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Earth Observing Systems XV
Editor(s): James J. Butler; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Xingfa Gu
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Volume Number: 7807
Date Published: 25 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7807
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Pre-launch characterization of spectral response functions for the Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) instrument sensors
Author(s): Mohan Shankar; Susan Thomas; Kory Priestley
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Ground performance measurements of the Glory Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor
Author(s): Steven Persh; Y. J. Shaham; Oren Benami; Brian Cairns; Michael I. Mishchenko; Jeffrey D. Hein; Bryan A. Fafaul
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Sensitivity of VIIRS polarization measurements
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka
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OLI telescope post-alignment optical performance
Author(s): Michael G. Dittman; Brenda Firth
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Test results from an imager for scenes with high dynamic range and low light levels
Author(s): D. P. Osterman; W. Good; R. Philbrick; L. Schneider; P. Johnson; P. Kaptchen; M. Narciso
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Characterization of two spectrometers in support of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission
Author(s): B. Carol Johnson; Robert D. Saunders; Zhigang Li; Abra Fein; Lawrence Ong; Milton G. Hom; Robert A. Barnes; Brian L. Markham
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An absolute detector-based spectral radiance source
Author(s): Steven W. Brown; Robert D. Saunders; Zhigang Li; Abra Fein; Robert A. Barnes
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Supercontinuum fiber laser source for reflectance calibrations in remote sensing
Author(s): Clarence J. Zarobila; Heather J. Patrick
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On-orbit solar calibrations using the Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System (CERES) in-flight calibration system
Author(s): Robert S. Wilson; Kory J. Priestley; Susan Thomas; Phillip Hess
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Temporal decrease of the PARASOL radiometric sensitivity: in-flight characterization of the multi-angular aspect
Author(s): Bertrand Fougnie
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On-orbit models of the CALIOP lidar for enabling future mission design
Author(s): Michelle Stephens; Carl Weimer; Eileen Saiki; Mike Lieber
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Space environment's effect on MODIS calibration
Author(s): J. L. Dodd; B. N. Wenny; K. Chiang; X. Xiong
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Study of instrument temperature effect on MODIS thermal emissive band responses
Author(s): Tiejun Chang; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Using lunar observations to assess Terra MODIS thermal emissive bands calibration
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Hongda Chen
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Comparison of AIRS and IASI co-located radiances for cold scenes
Author(s): Denis A. Elliott; H. H. Aumann; Steven E Broberg
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Analysis of AIRS and IASI system performance under clear and cloudy conditions
Author(s): Hartmut H. Aumann; Larrabee L. Strow
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Evolution of satellite imagers and sounders and for low Earth orbit and technology directions at NASA
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Charles R. McClain
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On-board calibration of the spectral response functions of the Advanced Baseline Imager's thermal IR channels by observation of the planet Mercury
Author(s): James C. Bremer
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CERES FM5 and FM6: continuity of observations to support a multi-decadal earth radiation budget climate data record
Author(s): Kory J. Priestley; Norman G. Loeb; Susan S. Thomas; G. Lou Smith
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Inflatable antenna for earth observing systems
Author(s): Hong-Jian Wang; Fu-ling Guan; Yan Xu; Min Yi
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Recent results from the Radiometric Calibration Test Site (RadCaTS) at Railroad Valley, Nevada
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Czapla-Myers; Nathan P. Leisso
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Climatology of oceanic zones suitable for in-flight calibration of space sensors
Author(s): Bertrand Fougnie; Jérome Llido; Lydwine Gross-Colzy; Patrice Henry; Denis Blumstein
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Stellar calibration of the ROLO lunar radiometric reference
Author(s): Thomas C. Stone
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Application of Wavelet Transform (WT) on canopy hyperspectral data for soybean Leaf Area Index (LAI) estimation in the Songnen Plain, China
Author(s): Dongmei Lu; Kaishan Song; Zongming Wang
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High-resolution Directional Polarimetric Camera (DPC) used in the remote sensing of aerosol properties
Author(s): Xingfa Gu; Qiao Yanli; Jinnian Wang; Tao Yu; Tianhai Cheng
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Simulation of HY-2 scatterometer and analysis of wind field retrieval
Author(s): Mingsen Lin; Xingwei Jiang; Xuetong Xie
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Spaceborne laser rangefinder ranging sensitivity and accuracy analysis
Author(s): Jianyu Wang; Rong Shu; Genghua Huang; Jianjun Jia
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CASMSAR: the first Chinese airborne SAR mapping system
Author(s): Jixian Zhang; Zhang Wang; Guoman Huang; Zheng Zhao; Lijun Lu
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Design and implementation of ground data processing system for hyperspectral satellite in China
Author(s): Daming Wang; Zhizhong Li; Hongbin Fang; Fuxing Dang; Qinghua Yang; Rihong Yang
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Tracking long-term stability of Aqua MODIS and AIRS at different scan angles
Author(s): Yong Xie; Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Calibration support for NPP VIIRS SDR assessment
Author(s): Kwo-Fu Chiang; Aisheng Wu; Junqiang Sun; Mathew R. Schwaller; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Characterization of Terra MODIS blackbody uniformity and stability
Author(s): Xiaoxiong Xiong; Sriharsha Madhavan
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MODIS calibration algorithm improvements developed for Collection 6 Level-1B
Author(s): Brian N. Wenny; Junqiang Sun; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Aisheng Wu; Hongda Chen; Amit Angal; Taeyoung Choi; Na Chen; Sriharsha Madhavan; Xu Geng; James Kuyper; Liqin Tan
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