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Detectors and Imaging Devices: Infrared, Focal Plane, Single Photon
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Volume Number: 7780
Date Published: 17 August 2010

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Thermopile detector radiation hard readout
Author(s): Stephen Gaalema; Stephen Van Duyne; James L. Gates; Marc C. Foote
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High-performance large format impurity band conductor focal plane arrays for astronomy applications
Author(s): Robert Mills; John Edwards; Eric Beuville; Andrew Toth; Elizabeth Corrales; Neil Therrien; Jeff Kissel; Gert Finger
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Update on blocked impurity band detector technology from DRS
Author(s): H. Hogue; E. Atkins; D. Reynolds; M. Salcido; L. Dawson; D. Molyneux; M. Muzilla
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Electrical and optical characterization of InAs/GaSb-based nBn IR detector
Author(s): Vincent M. Cowan; Christian P. Morath; Seth M. Swift; Paul D. LeVan; Stephen Myers; Elena Plis; Sanjay Krishna
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Ultrafast bandgap photonics semiconductor phenomenology: response to ultra-short pulse laser
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Nonequilibrium operation of long wavelength HgCdTe photo detectors for higher operating temperatures
Author(s): Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya
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Applications of multispectral video
Author(s): Jim Murguia; Greg Diaz; Toby Reeves; Rick Nelson; Jon Mooney; Freeman Shepherd; Greg Griffith; Darlene Franco
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Optical studies on antimonide superlattice infrared detector material
Author(s): Linda Hoglund; Alexander Soibel; Cory J. Hill; David Z. Ting; Arezou Khoshakhlagh; Anna Liao; Sam Keo; Michael C. Lee; Jean Nguyen; Jason M. Mumolo; Sarath D. Gunapala
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Development of GaN/AlGaN APDs for UV imaging applications
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; Robert A. Richwine; Yash R. Puri; Russell D. Dupuis; Jae-Hyun Ryou; Nibir K. Dhar; Raymond S. Balcerak
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Development of SiGe arrays for visible-near IR applications
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; Robert A. Richwine; Yash R. Puri; Nicole DiLello; Judy L. Hoyt; Nibir Dhar; Raymond S. Balcerak; Thomas G. Bramhall
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Pyroelectric and dielectric properties of ceramics
Author(s): A. K. Batra; Ryan Moxon; Padmaja Guggilla; M. D. Aggarwal; M. E. Edwards
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HgCdTe LWIR p-on-n photodiodes formed by arsenic diffusion from the vapor phase
Author(s): F. T. J. Smith; P. Lamarre; J. Marciniec; S. Tobin; T. Parodos; P. LoVecchio; K. Wong; M. B. Reine; E. Bellotti; P. LeVan; A. Hahn; D. Bliss
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3D numerical analysis of As-diffused HgCdTe planar pixel arrays
Author(s): Craig A. Keasler; Michele Moresco; Danilo D'Orsogna; Phil Lamarre; Enrico Bellotti
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Thinning of PLZT ceramic wafers for sensor integration
Author(s): Na Jin; Weiguo Liu
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Effect of volcanic-ash on the pyroelectric and dielectric properties of Portland cement
Author(s): Kamala N. Bhat; A. K. Batra; Sudip Bhattacharjee; Robert W. Taylor
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Liquid crystals for optical readout IR imaging
Author(s): Weiguo Liu; Xiaoling Niu
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A novel bi-material cantilever IR imaging optical system: from design to implementation
Author(s): Xuhong Chu; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao; Mei Hui; Zhishan Wang
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German infrared and night vision technology: from the beginning until 1945
Author(s): M. Krake; H. Rothe
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Novel fast catadioptric objective with wide field of view
Author(s): Fernando Muñoz; José M. Infante Herrero; Pablo Benítez; Juan C. Miñano; Wang Lin; Juan Vilaplana; Guillermo Biot; Marta de la Fuente
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Holographic compensation-based optical readout technique for microcantilever IR image system
Author(s): Liquan Dong; Ming Liu; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Xiaomei Yu; Mei Hui; Xuhong Chu; Cheng Gong; Xiaoxiao Zhou
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Silicon nitride light pipes for image sensors
Author(s): Turgut Tut; Peter Duane; Winnie N. Ye; Munib Wober; Kenneth B. Crozier
