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Observatory Operations: Strategies, Processes, and Systems III
Editor(s): David R. Silva; Alison B. Peck; B. Thomas Soifer
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Volume Number: 7737
Date Published: 15 July 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7737
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Constructing the EVLA while operating the VLA
Author(s): Robert Dickman; Mark McKinnon; Claire Chandler; Richard Perley; Michael Rupen; Joseph McMullin; Bryan Butler; Barry Clark; Kenneth Sowinski; James Ulvestad
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Mixing completion, commissioning, and operations at the LBT
Author(s): Richard F. Green; John M. Hill; Joar Brynnel; James H. Slagle; David S. Ashby; Norman J. Cushing; John K. Little; R. Mark Wagner; Marco Pedani
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A new La Silla site operations paradigm
Author(s): G. Ihle; B. Ahumada; J. Duk; J. C. Fluxá; A. González; I. Kastinen; A. Kaufer; E. Matamoros; M. Pavez; J. C. Pineda; A. Pizarro; I. Saviane; P. Sinclaire; M. Sterzik
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APEX: five years of operations
Author(s): Andreas Lundgren; David Rabanus; Rolf Güsten; Karl Menten; Tim de Zeeuw; Hans Olofsson; Andreas Kaufer; Lars-Åke Nyman; Per Bergman; Carlos de Breuck; Friedrich Wyrowski; Claudio Agurto; Francisco Azagra; Michael Dumke; Felipe Mac-Auliffe; Mauricio Martinez; Francisco Montenegro; Dirk Muders; Vincent Reveret; Christophe Risacher; Rodrigo Parra; Giorgio Siringo; Gundolf Wieching
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Laser Guide Star operations at the Gemini North Telescope
Author(s): Anthony C. Matulonis
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Laser operations at the 8-10m class telescopes Gemini, Keck, and the VLT: lessons learned, old and new challenges
Author(s): Paola Amico; Randall D. Campbell; Julian C. Christou
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Testing and validation of orbital operations plans for the MESSENGER mission
Author(s): Alice F. Berman; Deborah L. Domingue; Mark E. Holdridge; Teck H. Choo; R. Joshua Steele; Richard G. Shelton
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Using the Baldrige criteria for observatory strategic and operations planning
Author(s): Nicole M. Radziwill; Lory Mitchell
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ALMA science operations
Author(s): Lars-Åke Nyman; Paola Andreani; John Hibbard; Sachiko K. Okumura
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Kepler Science Operations processes, procedures, and tools
Author(s): Jennifer R. Hall; Khadeejah Ibrahim; Todd C. Klaus; Miles T. Cote; Christopher Middour; Michael R. Haas; Jessie L. Dotson; Brett Stroozas; Michael Wu; Jeneen Sommers; Paresh Bhavsar
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The care and feeding of the JWST on-board event-driven system
Author(s): Vicki Balzano; Dean Zak; William Whitman
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Gemini Observatory: five years of multi-instrument queue operations
Author(s): Inger Jorgensen; Bernadette Rodgers; Dennis R. Crabtree
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Downsizing a great observatory: reinventing Spitzer in the warm mission
Author(s): Lisa J. Storrie-Lombardi; Suzanne R. Dodd
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The VLT rapid-response mode: implementation and scientific results
Author(s): Paul M. Vreeswijk; Andreas Kaufer; Jason Spyromilio; Ricardo Schmutzer; Cédric Ledoux; Alain Smette; Annalisa De Cia
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Managing target of opportunity (ToO) observations in queue mode at Gemini Observatory
Author(s): Katherine C. Roth; E. Rodrigo Carrasco; Bryan W. Miller; Andrew W. Stephens; Inger Jørgensen; Bernadette Rodgers
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LCOGT sites and site operations
Author(s): John J. Martinez; Timothy M. Brown; Patrick Conway; Mark Elphick; Michael Falarski; Eric Hawkins; Wayne Rosing; John Shobbrook
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Scheduling observations on the LCOGT network
Author(s): Eric Hawkins; Nairn Baliber; Mark Bowman; Timothy Brown; Benjamin Burleson; Steven Foale; Martyn Ford; Timothy Lister; Martin Norbury; Eric Saunders; Zachary Walker
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Transient alert operations for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
Author(s): R. Christopher Smith; Robert Seaman; Jeffrey Kantor; Timothy Axelrod
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New observing concepts for ESO survey telescopes
Author(s): T. Bierwirth; T. Szeifert; D. Dorigo; P. Nunes; M. Rejkuba; K. Baugh; M. Klein Gebbinck; A. Manning; D. Muravov; I. Vera
