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High-Power Lasers and Applications V
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Volume Number: 7843
Date Published: 10 November 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7843
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Narrow linewidth and widely tunable operation of Tm-doped fiber laser with volume Bragg gratings
Author(s): DeYuan Shen; Yishan Wang; Wei Zhao; Jingyu Long; Cheng Li; Kailiang Duan
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Amplification of spontaneous emission in 2μm single frequency master oscillator and fiber power amplifier
Author(s): Jing Li; Suhui Yang; Changming Zhao; Haiyang Zhang; Wen Xie
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The slope efficiency of 2μm thulium doped fiber laser
Author(s): Ping Zhao; Jinglin Liu; Chujun Zhao; Hua Yang; Jianguo Wen
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Active and passive coherent beam combining of thulium-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Pu Zhou; Xiaolin Wang; Yanxing Ma; Haotong Ma; Kai Han; Xiaojun Xu; Zejin Liu
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Coherent beam combining of stimulated Brillion scattering based multiwavelength lasers
Author(s): Xiaolin Wang; Pu Zhou; Hongwei Chen; Yanxing Ma; Haotong Ma; Xiaojun Xu; Yijun Zhao
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Thulium-doped silica fibers with enhanced [sup]3[/sup]H[sub]4[/sub] level lifetime: modelling the devices for 800-820 nm band
Author(s): Pavel Peterka; Ivan Kasik; Anirban Dhar; Bernard Dussardier; Wilfried Blanc
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165W high stability green laser based on composite ceramic Nd:YAG crystal
Author(s): Degang Xu; Da Lv; Yuye Wang; Kai Zhong; Yingjin Lv; Jianquan Yao
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Microstructure and NIR to VIS upconversion luminescence of Y[sub]2[/sub]O[sub]3[/sub]:Er translucent ceramics
Author(s): Dianyuan Wang; Yanyan Guo; Qingkai Wang; Zhangyong Chang; Wei Zeng
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Investigation of thermal effects in a diode end-pumped Tm,Ho:YLF solid state laser
Author(s): Xinlu Zhang; Yufeng Peng; YongFu Liu; Li Li; Bo Jiang
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Experiments of second harmonic generation output in pulsed TEA CO[sub]2[/sub] laser
Author(s): Ruhai Guo; Dianjun Li
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Evolution of shock wave in TEA gas laser
Author(s): Chenguang Yang; Yongyue Xu; Yanzhao Lu; Liang Miao; Duluo Zuo; Zuhai Cheng
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Optimization algorithm for compact slab lasers
Author(s): Changqing Cao; Xiaodong Zeng; Yuying An
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Mechanism analysis and numerical investigation of optical bistability in 2μm Tm,Ho:YLF solid laser
Author(s): Xin-Lu Zhang; Bo Jiang; Guang-Zong Dong; Li Li; Yu-Feng Peng
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Simulation of laser ultrasonic for confirming the initial time and location during the generation phase
Author(s): Wei Liao; Dexing Yang; Wen Feng
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One new quality of the maximum-likelihood estimation of laser pointing system by use of return photon counts
Author(s): Lei Zhou; Yi Tan; Ren Ge
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Internal model control of a fast steering mirror for electro-optical fine tracking
Author(s): Yun-xia Xia; Qi-liang Bao; Qiong-yan Wu
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The spatial and temporal evolution of the broadband chirped pulse with small-scale self-focusing
Author(s): Yanchao Hou; Xiquan Fu; Hui Liu; Lifu Zhang
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Control of high power laser in nonlinear media by lens-focusing and beam self-focusing
Author(s): Hui Liu; Xiquan Fu; Yanchao Hou; Jianqin Deng
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Adaptive conversion of a wavefront-distortion beam to near-diffraction-limited flattop beam based on stochastic parallel gradient descent algorithm
Author(s): Haotong Ma; Zhan Yu; Xiaolin Wang; Yanxing Ma; Pu Zhou; Xiaojun Xu; Zejin Liu
