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Current Developments in Lens Design and Optical Engineering XI; and Advances in Thin Film Coatings VI
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Volume Number: 7786
Date Published: 19 August 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7786
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CCT-dependent calibration for colorimeters
Author(s): Tsun-Hsun Yang; Shih-Fang Liao; Cheng-Chung Lee
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High performance of color mixing and projection lighting based on color LEDs
Author(s): Wei-Ting Chien; Shin-In Ho; Chang-Yu Tsai; Ching-Cherng Sun
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Research on angle-selective filters of phosphor color wheel for LED projectors
Author(s): Tzu-Chiao Wei; Chien-Cheng Kuo; June-Jei Huang; Cheng-Chung Lee
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High-efficiency LED street light using micro-lens array
Author(s): Xuan-Hao Lee; Ching-Cherng Sun
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Optical performance as a function of phosphor particle number in white LED
Author(s): Cheng-Chien Chen; Ching-Yi Chen; Wei-Ting Chien; Tsung-Hsun Yang; Ching-Cherng Sun
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A novel approach for structural synthesis of zoom systems
Author(s): L. N. Hazra; S. Pal
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Accelerating diffractive optics design with GPU-based parallel technique
Author(s): Kan Liu; Hui Li; Xinyu Zhang; Dehua Li; Mingyue Wei; Bin Li; ChangSheng Xie; Tianxu Zhang
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Ultra-compact close-up microoptical imaging system
Author(s): Andreas Brückner; Jacques Duparré; Frank Wippermann; Robert Leitel; Peter Dannberg; Andreas Bräuer
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Design and implementation of recording and readout system for micro-holographic optical data storage
Author(s): Yuzuru Takashima; Lambertus Hesselink
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Perceptual image quality and telescope performance ranking
Author(s): Joshua K. Lentz; James E. Harvey; Kenneth H. Marshall; Joseph Salg; Joseph B. Houston
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Ion-beam figuring (IBF) for high-precision optics becomes affordable
Author(s): Sven Kiontke; Marcel Demmler; Michael Zeuner; Frank Allenstein; Thoralf Dunger; Matthias Nestler
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Photonic jets and Bessel beams
Author(s): A. Devilez; B. Stout; N. Bonod
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Flat liquid crystal diffractive lenses with variable focus and magnification
Author(s): Pouria Valley; Mohammad Reza Dodge; Jim Schwiegerling; David Mathine; Gholam Peyman; N. Peyghambarian
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Color patterns in a tapered lightpipe with RGB LEDs
Author(s): Diego Esparza; Ivan Moreno
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Accelerated atmospheric corrosion testing of electroplated gold mirror coatings
Author(s): C.-T. Chu; D. R. Alaan; D. P. Taylor
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Development and verification of high-durability infrared transparent coating for airborne usage
Author(s): A. Levent Avşar; H. Anil Salman; A. E. Sinan Özhan; Ali Çolakoğlu
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Spectroscopic ellipsometry of a-Si/SiO2 large waveband coating for the JWST-FGS-TFI etalon plates fabrication
Author(s): Michel Poirier; Clinton Evans; Craig Haley; Driss Touahri; Rene Doyon
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Antireflection coating on metallic substrates for solar energy and display applications
Author(s): Wei-Yuan Hsiao; Chien-Jen Tang; Kun-Hsien Lee; Cheng-Chung Jaing; Chien-Cheng Kuo; Hsi-Chao Chen; Hsing-Hua Chang; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Characterization of feathering of optical coating
Author(s): Chris Buchholz; David Krevor
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Improving the optical and electrical properties of fluorine-doped tin oxide films by various post-annealing treatments
Author(s): Pin-Jen Chen; Bo-Huei Liao; Chien-Cheng Kuo; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Nb-doped TiO2 transparent conducting coating by pulsed DC magnetron co-sputtering
Author(s): Ssu-Hsiang Peng; Chien-Cheng Kuo; Meng-Chi Li; Shu-Hui Tsai; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Electro-chromic device with GZO as a conductive layer
Author(s): Chih-Chao Chan; Chien-Jen Tang; Kun-Hsien Lee; Cheng-Chung Jaing; Chien-Cheng Kuo; Hsi-Chao Chen; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Dynamic modeling of optical systems in order to study vibration effect on performance
Author(s): Ahmet Levent Avşar; H. Nevzat Özgüven
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Study of the influence of the tetrahedral reflectors properties on autocollimating systems characteristics
Author(s): Andrey G. Anisimov; Elena A. Tsyganok; Igor A. Konyakhin
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Dedicated testing setup for panoramic lenses
Author(s): Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard; Jocelyn Parent; Simon Thibault; Pierre Désaulniers
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Diffraction depth of focus in optical microscope
Author(s): Volodymyr Borovytsky; Andrey Fesenko
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Optical design of the JWST fine guider sensor
Author(s): Sheng Hai Zheng; Clinton Evans
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Design and fabrication of super mirrors on the Zerodur substrate
Author(s): Hyun-Ju Cho; Young-Zip Jeon
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The design and fabrication of telecentric lens with large field of view
Author(s): Chun-Li Chang; Kuo-Cheng Huang; Wen-Hong Wu; Yi-Hung Lin
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Bound-abrasive grinding and polishing of surfaces of optical materials
Author(s): Yuriy D. Filatov; Olexandr Yu. Filatov; Guy Monteil; Uwe Heisel; Michael Storchak
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AR coatings on laser crystals for HiPER project
Author(s): Jindřich Oulehla; Pavel Pokorný
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Analysis of opto-mechanical performance of a tunable liquid lens
Author(s): A. Santiago-Alvarado; S. Vázquez-Montiel; J. González-García; J. Muñoz-López; Manuel Campos García
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LED phototherapy system in skin treatment and detecting
Author(s): Hsi-Chao Chen; Jih-Huah Wu; Ching-Huang Lin; Shih-Hsin Ma
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Barium fluoride and glass combinations for short-wave infrared designs
Author(s): D. W. Warren
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Investigation of the temperature dependent complex index of refraction of infrared thin-film coating materials
Author(s): Lucas C. Alves
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