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Partner time sharing at the Submillimeter Array
Author(s): Glen Petitpas; Qizhou Zhang; Charles Katz; Nimesh Patel; Raymond Blundell
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JWST planning and scheduling operations and concepts
Author(s): Wayne M. Kinzel
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Simulation of autonomous observing with a ground-based telescope: the LSST experience
Author(s): Stephen Ridgway; Kem Cook; Michelle Miller; Catherine Petry; Srinivasan Chandrasekharan; Abhijit Saha; Robyn Allsman; Timothy Axelrod; Charles Claver; Francisco Delgado; Zeljko Ivezic; R. Lynne Jones; Simon Krughoff; Francesco Pierfederici; Phillip Pinto
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Switching the Liverpool Telescope from a full-service operating model to self-service
Author(s): R. J. Smith; Neil R. Clay; Stephen N. Fraser; J. M. Marchant; C. M. Moss; I. A. Steele
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A shared approach to supporting remote observing for multiple observatories
Author(s): Robert I. Kibrick; Gregory D. Wirth; Elinor L. Gates; Bryant J. Grigsby; William T. S. Deich; Kyle Lanclos; Steven L. Allen
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Mopra remote observing: a story of innovation and success
Author(s): Balthasar T. Indermuehle; Philip G. Edwards
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Spitzer Heritage Archive
Author(s): Xiuqin Wu; Trey Roby; Loi Ly
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Science data production at ESO: strategy, plans, and lessons learned
Author(s): Martino Romaniello; Wolfram Freudling; Alain Smette; Christophe Dumas; Pascal Ballester
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User support: new ways forward after 10 years of successful VLT operations
Author(s): F. Primas
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ALMA science operations and user support: software
Author(s): Mark G. Rawlings; Lars-Åke Nyman; Baltasar Vila Vilaro
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Handling observation proposals for SALT
Author(s): Christian Hettlage; David A. H. Buckley; Anne C. Charles; Martin Cordiner; Daniel R. Harbeck; Tim-Oliver Husser; Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Jeffrey W. Percival; Encarni Romero Colmenero; Martin D. Still
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SMARTS revealed
Author(s): John P. Subasavage; Charles D. Bailyn; R. Christopher Smith; Todd J. Henry; Frederick M. Walter; Michelle M. Buxton
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Calibration of the LSST instrumental and atmospheric photometric passbands
Author(s): David L. Burke; T. Axelrod; Aurélien Barrau; Sylvain Baumont; Stéphane Blondin; Charles Claver; Alexia Gorecki; Zeljko Ivezic; Lynne Jones; Victor Krabbendam; Ming Liang; Abhijit Saha; Allyn Smith; R. Christopher Smith; Christopher W. Stubbs; Christophe Vescovi; LSST Project Team
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Solving the global photometric self-calibration problem in LSST
Author(s): R. Lynne Jones; Nikhil Padmanabhan; Zeljko Ivezic; Timothy Axelrod; James Bartlett; David Burke; David Cinabro; Michel Créze; Bogdan Popescu; Abhijit Saha
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The physical model in action: quality control for X-Shooter
Author(s): Sabine Moehler; Paul Bristow; Florian Kerber; Andrea Modigliani; Joel Vernet
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Quality control and data flow operations of the survey instrument VIRCAM
Author(s): Wolfgang Hummel; Reinhard Hanuschik; Lander de Bilbao; Steffen Mieske; Thomas Szeifert; Valentin Ivanov; Sandra Castro
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Handling heterogeneous arrays: calibrations and data reduction
Author(s): Stuartt A. Corder; Melvyn C. H. Wright; Jin Koda
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The APEX calibration plan: goals, implementation, and achievements
Author(s): Michael Dumke; Felipe Mac-Auliffe
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Preventive maintenance optimization at Paranal Observatory
Author(s): Erich Fernando Bugueno
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Reliability culture at La Silla Paranal Observatory
Author(s): Sergio Gonzalez
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Data management subsystem software architecture for JWST
Author(s): Daryl A. Swade
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Queue observing at the Observatoire du Mont-Megantic 1.6-m telescope
Author(s): Étienne Artigau; Robert Lamontagne; René Doyon; Lison Malo
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Recent developments for the SINFONI pipeline