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Detection of sulfur dioxide in air by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Qi Xu; Xiaohong Ma; Huafeng Zhao
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Experimental study of monitoring plasma light in laser cladding
Author(s): Lei Hong; Zhaowei Hu; Baoliang Ma; Guangming Song
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Numerical simulation of curved surface of gear in laser cladding
Author(s): Zhaowei Hu; Lei Hong; Gang Wu
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Shock induced phenomena in high fluence femtosecond laser ablation of silica glass
Author(s): Haofeng Hu; Xiaolei Wang; Nan Zhang; Hongchen Zhai; Pan Wang
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Investigation on femtosecond laser-assisted microfabrication in silica glasses
Author(s): Hewei Liu; Feng Chen; Qing Yang; Jinhai Si; Xun Hou
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The state-of-the-art laser bio-cladding technology
Author(s): Jichang Liu; J. Y. H. Fuh; L. Lü
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Effect of process variables on the crack in laser cladded Ni-alloy on ductile cast iron
Author(s): Qindong Li; Jichang Liu
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Effect of laser power and heat treatment process on microstructure and property of multi-pass Ni based alloy laser cladding coating
Author(s): Chuanqi Wang; Hongxi Liu; Xiaowei Zhang; Weihua Zeng; Yehua Jiang; Rong Zhou
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The behavior of powder particles in coaxial laser cladding
Author(s): Nan Yang; Hua-jun Dong; Ping Hu
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High beam quality 400W practical all-solid-state laser for laser beam texture
Author(s): Aicong Geng; Mingjiang Yang; Ci Zhao; Baohe Li
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Theoretical analysis of light transmission in a perfectly circular double clad fiber using coupled mode method
Author(s): Zhongnan Xu; Zejin Liu; Kailiang Duan; Wei Zhao
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Build-up time of the random laser in R6G dye solution with TiO[sub]2[/sub] scatters
Author(s): Shuzhen Fan; Xingyu Zhang; Qingpu Wang; Chen Zhang; Zhengping Wang
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Broadly tunable ytterbium-doped photonic crystal fibre laser and high power superfluorescent fibre source
Author(s): Bingzhang Wang; Shengping Chen; Jiyou Wang; Yigang Li; Yanli Gao; Wande Fan; Lei Ding; Kecheng Lu
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Supermode analysis in multi-core photonic crystal fiber laser
Author(s): Yibo Zheng; Jianquan Yao; Lei Zhang; Yuan Wang; Wuqi Wen; Rui Zhou; Zhigang Di; Lei Jing
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Pulsed Nd:YAG laser cutting of silicon wafer by controlled fracture technique
Author(s): Jian Liu; Jian Lu; Xiaowu Ni; Gang Dai; Liang Zhang
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Study on the supermode and in-phase locking in multicore fiber lasers
Author(s): Yuan Wang; Jianquan Yao; Yibo Zheng; Wuqi Wen; Rui Zhou
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A potential approach to ~10fs, >2 petawatt pulses by hybrid laser based on Ti:chrysoberyl and Ti:sapphire
Author(s): Huabao Cao; Xingqiang Lu; Dianyuan Fan
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Detection of surface breaking on cylinder material using surface acoustic wave generated by scanning laser source
Author(s): Yifei Shi; Lu Zhang; Liangxu Cai
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Femtosecond optical parametric oscillator based on periodically poled KTiOPO[sub]4[/sub]
Author(s): Xiao Ma; Jinrong Tian; Xinping Zhang; Yanrong Song; Li Wang
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The analysis of signal-to-noise ratio of airborne LIDAR system under state of motion
Author(s): Huang Hao; Tian Lan; Yingchao Zhang; Guoqiang Ni
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Nonlinear images of gain defects
Author(s): Yonghua Hu; Haibo Wu; Qiuyun Zheng; Jie Huang; Jianbo Xu
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High power widely tunable all-solid-state pulsed titanium-doped sapphire laser
