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Optics in Atmospheric Propagation and Adaptive Systems XIII
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Volume Number: 7828
Date Published: 7 October 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7828
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An overview of MATISSE-v2.0
Author(s): Luc Labarre; Karine Caillault; Sandrine Fauqueux; Claire Malherbe; Antoine Roblin; Bernard Rosier; Pierre Simoneau
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Multiresolution infrared optical properties for Gaussian sea surfaces: theoretical validation in the one-dimensional case
Author(s): Sandrine Fauqueux; Karine Caillault; Pierre Simoneau; Luc Labarre
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EOSTAR Pro: a flexible extensive library to assess EO sensor performance
Author(s): Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Marianne A. C. Degache; Dirk-Jan J. de Lange; Steve M. Hammel; Dimitris S. Tsintikidis
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Neon: the UK Met office electro-optic tactical decision aid-current and future capability
Author(s): S. Fox; D. Wilson; W. Lewis
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Global predictions of the optical sensing through turbulence
Author(s): S. Cheinet; K. Weiss-Wrana; Y. Hurtaud; A. Beljaars
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High-Speed and high-power vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers based on InP suitable for telecommunication and gas sensing
Author(s): Tobias Gruendl; Karolina Zogal; Michael Mueller; Robin D. Nagel; Sandro Jatta; Kathrin Geiger; Christian Grasse; Gerhard Boehm; Markus Ortsiefer; Ralf Meyer; Peter Meissner; Markus-Christian Amann
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Study of turbulence effects for a free-space optical link over water
Author(s): Ruth Mackey; Mingzhou Chen; Andrew Lambert; David Mackey; Alexander Goncharov
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Preliminary results of the FATMOSE atmospheric propagation trials in the False Bay, South Africa, November 2009-July 2010
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Peter J. Fritz; Koen W. Benoist; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Piet B. W. Schwering; Willem H. Gunter; George Vrahimis; Faith J. October
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Passive cross-wind remote sensing using optical turbulence-induced fluctuations
Author(s): O. Porat; J. Shapira
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C2n profile measurement from Shack-Hartmann data: experimental validation and exploitation
Author(s): Nicolas Védrenne; Aurélie Bonnefois Montmerle; Clélia Robert; Vincent Michau; Joseph Montri; Bruno Fleury
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The effect of dense aerosol cloud on the 3D information contain of flash Lidar
Author(s): Grégoire Tremblay; Xiaoying Cao; Gilles Roy
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SWIR Hemispherical Air-Glow Plotting System SHAPS
Author(s): John D. Gonglewski; Michael M. Myers; David C. Dayton; Gregory Fertig; Jeffrey Allen; Rudolph Nolasco; Franscisco Maia
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Spatial and temporal variability of SWIR air glow measurements
Author(s): David Dayton; Jeff Allen; John Gonglewski; Mike Myers; Gregory Fertig; Rudy Nolasco; Francisco Maia
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Problems related to the beam propagation in the tubulent atmosphere
Author(s): Fedor V. Shugaev; Evgeni N. Terentiev; Ludmila S. Shtemenko; Olga I. Dokukina; Tatiana A. Petrova
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Incoherent phase-compensated imaging based on a field scattered by rough surface
Author(s): Vadim V. Dudorov; Valeriy V. Kolosov
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Possibilities of LGS application
Author(s): L. A. Bolbasova; V. P. Lukin
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Adaptive optics system for the observation of terrestrial point-like sources: results and problems
Author(s): G. Marchi
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SCALPEL: a long range free-space optical communication system with adaptive optics in the MIR bandwidth
Author(s): A. Montmerle Bonnefois; R. Biérent; M. Raybaut; A. Godard; S. Derelle; A. Durécu; V. Michau; M. Lefebvre; N. Védrenne; M.-T. Velluet
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The impact of low signal-to-noise ratio values on the achievability of Cramér-Rao lower bounds with multi-frame blind deconvolution algorithms
Author(s): Charles L. Matson; Michael Flanagan; R. Anthony Vincent
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Software-based mitigation of image degradation due to atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Claudia S. Huebner; Corinne Scheifling
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Iterative correction procedure for images degraded by turbulence
Author(s): C. Scheifling; G. Marchi
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Wavefront sensors for adaptive optical systems
Author(s): V. P. Lukin; N. N. Botygina; O. N. Emaleev; P. A. Konyaev
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