Author(s): Konstantin Mirny; Andrea Modigliani; Mark J. Neeser; Dieter Nürnberger
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The GPS water vapor monitor and thermal astronomy at Gemini South
Author(s): James Radomski; Gelys Trancho; Lucas Fuhrman; Mark Falvey; Pedro Gigoux; Vanessa Montes; Felipe Daruich; Manuel Lazo
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DTS: the NOAO Data Transport System
Author(s): Michael J. Fitzpatrick
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The Gemini Recipe System: a dynamic workflow for automated data reduction
Author(s): Kathleen Labrie; Craig Allen; Paul Hirst; Jennifer Holt; River Allen; Kaniela Dement
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The Spitzer Bibliography Database: bibliographic statistics
Author(s): Elena Scire; Ben Hiu Pan Chan; Nancy Silbermann; Aomawa Shields
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Spitzer warm mission transition and operations
Author(s): William A. Mahoney; Lisa J. Garcia; Joseph Hunt Jr.; Douglas B. McElroy; Vince G. Mannings; David S. Mittman; JoAnn C. O'Linger; Marc Sarrel; Elena Scire
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Toward a green observatory
Author(s): Ueli Weilenmann; Christian Ramírez; Pierre Vanderheyden
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First year of ALMA site software deployment: where everything comes together
Author(s): Víctor González; Matias Mora; Rodrigo Araya; Diego Arredondo; Marcelo Bartsch; Pablo Burgos; Jorge Ibsen; Johnny Reveco; Norman Sáez; Anton Schemrl; Jorge Sepulveda; Tzu-Chiang Shen; Rubén Soto; Nicolás Troncoso; Mauricio Zambrano; Nicolás Barriga; Brian Glendenning; Gianni Raffi; Jeff Kern
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Software operations support at Gemini Observatory
Author(s): Angelic W. Ebbers; Cristian Urrutia; Tom Cumming; Pedro Gigoux
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The ESO Extremely Large Telescope dome: system engineering strategies for electrical power management
Author(s): G. Marchiori; L. Giacomel; C. Manfrin
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A portable observatory for persistent monitoring of the night sky
Author(s): James Wren; W. Thomas Vestrand; Przemek Wozniak; Heath Davis
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From Chile to Europe in minutes: handling the data stream from ESO's Paranal Observatory
Author(s): Martino Romaniello; Stefano Zampieri; Cecilia Cerón; Andrew Wright; Reinhard Hanuschik; Cédric Ledoux; Fernando Comerón
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PySALT: the SALT science pipeline
Author(s): Steven M. Crawford; Martin Still; Pim Schellart; Luis Balona; David A. H. Buckley; Garith Dugmore; Amanda A. S. Gulbis; Alexei Kniazev; Marissa Kotze; Nicola Loaring; Kenneth H. Nordsieck; Timothy E. Pickering; Stephen Potter; Encarni Romero Colmenero; Petri Vaisanen; Theodore Williams; Ewald Zietsman
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Autonomous operations in extreme environments: the AMICA case
Author(s): Gianluca Di Rico; Maurizio Ragni; Mauro Dolci; Oscar Straniero; Angelo Valentini; Gaetano Valentini; Amico Di Cianno; Croce Giuliani; Carlotta Bonoli; Favio Bortoletto; Maurizio D'Alessandro; Demetrio Magrin; Leonardo Corcione; Alberto Riva; Carlos Abia; Alberto Mancini; Maurizio Busso; Gino Tosti
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The X-shooter pipeline
Author(s): Andrea Modigliani; Paolo Goldoni; Frédéric Royer; Regis Haigron; Laurent Guglielmi; Patrick François; Matthew Horrobin; Paul Bristow; Joel Vernet; Sabine Moehler; Florian Kerber; Pascal Ballester; Elena Mason; Lise Christensen
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The new FORS pipeline
Author(s): C. Izzo; L. de Bilbao; J. Larsen; S. Bagnulo; W. Freudling; S. Moehler; P. Ballester
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Spectroradiometric calibration of telescopes using laser illumination of flat field screens
Author(s): John T. Woodward; Steven W. Brown; Keith R. Lykke; Allan W. Smith; Claire E. Cramer; Peter E. Doherty; Emilio Falco; Christopher Stubbs
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Changes and improvements to the Gemini North Aircraft Avoidance Program at the Gemini North Laser Guide Star facility on Mauna Kea
Author(s): Jon Archambeau; Richard Oram; Michael Sheehan
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High-precision photometry with WIRCam at the CFHT
Author(s): Daniel Devost; Loïc Albert; Douglas Teeple; Bryce Croll
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Characterization of the mid-IR image quality at Gemini South
Author(s): Dan Li; Charles M. Telesco; Frank Varosi
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