Author(s): Quan Sheng; Xin Ding; Xue Li; Na Chen; Bin Li; Xuanyi Yu; Wuqi Wen; Rui Zhou; Jianquan Yao
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A new fluid state laser system realizes laser output
Author(s): Luo Gui; Chaoqi Hou; Bo Peng; Dianyuan Fan
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Optical frequency comb generation based on stimulated Brillouin scattering in highly nonlinear fibers
Author(s): Xifen Zhang; Zhigang Cao; Rui Wang; Guorong Qiao; Fei Ai; Benli Yu
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Mode competition in concentric-type multicore fiber lasers combined with large mode area single mode fiber
Author(s): Xiaolei Zhang; Gangding Peng; Xingyu Zhang; Qingpu Wang; Jun Chang; Ping Li; Sasa Zhang
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Laser surface hardening of ductile cast iron for vehicle die
Author(s): Yanghui Xu; Jichang Liu
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Optimum design of DBR Er/Yb co-doped double cladding fiber laser
Author(s): Hongxin Su; Yifan Geng; Zelin Guan; Qinglin Guo
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Effects of the gas flow and the defocusing distance from laser beam focus on powder-feed laser cladding
Author(s): Yuanyuan Li; Jichang Liu
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Experimental measured for the effects of broadband pulse on the B-integral of small-scale self-focusing
Author(s): Jin Zhang; Shuangchun Wen; Xiquan Fu; Lifu Zhang; Jianqin Deng; Dianyuan Fan
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Optimization of reflector design for diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser with single-side pumping geometry
Author(s): Kangin Lee; Youngjung Kim; Hyeon Cheor Lee; Joon-Yong Cho; Jae-Cheul Lee; Yong-Geun Jeon; Jonghoon Yi
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Improve beam quality of high-power laser diode array stacks by external-cavity technique
Author(s): Haoyang Pi; Guofeng Xin; Ronghui Qu; Zujie Fang
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Laser doping of phosphorous in grooved silicone surface
Author(s): Kwangwon Lee; Sangyoon Bae; Youngjung Kim; MinSu Jeon; JaEik Lee; JeongEui Hong; Young-Gull Joh; Jonghoon Yi
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Analysis and simulation of stimulated Brillouin scattering in all-fiber single-frequency fiber amplifiers with delivery fibers
Author(s): Jinyong Leng; Chunbo Yang; Shengping Chen
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Microstructure and high-temperature oxidation resistance of TiN/Ti[sub]3[/sub]Al intermetallic matrix composite coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy surface by laser cladding
Author(s): Xiaowei Zhang; Hongxi Liu; Chuanqi Wang; Weihua Zeng; Yehua Jiang
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Approximate calculation of pulse laser heat treatment
Author(s): Yanmei Wu; Junchang Li; Yunchang Fu
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Simulation and measurement of temperature field of nodular cast iron in laser transformation hardening
Author(s): Shunxi Hu; Jichang Liu
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Aberrations correction of a Nd:YAG slab amplifier using a compact adaptive optics system
Author(s): Ping Yang; Xiang Lei; Yu Ning; Lizhi Dong; Wenjing Liu; Bing Xu
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Different types of sideband generation in a passively mode-locked soliton fiber laser
Author(s): H. P. Li; Z. Jing; H. D. Xia; J. K. Liao; X. G. Tang; R. G. Lu; Y. Z. Liu
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Far field irradiance profile control with high spatial frequency deformable mirror
Author(s): Deen Wang; Dongxia Hu; Wanjun Dai; Ping Li; Junpu Zhao; Qiang Yuan; Feng Jing; Xiaoqun Li
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Suppression of transverse stimulated Raman scattering or transverse stimulated Brillouin scattering
Author(s): Yongliang Zhang; Haixian Ye; Xiongwei Yan; Mingzhe Wang; Xinying Jiang; Zhenguo Wang; Jiangang Zheng; Mingzhong Li; Feng Jing; Xiaofeng Wei
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