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Quantum Communications and Quantum Imaging VIII
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Volume Number: 7815
Date Published: 12 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7815
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Soft-metric-based information reconciliation techniques for QKD
Author(s): Marina Mondin; Fred Daneshgaran; Maria Delgado; Fabio Mesiti
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Infrared two-color ghost imaging using entangled beams
Author(s): Charles C. Kim; Gary Kanner
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Quantum ghost imaging
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon; Yanhua Shih
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Study on noise reduction in up-conversion single photon detectors
Author(s): Lijun Ma; Oliver Slattery; Xiao Tang
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Controlled placement of single photon sources for quantum integration
Author(s): Edo Waks; Chad Ropp; Roland Probst; Zach Cummins; Rakesh Kumar; Andrew Berglund; Srinivasa Raghavan; John Fourkas; Benjamin Shapiro
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Upconversion as a tool for characterization and preparation of photonic quantum states
Author(s): Kevin A. O'Donnell; Alfred B. U'Ren
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Impurities in diamond: a new revival for quantum optics
Author(s): S. Castelletto; I. Aharonovich; C. H. Su; S. Prawer
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Quantum random number generator using photon-number path entanglement
Author(s): Osung Kwon; Young-Wook Cho; Yoon-Ho Kim
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How can we minimize errors in a linear-optics quantum gate?
Author(s): Tomohisa Nagata; Ryo Okamoto; Masato Tanida; Holger Hofmann; Shigeki Takeuchi
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Efficient photon pair sources based on silicon-on-insulator microresonators
Author(s): Jun Chen; Zachary H. Levine; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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Quantum ghost imaging experiments at ARL
Author(s): Ronald E. Meyers; Keith S. Deacon
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Towards improved end-to-end system efficiency of photon pair systems
Author(s): Alexander Ling; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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Ghost imaging in reflection: resolution, contrast, and signal-to-noise ratio
Author(s): Nicholas D. Hardy; Jeffrey H. Shapiro
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Towards high-rate quantum key distribution using quantum frames
Author(s): Xiaofan Mo; Itzel Lucio Martinez; Philip Chan; Steve Hosier; Wolfgang Tittel
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Quantum stream cipher beyond the Shannon limit of symmetric key cipher and the possibility of experimental demonstration
Author(s): Osamu Hirota; Takehisa Iwakoshi; Masaki Sohma; Fumio Futami
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Analogue factoring algorithm based on polychromatic interference
Author(s): Vincenzo Tamma; Augusto Garuccio; Yanhua Shih
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Graph state secret sharing in higher-dimensional systems
Author(s): Ben Fortescue; Adrian Keet; Damian Markham; Barry C. Sanders
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Hybrid information processing
Author(s): Bryan C. Jacobs
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Phase transitions in systems of interacting photons: quantum optics, quantum information, condensed matter and the Jaynes-Cummings-Hubbard model
Author(s): Andrew D. Greentree
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Narrow-band photon pairs generated from spontaneous parametric down conversion in a Bragg-grating enhanced waveguide
Author(s): Li Yan; Lijun Ma; Xiao Tang
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Review of representative free-space quantum communications experiments
Author(s): Arnold Tunick; Tyrnita Moore; Keith Deacon; Ronald Meyers
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Storage and retrieval of thermal light in warm atomic vapor
Author(s): Young-Wook Cho; Yoon-Ho Kim
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Effects depolarizing quantum channels on BB84 and SARG04 quantum cryptography
Author(s): Youn-Chang Jeong; Yong-Su Kim; Yoon-Ho Kim
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