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Satellite Data Compression, Communications, and Processing VI
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Volume Number: 7810
Date Published: 12 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7810
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Rate allocation method for the fast transmission of pre-encoded meteorological data over JPIP
Author(s): Leandro Jiménez-Rodríguez; Francesc Aulí-Llinàs; Juan Muñoz-Gómez; Joan Bartrina-Rapesta; Ian Blanes; Joan Serra-Sagristà
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Hyperspectral compressive sensing
Author(s): Jingyuan Lv; Yunsong Li; Bormin Huang; Chengke Wu
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CNES studies for on-board implementation via HLS tools of a cloud-detection module for selective compression
Author(s): R. Camarero; C. Thiebaut; Ph. Dejean; A. Speciel
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Hyperspectral image compression algorithm using wavelet transform and independent component analysis
Author(s): Mingyi He; Lin Bai; Fatima Syeda Narjis
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Robust video multicast scheme over wireless network with priority transmission
Author(s): Song Xiao; Ji Lu; Chengke Wu
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High-throughput GPU-based LDPC decoding
Author(s): Yang-Lang Chang; Cheng-Chun Chang; Min-Yu Huang; Bormin Huang
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Code-aided carrier synchronization based LDPC-Hadamard code
Author(s): Wanchun Gong; Zhiping Shi; Fajian Tang; Bing Yan
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Watermarking scheme for tampering detection in remote sensing images using variable size tiling and DWT
Author(s): Jordi Serra-Ruiz; David Megías
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Comparison of support vector machine-based processing chains for hyperspectral image classification
Author(s): Marta Rojas; Inmaculada Dópido; Antonio Plaza; Paolo Gamba
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Fast multi-spectral image registration based on a statistical learning technique
Author(s): Taeyoung Kim; Myungjin Choi
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High-order statistics Harsanyi-Farrand-Chang method for estimation of virtual dimensionality
Author(s): Chein-I Chang; Wei Xiong
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Remote sensing image restoration based on compressive sensing and two-step iteration shrinkage algorithm
Author(s): Mingyi He; Weihua Liu; Lin Bai
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Enhancement of spatial resolution of hyperspectral imagery using iterative back projection
Author(s): Shen-En Qian; Guangyi Chen
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GPU implementation of fully constrained linear spectral unmixing for remotely sensed hyperspectral data exploitation
Author(s): Sergio Sánchez; Gabriel Martín; Antonio Plaza; Chein-I Chang
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Quality analysis in N-dimensional lossy compression of multispectral remote sensing time series images
Author(s): L. Pesquer; A. Zabala; X. Pons; J. Serra-Sagristà
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Weighted-based arithmetic coding for satellite image compression
Author(s): Jiaji Wu; Shuai Gao; Licheng Jiao; Jechang Jeong
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A novel VLSI architecture of arithmetic encoder with reduced memory in SPIHT
Author(s): Kai Liu; YunSong Li; Eugeniy Belyaev
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Clustered linear prediction for lossless compression of hyperspectral images using adaptive prediction length
Author(s): Jarno Mielikainen
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An iterative detection method of MIMO over spatial correlated frequency selective channel: using list sphere decoding for simplification
Author(s): Zhiping Shi; Bing Yan
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Efficient broadcasting for scalable video coding streaming using random linear network coding
Author(s): Ji Lu; Song Xiao; Chengke Wu
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GPU implementation of target and anomaly detection algorithms for remotely sensed hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Abel Paz; Antonio Plaza
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Parallel K-dimensional tree classification based on semi-matroid structure for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Yang-Lang Chang; Zhi-Ming Chen; Jin-Nan Liu; Lena Chang; Jyh Perng Fang
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Improved panchromatic sharpening
Author(s): Jonghwa Lee; Sangwook Lee; Chulhee Lee
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Image deblurring by motion estimation for remote sensing
Author(s): Yueting Chen; Jiagu Wu; Zhihai Xu; Qi Li; Huajun Feng
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Simple resiliency improvement of the CCSDS standard for lossless data compression
Author(s): Marcial Clotet; Jordi Portell; Alberto G. Villafranca; Enrique García-Berro
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Implementation of CCSDS data compression for remote sensing image
Author(s): Albert Lin; C. F. Chang; M. C. Lin; L. J. Jan; Hsuan Ren
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4D remote sensing image coding with JPEG2000
Author(s): Juan Muñoz-Gómez; Joan Bartrina-Rapesta; Ian Blanes; Leandro Jiménez-Rodríguez; Francesc Aulí-Llinàs; Joan Serra-Sagristà
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Fast multi-symmetry adaptive loop filter algorithm
Author(s): Hongwei Li; Yunsong Li; Chengke Wu; Rui Song; Yuli Feng
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Using remote sensing imagery to monitoring sea surface pollution cause by abandoned gold-copper mine
Author(s): H. M. Kao; H. Ren; Y. T. Lee
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A new system to perform unsupervised and supervised classification of satellite images from Google Maps
Author(s): Sergio Bernabé; Antonio Plaza
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Unsupervised segmentation for hyperspectral images using mean shift segmentation
Author(s): Sangwook Lee; Chulhee Lee
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Accelerating the RTTOV-7 radiative transfer model on graphics processing units
Author(s): Jarno Mielikainen; Bormin Huang; Allen H. Huang; Roger Saunders
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Analysis of the effects of compression on extraction of features from images
Author(s): Wang Yu; Yang Xiuce; Yin Ming; Wei Kai
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Maximum orthogonal subspace projection approach to estimating the number of spectral signal sources in hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Wei Xiong; Ching Tsorng Tsai; Ching Wen Yang; Chein-I Chang
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Optimizing GPS data transmission using entropy coding compression
Author(s): Alberto G. Villafranca; Iu Mora; Patrícia Ruiz-Rodríguez; Jordi Portell; Enrique García-Berro
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Compression of hyperspectral imagery based on compressive sensing and interband prediction
Author(s): Haiying Liu; Yunsong Li; Chengke Wu; Keyan Wang; Yu Wang
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A GPU-based implementation of predictive partitioned vector quantization for compression of ultraspectral sounder data
Author(s): Shih-Chieh Wei; Bormin Huang
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Hyperspectral image compression using distributed arithmetic coding and bit-plane coding
Author(s): Jiaji Wu; Minli Wang; Yong Fang; Jechang Jeong; Licheng Jiao
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