinlong Yu; Xin Yu; Xianjie Li; Lifang Qi; Xiao Gu
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Electromagnetic optimization of high-speed TO laser modules
Author(s): Wei Han; Peter O'Brien; Marc Rensing; Hua Yang; Frank H. Peters
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High-speed analog DFB laser module operated in direct modulation for Ku-band
Author(s): Yu Liu; Jiang Wei Man; Wei Han; Xin Wang; Hai Qing Yuan; Hong Liang Zhu; Liang Xie; Ning Hua Zhu
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Experimental observations of bistable characteristics of an optically injected semiconductor laser biased nearby the threshold current
Author(s): Xiao-Dong Lin; Zheng-Mao Wu; Li Wang; Xin-Xin Ping; Guang-Qiong Xia
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Influence of asymmetrical bias currents on chaos synchronization performance of mutually coupled semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Tao Deng; Guang-Qiong Xia; Yuan He; Yuan-Yuan Liu; Zheng-Mao Wu
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Analysis of strain energy in nanowire heterostructures with component gradient buffer section
Author(s): Yang Liu; Xian Ye; Hui Huang; Jingwei Guo; Xiaomin Ren; Yongqing Huang
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Experimental study of laser dicing sapphire substrate by green DPSS laser
Author(s): Xiao-zhu Xie; Fu-min Huang; Xin Wei; Wei Hu; Qing-lei Ren
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A common aperture active imaging system
Author(s): Ning Zhang; Yi Tang; Lijun Zhang; Gang Huang
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Self-mixing interference effect of VCSEL and the application on microdisplacement measurement
Author(s): Hui Hao; Ming Wang; Dongmei Guo; Wei Xia
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Distributed Bragg reflector mirror with a double-wavelength reflection: design and calculation
Author(s): Changling Yan; Li Xu; Yuan Feng; Yongqin Hao; Yun Deng; Yingjie Zhao; Jingchang Zhong; Chunyu Tian; Xiao Jia
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A simple wavelength-locking scheme of a tunable three-electrode distributed Bragg reflector laser for multiple ITU channel application in C band
Author(s): Nan Ye; Yang Liu; Ling-Juan Zhao
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Optical influence of different standard illuminants on green nephrite's color From Manasi
Author(s): Hong-mei Du; Ying Guo
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The contribution of Cu2+, Fe2+, Fe3+ to bluish green color of HuBei turquoise
Author(s): Ying Guo; Lili Jin; Hongjuan Sun
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Lifetime estimation of high power lasers
Author(s): Guoguang Lu; Yun Huang; Yunfei En
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An InP-based wide gain spectrum asymmetric quantum wells for large scale optoelectronic monolithic integration
Author(s): Hongyun Xie; Zhiyi Lu; Pei Shen; Chunbao Ding; Liang Chen; Wanrong Zhang
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A special sampling technology for sampled grating laser
Author(s): Yating Zhou; Yuechun Shi; Simin Li; Xiangfei Chen
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Multiple phase shifts DFB semiconductor laser based on reconstruction equivalent chirp technology
Author(s): Yuechun Shi; Simin Li; Linlin Lu; Xiangfei Chen
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Hydrogen and argon plasma passivation technology in GaAs/AlGaAs LD cavity surfaces
Author(s): Chunling Liu; Chunwu Wang; Yanping Yao
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Collimated the laser diode beam by the focus lens
Author(s): Qiang Xu; Jing Li; Wei Zhang
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Optimal design and experimental realization of DBR-metal microcavity organic lasers
Author(s): Xuanke Zhao; Zhaoxin Wu; Shixiong Liang; Xun Hou
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Demonstrations of beam quality of semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Changqing Cao; Xiaodong Zeng; Yuying An
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Optimization of low threshold currents in proton implanted vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): Hong-Dong Zhao; Mei Sun; Qi Liu; Wei Wang; Hui-Li Liu; Wen-Chao Li
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Frequency stabilized system of the reference laser diode for space-borne Fourier transform spectrometer
Author(s): Xiaoqiang Jin; Zuoxiao Dai; Ren Chen; Dayu Li; Xiaojie Sun
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The theoretical research of the carriers distribution in the semiconductor quantum dot
Author(s): C. Zhao; M. Zhao; Y. Wang; Y. Cao; A. J. Lv; X. L. Liu; G. J. Xing
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High-power, mode-locking, external-cavity feedback diode-pumped laser based on SHG in PPKTP
Author(s): Wenchao Li; Zhengjun Liu; Hongdong Zhao; Zhiquan Li
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Discussion of damage induced by trigger light pulse at high repetition frequencies in semi-insulating GaAs PCSS's materials
Author(s): Huiying Dai; Xiang Shan; Wei Shi
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