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Interferometry XV: Applications
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Volume Number: 7791
Date Published: 2 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7791
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical metrology and optical non-destructive testing from the perspective of object characteristics
Author(s): Ralf B. Bergmann; T. Bothe; C. Falldorf; P. Huke; M. Kalms; C. von Kopylow
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Design, technology, and signal processing for DOE-based microinterferometer array applied in new generation M(O)EMS test equipment
Author(s): M. Kujawinska; M. Józwik; A. Styk; U. Zeitner; A. Røyset; S. Beer; R. Moosburger; C. Gorecki; K. Gastinger
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Reliability study of AlN-driven microcantilevers based on interferometric measurements of their static and dynamic behaviours
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki; Katarzyna Krupa; Romuald Józwicki; Michal Jozwik
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Optical homodyne common-path grating interferometer with sub-nanometer displacement resolution
Author(s): Chyan-Chyi Wu; Chun-Yao Cheng; Zi-Yi Yang
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An instrument for inspecting aspheric optical surfaces and components
Author(s): Joshua S. Jo; James D. Trolinger; Amit K. Lal
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Using a Savart plate in optical metrology
Author(s): P. Blain; F. Michel; Y. Renotte; S. Habraken
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Simulation and experimental study of flexible electret-based loudspeaker vibration modes by electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Yu-Chi Chen; Te-Hsun Chen; Chih-Jen Chien; Wen-Chi Chang; Chih-Chiang Cheng; Wen-Ching Ko; Kuang-Chong Wu; Chih-Kung Lee
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Two-dimensional refractive index distribution measurement of a GRIN lens
Author(s): H. C. Hsieh; Y. L. Chen; W. T. Wu; W. Y. Chang; D. C. Su
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Design and applications of a high-speed Doppler imaging vibrometer
Author(s): James Kilpatrick; Adela Apostol; Vladimir Markov
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Preliminary results of tympanic membrane displacements using non-invasive optical methods
Author(s): Maria del Socorro Hernández-Montes; Silvino Muñoz Solís; Fernando Mendoza Santoyo
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Design of a positioning system for a holographic otoscope
Author(s): I. Dobrev; J. M. Flores Moreno; C. Furlong; E. J. Harrington; J. J. Rosowski; C. Scarpino
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Non-invasive monitoring for living cell culture with lensless Fourier transform digital holography microscopy
Author(s): Yunxin Wang; Dayong Wang; Jie Zhao; Yan Li; Puhui Meng; Yuhong Wan; Zhuqing Jiang
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Range imaging for measuring streambed topography
Author(s): Tobias K. Kohoutek; Manuel Nitsche
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Performance evaluation of a radial in-plane digital speckle pattern interferometer using a diffractive optical element for residual stress measurement
Author(s): A. Albertazzi Jr.; M. R. Viotti; W. A. Kapp
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Integrated interferometer for monitoring three-dimensional vibrations in high-power laser system
Author(s): Xuejie Zhang; Wei Huang; De'an Liu; Yan Zhang; Yanli Zhang; Jianqiang Zhu
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An assistance system for the selection of sensors in multi-scale measurement systems
Author(s): Avinash Burla; Tobias Haist; Wolfram Lyda; Wolfgang Osten
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Development of an optoelectronic holographic platform for otolaryngology applications
Author(s): Ellery Harrington; Ivo Dobrev; Nikhil Bapat; Jorge Mauricio Flores; Cosme Furlong; John Rosowski; Jeffery Tao Cheng; Chris Scarpino; Michael Ravicz
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Simulation of an interferometric computed tomography system for intraocular lenses
Author(s): Tristan J. Tayag; Brent L. Bachim
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Multipoint gap measurement by low coherence tandem interferometry
Author(s): Sheng-Hua Lu; Chi-Ying Chang; Ching-Fen Kao
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The key technologies research on the large field-of-view and high-resolution optical synthesis telescope
Author(s): Haitao Wang; Qiufeng Luo; Yongkai Zhu; Wantai Ma; Yajing Zhang; Gui Yun Tian
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Interferometric nanocomparator for calibrating precision displacement sensors
Author(s): Martin Cizek; Zdenek Buchta; Bretislav Mikel; Josef Lazar; Ondrej Cip
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Laser Doppler rotating disk speed imaging using a CMOS image sensor
Author(s): Jong-Woon Choi
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Research of disturbance detection based on a novel double Sagnac distributed fiber-optic sensor
Author(s): Haiyan Xu; Yi Zhang; Yang Feng; Dong Zhao
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Application of fiber optic interferometer system in flyer plates velocity measuring
Author(s): Yang Feng; Hongyan Wu; Haiyan Xu; Dong Zhao
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Integration of a fiber interferometer with a MEMS probe station
Author(s): Tristan J. Tayag; Thiri Htun; Edward S. Kolesar
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