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Technologies for Optical Countermeasures VII
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Volume Number: 7836
Date Published: 6 October 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7836
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Source technology as the foundation for modern infra-red counter measures (IRCM)
Author(s): Robert J. Grasso
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Performance requirements for countermeasures lasers
Author(s): Ian Elder
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Compact fiber laser-pumped mid-infrared source based on orientation-patterned gallium arsenide
Author(s): A. Grisard; F. Gutty; E. Lallier; B. Gérard
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OP-GaAs OPO pumped by 2µm Q-switched lasers: Tm;Ho:silica fiber laser and Ho:YAG laser
Author(s): C. Kieleck; A. Hildenbrand; M. Eichhorn; D. Faye; E. Lallier; B. Gérard; S. D. Jackson
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Thermal effects and upconversion in the Er3+:YAG solid-state heat-capacity laser
Author(s): Marc Eichhorn
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High-pulse energy Q-switched Tm3+:YAG laser for nonlinear frequency conversion to the mid-IR
Author(s): Georg Stöppler; Christelle Kieleck; Marc Eichhorn
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Q-switched resonantly pumped Er:YAG laser with a fiber-like geometry
Author(s): Stefano Bigotta; Marc Eichhorn
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Pulsed 2 µm fiber lasers for direct and pumping applications in defence and security
Author(s): Marc Eichhorn
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A compact high power Er:Yb:glass eyesafe laser for infrared remote sensing applications
Author(s): Marco Vitiello; Andrea Pizzarulli; Andrea Ruffini
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High power multi-wavelength infrared source
Author(s): Espen Lippert; Helge Fonnum; Knut Stenersen
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Toolset for evaluating infrared countermeasures and signature reduction for ships
Author(s): Ric H. M. A. Schleijpen
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Development of a compact frequency conversion module for airborne countermeasures
Author(s): Antoine Godard; Myriam Raybaut; Thomas Schmid; Michel Lefebvre; Anne-Marie Michel; Christophe Oudart; Sergio Teixeira; Michel Péalat
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Thermal management investigations in ceramic thin disk lasers
Author(s): N. Vretenar; T. Carson; A. Lobad; P. Peterson; T. C Newell; W. P. Latham
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Numerical laser beam propagation using a Large Eddy Simulation refractive index field representing a jet engine exhaust
Author(s): Lars Sjöqvist; Markus Henriksson; Ekaterina Fedina; Christer Fureby
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Laser beam propagation through a full scale aircraft turboprop engine exhaust
Author(s): Markus Henriksson; Ove Gustafsson; Lars Sjöqvist; Dirk Seiffer; Norbert Wendelstein
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Effect of payload size on pre-emptive flare countermeasure against man-portable air-defence (MANPAD) system
Author(s): James Jackman; Mark Richardson; Peter Yuen; David James; Brian Butters; Roy Walmsley; Nic Millwood
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Effect of pre-emptive flares on Man-Portable Air-Defence (MANPAD) systems with a track angle bias counter-countermeasure (CCM)
Author(s): James Jackman; Mark Richardson; Brian Butters; Roy Walmsley; Nic Millwood; Peter Yuen; David James
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A theoretical investigation of stimulated Brillouin scattering in phase-modulated fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Clint M. Zeringue; Iyad Dajani
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Numerical study of the thermal infrared characteristics for orbital objects
Author(s): Fubing Li; Xiaojian Xu
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Mid-infrared semiconductor lasers for power projection and sensing
Author(s): Hans Dieter Tholl; Joachim Wagner; Marcel Rattunde; Stefan Hugger; Frank Fuchs
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Beam steering in mid-infrared emitting quantum-cascade lasers
Author(s): Michel Kinzer; Frank Fuchs; Stefan Hugger; Borislav Hinkov; Wolfgang Bronner; Rainer Loesch; Rolf Aidam; Quankui Yang; Hans Dieter Tholl
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High energy laser beam steering with periodic shock waves
Author(s): Michael S. McBeth
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Quantum-cascade lasers with emission wavelength 3-5 um
Author(s): W. T. Masselink; M. P Semtsiv
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