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Recent improvements in photomultipliers and read-out systems
Author(s): J. Howorth; I. Cox; J. Milnes; G. Jones
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FIB-SEM as a tool for characterizing single-photon detectors
Author(s): Anna Vilà; Juan Trenado; Albert Comerma; David Gascon; Anna Arbat; Lluis Garrido; Angel Dieguez
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Design of a silicon avalanche photodiode pixel with integrated laser diode using back-illuminated crystallographically etched silicon-on-sapphire with monolithically integrated microlens for dual-mode passive and active imaging arrays
Author(s): Alvin G. Stern
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Linear CID sensor array with on-chip analog memory for time-resolved scientific applications
Author(s): S. Bhaskaran; M. Pilon; B. Pirger; S. VanGorden; J. Zhang
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Radiation damage studies on a 5T sCMOS image sensor with integrated readout electronics
Author(s): Brian Rodricks; Boyd Fowler; John Lowes; Paul Vu
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All-digital full waveform recording photon counting flash lidar
Author(s): Christian J. Grund; Alex Harwit
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A wide dynamic range CMOS pixel with Steven's power law response
Author(s): Bhaskar Choubey
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Filters effects for different objects surfaces in reflective tomography laser radar
Author(s): Xiaofeng Jin; Jianfeng Sun; Yi Yan; Yu Zhou; Liren Liu
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Short pulselength direct-detect laser reflective tomography imaging ladar: field results
Author(s): Jianfeng Sun; Xiaofeng Jin; Yu Zhou; Liren Liu
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Optimization of readout circuit with background suppression for dual-band quantum well infrared focal plane array photodetector
Author(s): Yi-Chuan Lu; Tai-Ping Sun; Hsiu-Li Shieh; Jian-Cheng Ye; Sen-Chuan Hung; Meng-Lieh Sheu; Shiang-Feng Tang; Wen-Jen Lin
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A normal-incident quantum well infrared photodetector enhanced by surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Wei Wu; Alireza Bonakdar; Ryan Gelfand; Hooman Mohseni
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III-nitride-based avalanche photo detectors
Author(s): Ryan McClintock; Erdem Cicek; Zahra Vashaei; Can Bayram; Manijeh Razeghi; Melville P. Ulmer
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Single-photon Imaging in CMOS
Author(s): E. Charbon
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A flexible compact readout circuit for SPAD arrays
Author(s): Danial Chitnis; Steve Collins
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A new single-photon avalanche diode in 90nm standard CMOS technology
Author(s): Mohammad Azim Karami; Marek Gersbach; Edoardo Charbon
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High voltage vs. high integration: a comparison between CMOS technologies for SPAD cameras
Author(s): A. Arbat; A. Comerma; J. Trenado; D. Gascon; A. Vilà; L. Garrido; A. Dieguez
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High frame-rate TCSPC-FLIM using a novel SPAD-based image sensor
Author(s): M. Gersbach; R. Trimananda; Y. Maruyama; M. Fishburn; D. Stoppa; J. Richardson; R. Walker; R. K. Henderson; E. Charbon
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Long-range depth imaging using time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Nils J. Krichel; Aongus McCarthy; Andrew M. Wallace; Jing Ye; Gerald S. Buller
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Photon-counting detectors for space-based applications
Author(s): Michael A. Krainak; Guangning Yang; Wei Lu; Xiaoli Sun
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Design and performance of single photon APD focal plane arrays for 3-D LADAR imaging
Author(s): Mark A. Itzler; Mark Entwistle; Mark Owens; Ketan Patel; Xudong Jiang; Krystyna Slomkowski; Sabbir Rangwala; Peter F. Zalud; Tom Senko; John Tower; Joseph Ferraro
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Toward single-photon imaging at short wave infrared (SWIR)
Author(s): Omer G. Memis; John Kohoutek; Hooman Mohseni
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Comparison of ultraviolet APDs grown on free-standing GaN and sapphire substrates
Author(s): Erdem Cicek; Zahra Vashaei; Can Bayram; Ryan McClintock; Manijeh Razeghi; Melville P. Ulmer
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Enhancing contrast of point images using coherent states and photon-number-resolving detectors
Author(s): Alexander Ling; Aaron Pearlman; Elizabeth Goldschmidt; Jingyun Fan; Alan Migdall
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