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Electro-Optical Remote Sensing, Photonic Technologies, and Applications IV
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Volume Number: 7835
Date Published: 8 October 2010

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Laser radar: from early history to new trends
Author(s): Vasyl Molebny; Gary Kamerman; Ove Steinvall
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Rapid topographic and bathymetric reconnaissance using airborne LiDAR
Author(s): Andreas Axelsson
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Range accuracy of a gated-viewing system compared to a 3D flash LADAR under different turbulence conditions
Author(s): Benjamin Göhler; Peter Lutzmann
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High range resolution laser scanner with full waveform recording
Author(s): Dietmar Letalick; Håkan Larsson; Gustav Tolt; Lars Allard; Erika Wollner; Folke Berglund
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Stand-off detection of vapor phase explosives by resonance enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Anneli Ehlerding; Ida Johansson; Sara Wallin; Henric Östmark
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A portable system for measuring the absolute geographic location of distant objects
Author(s): Lovro Kuscer; Janez Diaci
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Modeling of an active burst illumination imaging system: comparison between experimental and modelled 3D scene
Author(s): N. Rivière; G. Anna; L. Hespel; B. Tanguy; M.-T. Velluet; Y.-M. Frédéric
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Physical modelling of point-cloud (3D) and full-wave-form (4D) laser imaging
Author(s): G. Anna; L. Hespel; N. Riviere; D. Hamoir; B. Tanguy
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Modeling of 1.5 um range gated imaging for small surface vessel identification
Author(s): Richard L. Espinola; Ove Steinvall; Magnus Elmquist; Kjell Karlsson
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ACTIM: an EDA initiated study on spectral active imaging
Author(s): O. Steinvall; I. Renhorn; J. Ahlberg; H. Larsson; D. Letalick; E. Repasi; P. Lutzmann; G. Anstett; D. Hamoir; L. Hespel; Y. Boucher
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Optical air temperature and density measurement system for aircraft using elastic and Raman backscattering of laser light
Author(s): Michael Fraczek; Andreas Behrendt; Nikolaus Schmitt
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LOTIS facility initial operational capabilities: flexible user interfaces
Author(s): Sheldon B. Hutchison; Raymond M. Bell Jr.; Stephen A. Borota; Gregor J. Cuzner; Andrew T. Cochrane
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Fast multispectral radiometric method and instruments for analysis of blast
Author(s): T. Y. Sabati; A. D. Devir; A. B. Lessin; M. Engel; Y. Bushlin
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Sea modeling and rendering
Author(s): Thierry Cathala; Jean Latger
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Spectral and spatial measurements of atmospheric aerosol clouds with a hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Eyal Agassi; Eitan Hirsch; Ayala Ronen
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FIT3D toolbox: multiple view geometry and 3D reconstruction for Matlab
Author(s): Isaac Esteban; Judith Dijk; Frans Groen
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Exploiting context for assisted aerial image interpretation
Author(s): Alexander Bauer; Oliver Herschelmann
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Dealing with uncertain feature assessments in interactive object recognition
Author(s): Alexander Bauer; Verena Jürgens; Susanne Angele
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Amplitude holographic LPCC filters for 4-f correlator: variants of binary realization
Author(s): N. N. Evtikhiev; E. Yu. Zlokazov; S. N. Starikov; R. S. Starikov; D. V. Shaulskiy
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Extraction of the objects observed on a non-uniform background during sensor motion
Author(s): Boris Alpatov; Pavel Babayan
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Revival of circular variable filters
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Moshe Lavi; Henry Orr
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A technique for flicker reduction in a volumetric three-dimensional display with a static image space
Author(s): Badia Koudsi; Hakki H. Refai; James J. Sluss Jr.
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Progress of laser diode arrays operating under harsh conditions
Author(s): Andreas Kohl; Thierry Fillardet; Herve Moisan; Eric Brousse
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The manufacturing and testing of Cs2Te UV image intensifier
Author(s): Rongguo Fu; Benkang Chang; Yuansheng Qian; Yafeng Qiu
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Detection of disturbed earth using hyperspectral LWIR imaging data
Author(s): Wendy Hubbard; Gary Bishop; Jean-Philippe Gagnon; Philippe Lagueux; Sion Hannuna; Neill Campbell
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An acousto-optic based hyperspectral imaging camera for security and defence applications
Author(s): J. Ward; M. Farries; C. Pannell; E. Wachman
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Adaptive band selection snapshot multispectral imaging in the VIS/NIR domain
Author(s): Jean Minet; Jean Taboury; Michel Péalat; Nicolas Roux; Jacques Lonnoy; Yann Ferrec
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Correction and use of inflight hyperspectral data
Author(s): Ainsley Killey
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Co-aligning aerial hyperspectral push-broom strips for change detection
Author(s): Erik Ringaby; Jörgen Ahlberg; Niclas Wadströmer; Per-Erik Forssén
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