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Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics XII
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Volume Number: 7805
Date Published: 23 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7805
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Macro- and microscopic growth interface study of CdZnTe ingots by THM technique
Author(s): U. N. Roy; S. Weiler; J. Stein
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Characterization of secondary phases and other defects in CdZnTe
Author(s): Martine C. Duff; Kelvin G. Lynn; Kelly Jones; Rajeswari Soundararajan; John P. Bradley; Hope Ishii; Jeffery Aguiar; Penny Wozniakiewicz
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Array of virtual Frisch-grid CZT detectors with common cathode readout and pulse-height correction
Author(s): A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; S. U. Egarievwe; P. M. Fochuk; M. Fuerstnau; R. Gul; A. Hossain; F. Jones; K. Kim; O. V. Kopach; R. Taggart; G. Yang; Z. Ye; L. Xu; R. B. James
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Study on thermal annealing of cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) crystals
Author(s): G. Yang; A. E. Bolotnikov; P. M. Fochuk; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; A. Hossain; K. Kim; J. Horace; B. McCall; R. Gul; L. Xu; O. V. Kopach; R. B. James
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Reduction of leakage currents in CdZnTe-based x-ray and gamma-ray detectors: a II-VI semiconductor superlattice approach
Author(s): Y. Chang; C. H. Grein; C. R. Becker; X. J. Wang; S. Sivananthan
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Silicon photomultiplier and radiation detection: follow-up study and the path forward
Author(s): Alon Osovizky; Dimitry Ginzburg; Natan S. Kopeika; Max Ghelman; Eliezer Marcus; Avi Manor; Vitaly Pushkarsky; Ilan Cohen-Zada; Ehud Gonen; Tzachi Mazor; Yagil Kadmon; Yossef Cohen
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Transparent ceramic scintillators for gamma spectroscopy and radiography
Author(s): N. J. Cherepy; J. D. Kuntz; Z. M. Seeley; S. E. Fisher; O. B. Drury; B. W Sturm; T. A. Hurst; R. D. Sanner; J. J. Roberts; S. A. Payne
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Role of carrier diffusion and picosecond exciton kinetics in nonproportionality of scintillator light yield
Author(s): R. T. Williams; Q. Li; Joel Q. Grim; K. B. Ucer; G. A. Bizarri; W. W. Moses
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Comparison of CeBr3 with LaBr3:Ce, LaCl3:Ce, and NaI:Tl detectors
Author(s): Paul Guss; Michael Reed; Ding Yuan; Matthew Cutler; Christopher Contreras; Denis Beller
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Characteristics of the stacked microstructured solid state neutron detector
Author(s): S. L. Bellinger; R. G. Fronk; W. J. McNeil; J. K. Shultis; T. J. Sobering; D. S. McGregor
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Nine element Si-based pillar structured thermal neutron detector
Author(s): R. J. Nikolic; A. M. Conway; R. Radev; Q. Shao; L. Voss; T. F. Wang; J. R. Brewer; C. L. Cheung; L. Fabris; C. L. Britton; M. N. Ericson
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Fast time correlation detection in associated particle spectrometry of spontaneous fission neutrons and cosmic-ray backgrounds
Author(s): Leon Forman; Istvan Dioszegi; Peter E. Vanier
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Characterization of gallium telluride crystals grown from graphite crucible
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Timothy Hayes; Peter G. Muzykov; Ramesh Krishna; Sandip Das; Tangali S. Sudarshan; Shuguo Ma
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Radiation detectors based on 4H semi-insulating silicon carbide
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Ramesh Krishna; Peter G. Muzykov; Zegilor Laney; Sandip Das; Tangali S. Sudarshan
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Efficient readout electronics for multi-anode photomultiplier
Author(s): Christoph W. Lerche; Vicente Herrero-Bosch; Nestor Ferrando-Jodar; Rafa Gadea-Girones; Filomeno Sanchez-Martinez; Francisco J. Mora-Más
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Pixel electronics for a hybrid x/gamma-ray imager
Author(s): C. P. Lambropoulos; E. G. Zervakis; A. Nikologiannis; G. Theodoratos; D. S. Hatzistratis; I. Papadakis; A. Papadimitriou; D. Loukas
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Radiation damage studies on a 5T sCMOS image sensor with integrated readout electronics
Author(s): Brian Rodricks; Boyd Fowler; John Lowes; Paul Vu
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Study of charge transport mechanisms in ZnO-ZnTe nanojunctions
Author(s): Jun Xu; Sang Hyun Lee; Zane W. Bell; Barton Smith; X.-G. Zhang; Tong Ju; An-Jen Chen; Zhengwei Pan
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Automatic detection of high-Z materials in cargo
Author(s): David Perticone; Richard Eilbert; Nick Gillett; Ronald S. McNabb Jr.; Altan Ozcandarli; Jeffrey Stillson
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Cameras shapes for medical imaging Compton cameras
Author(s): Bruce Smith; L. Joseph Denbina
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First results from the Daresbury Compton backscattering x-ray source (COBALD)
