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Optical Data Storage 2010
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Volume Number: 7730
Date Published: 3 June 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7730
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Construction of holographic data storage system with dual-reference beam
Author(s): K. Watabe; H. Okano; T. Usui; A. Ogawa; S. Tatsuta; Y. Kubota
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Experimental investigation of a page-oriented Lippmann holographic data storage system
Author(s): Gilles Pauliat; Kevin Contreras
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Digital holographic recording using spatially resolved multiwavelengths
Author(s): S. Huferath-von Luepke; C. von Kopylow; J. Geldmacher; Th. Kreis
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Microholographic recording with wavelength and angle multiplexing
Author(s): Ryuichi Katayama; Yuichi Komatsu
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Development of compact femtosecond fiber laser and alignment free confocal system for multilayered optical memory
Author(s): Yoshimasa Kawata; Masatoshi Tsuji; Wataru Inami
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512 GB recording on 16-layer optical disc with Blu-ray Disc based optics
Author(s): Motohiro Inoue; Atsuko Kosuda; Koji Mishima; Tomoki Ushida; Takashi Kikukawa
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Homodyne detection for readout signals of optical disc with a high-coherence laser
Author(s): Kentaro Osawa; Hideharu Mikami; Takahiro Kurokawa; Koichi Watanabe
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Angle and phase coding in optical recording
Author(s): S. F. Pereira; J. F. P. Spronck; V. G. Kutchoukov; H.-A. Bachor
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High density recording with SIL-based near-field optical recording
Author(s): Jin-Hong Kim; Seong-Hun Lee; Jeong-Kyo Seo
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Characteristics of the depth of focus in a high-NA optical system with a SIAX for data storage
Author(s): Jaisoon Kim; Moonseok Kim; Sukjoon Hong; Tom D. Milster
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Near field optical transducer design with FePt recording media for multiple Tb/in2 density heat assisted magnetic recording
Author(s): B. X. Xu; Y. T. Toh; C. W. Chia; J. F. Hu; G. G. Vienne; C. W. An; Y. Yosia; T. C. Chong
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All-optical magnetic recording and its thermal issues
Author(s): J. M. Li; L. P. Shi; G. Q. Yuan; K. G. Lim; G. Vienne; K. Eason; J. Zhang; T. C. Chong
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Property study of TbFeCo for all-optical magnetic recording
Author(s): M. L. Lee; C. H. Lim; K. L. Toh; C. L. Gan; J. M. Li; L. P. Shi
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Optical channel characterization for an InSb-based super-resolution disc system
Author(s): Dietmar Hepper; Gaël Pilard; Xiao-Ming Chen; Christophe Féry
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Enhancement of a tunable blue laser for holographic data storage
Author(s): Masaki Omori; Hideki Kondo; Tadaaki Miyata; Naoki Mori; Hidenori Matsuo; Takashi Sasamuro; Shigeki Okauchi; Jason Ensher; Rod Harris; Aaron Wegner; Jason Cozakos
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A laser module for holographic data storage
Author(s): Jason Ensher; Aaron Wegner; Jason Cozakos; Richard Mandeville
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Background correction of detected digital data page for holographic storage
Author(s): Sanjeev Solanki; Xuewu Xu; Xinan Liang; Tow-Chong Chong
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Blends of azobenzene-containing diblock copolymers and molecular glasses for holographic data storage
Author(s): Hubert Audorff; Roland Walker; Lothar Kador; Hans-Werner Schmidt
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State of R&D in photonics-related fields in Japan's industry and academia: leading the green digital economy
Author(s): Kimio Tatsuno
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Single spins in diamond for quantum networks and magnetic sensing
Author(s): M. V. Gurudev Dutt
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Two-photon sensitized recording materials for multilayer optical disk
Author(s): M. Akiba; E. Goto-Takahashi; H. Takizawa; T. Sasaki; H. Mochizuki; T. Mikami; T. Kitahara
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Full high-definition digital 3D holographic display and its enabling technologies
Author(s): Xuewu Xu; Sanjeev Solanki; Xinan Liang; Yuechao Pan; Tow-Chong Chong
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Optical phase multi-level recording in microhologram
Author(s): Hideharu Mikami; Kentaro Osawa; Koichi Watanabe
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Readout signal intensity for the two-photon sensitized fluorescent recording materials
Author(s): T. Sasaki; T. Mikami; H. Mochizuki; T. Kitahara; M. Akiba; E. Goto-Takahashi; H. Takizawa
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Signal quality improvement of holographic data storage by adaptive two-dimensional filter
Author(s): Yo Kondo; Yosuke Takahata; Shuhei Yoshida; Manabu Yamamoto
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A numerical model for superresolution effect in optical discs
Author(s): A. C. Assafrao; S. F. Pereira; H. P. Urbach; C. Fery; L. von Riewel; S. Knappmann
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The study on mechanism of holographic recording in photopolymer with dual monomer
Author(s): Qianli Zhai; Shiquan Tao; Dayong Wang
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Analysis of the plastic substrates, the reflective layers, and the adhesives of today's archival-grade DVDs
Author(s): Guilin Jiang; Felipe Rivera; Supriya Singh Kanyal; Robert C. Davis; Richard Vanfleet; Barry M. Lunt; Matthew R. Linford
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Error reduction in reconstruction of kinoform CGH patterns for a hologram ID tag system
Author(s): Hye-Rim Kim; Ki-Mun Pak; Ji-Song Lim; Yong-Hyub Won
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Color computer-generated hologram for larger data capacity
Author(s): Hyun-Whan Choi; Ki-Woo Jun; Yong-Hyub Won
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Improved readout system for multilevel signal waveform modulation read-only disc
Author(s): Hequn Wang; Haizheng Xu; Jing Pei; Longfa Pan
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New developments of the signal waveform modulation optical disc
Author(s): Hailong Liu; Jing Pei; Longfa Pan; Yi Ni
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Fano resonance in silver-silica-silver multilayer nanoshells
Author(s): J. F. Ho; B. Luk'yanchuk; J. B. Zhang
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DVD error evaluation: are PI8(max) and POF(max) enough?
Author(s): Barry M. Lunt; Erin Bourgeous; Bradley M. Lunt; Mark Worthington
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Investigation on influence of wavefront property of reference beams on the quality of images reconstructed from holograms
Author(s): Wei Song; Shiquan Tao; Dayong Wang
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Optically induced spin-orbit effective magnetic fields in all-optical magnetic recording
Author(s): K. Eason; G. Vienne; J. M. Li
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