Author(s): G. Priebe; D. Laundy; P. J. Phillips; D. M. Graham; S. P. Jamison; S. Vassilev; E. A. Seddon; J. B. Rosenzweig; G. A. Krafft; T. Heinzl; D. Filippetto; O. Williams; K. M. Spohr; S. Ter-Avetisyan; U. Schramm; Y. M. Saveliev; L. B. Jones; S. L. Smith
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Preliminary results from the Spring 2010 balloon campaign of the Nuclear Compton Telescope
Author(s): Jeng-Lun Chiu; Eric C. Bellm; Steven E. Boggs; Hsiang-Kuang Chang; Yuan-Hann Chang; Minghuey A. Huang; Mark Amman; Mark S. Bandstra; Wei-Che Hung; Jau-Shian Liang; Chih-Hsun Lin; Zhong-Kai Liu; Paul N. Luke; Daniel Perez-Becker; Ray-Shine Run; Cornelia B. Wunderer; Andreas Zoglauer
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Millimeter-order imaging technique from 100 keV to MeV based on germanium Compton camera
Author(s): Shin'ichiro Takeda; Tomonori Fukuchi; Yousuke Kanayama; Shinji Motomura; Makoto Hiromura; Tadayuki Takahashi; Shuichi Enomoto
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Detector dead time in particle counting detectors
Author(s): David Laundy
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Charge transport mechanism in CdTe-based p-n junction detectors formed by laser irradiation
Author(s): T. Aoki; V. A. Gnatyuk; L. A. Kosyachenko; O. L. Maslyanchuk; E. V. Grushko
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Feasibility study of CCD-based gamma camera
Author(s): Hakjae Lee; Young-Jun Jeong; Joochul Yoon; Jungwon Kang; Sangjoon Lee; Hyungsup Shin; Kisung Lee
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Thermographic analyses of the growth of Cd1-xZnxTe single crystals
Author(s): Larysa P. Shcherbak; Oleh V. Kopach; Petro M. Fochuk; Aleksey E. Bolotnikov; Ralph B. James
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Synthetic software gamma-ray spectra generation of SNM masking scenarios for homeland security application
Author(s): B. Sarusi; S. Levinson; A. Osovizky; V. Pushkarsky; U. German; Z. Mazor; Y. Cohen; I. Belaish
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X-ray detection method for the direct-conversion plasma detector
Author(s): Jungwon Kang; Hyungsup Shin; Sangjun Lee; Kisung Lee; Hakjae Lee
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Diffusion studies on Si-PIN x-ray detectors with guard-rings for single photon counting sensors
Author(s): Kisung Lee; J. C. Yoon; Young Jun Jung; Sungchae Jeon; Bonghoe Kim; Jin-young Kim
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Special features of conductivity of semi-intrinsic CdTe and CdZnTe single crystals used in x- and gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): L. A. Kosyachenko; E. Diequez; T. Aoki; C. P. Lambropoulos; V. A. Gnatyuk; M. Fiederle; S. V. Melnychuk; O. L. Maslyanchuk; O. F. Sklyarchuk; O. V. Sklyarchuk; E. V. Grushko
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Neutron detection with Gd/CdTe semiconductor detector
Author(s): Aki Miyake; Takahiro Nishioka; Shailendra Singh; Hisashi Morii; Yoichiro Neo; Hidenori Mimura; Toru Aoki
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Improvement of analysis precision upon the atomic number and electron density measurement by the dual x-ray CT
Author(s): Yukino Imura; Hisashi Morii; Akifumi Koike; Takaharu Okunoyama; Yoichiro Neo; Hidenori Mimura; Toru Aoki
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Extended defects in As-grown CdZnTe
Author(s): L. Xu; A. E. Bolotnikov; A. Hossain; K-H. Kim; R. Gul; G. Yang; G. S. Camarda; L. Marchini; Y. Cui; R. B. James; Y. Xu; T. Wang; W. Jie
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A multi-energy method of nondestructive testing by determination of the effective atomic number of different materials
Author(s): Volodymyr D. Ryzhikov; Oleksandr D. Opolonin; Sergiy M. Galkin; Yevgeniy F. Voronkin; Olena K. Lysetska; Serhiy A. Kostioukevitch
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Development of an ultra-low-power x-ray-photon-resolving imaging detector array
Author(s): Shunming Sun; Stephen Downey; Stephen Gaalema; James L. Gates; J. Garrett Jernigan; Philip Kaaret; Scott MacIntosh; Brian Ramsey; Bruce Wall
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Performance of CdZnTe pixellated radiation detectors assembled by a new attachment method
Author(s): Pinghe Lu; Henry Chen; Salah Awadalla; Kris Iniewski; Glenn Bindley
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Detector performance of ammonium-sulfide-passivated CdZnTe and CdMnTe materials
Author(s): K. H. Kim; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; L. Marchini; G. Yang; A. Hossain; Y. Cui; L. Xu; R. B. James
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Design of a coded aperture Compton telescope imaging system (CACTIS)
Author(s): Alexander Volkovskii; Martin Clajus; Stephen R. Gottesman; Hans Malik; Kenneth Schwartz; Evren Tumer; Tumay Tumer; Shi Yin
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Measurements with coplanar grid (Cd,Zn)Te detectors and development of the GMCA (Gamma-ray analysis digital filter Multi Channel Analyzer)
Author(s): M. Dambacher; A. Zwerger; A. Fauler; C. Disch; U. Stöhlker; M. Fiederle
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Simulations of a monolithic lanthanum bromide gamma-ray detector
Author(s): Camden Ertley; Christopher Bancroft; Peter Bloser; Taylor Connor; Jason Legere; Mark McConnell; James Ryan
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