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Quantum Optics
Editor(s): Victor N. Zadkov; Thomas Durt
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Volume Number: 7727
Date Published: 4 June 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7727
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Strong quantum correlations in four wave mixing in 85Rb vapor
Author(s): Quentin Glorieux; Luca Guidoni; Samuel Guibal; Jean-Pierre Likforman; Thomas Coudreau
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Spontaneous symmetry breaking as a resource for noncritically squeezed light
Author(s): G. J. de Valcárcel; F. V. Garcia-Ferrer; R. M. Höppner; I. Pérez-Arjona; C. Navarrete-Benlloch; E. Roldán
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Cavity nano-optomechanics: a nanomechanical system in a high finesse optical cavity
Author(s): Sebastian Stapfner; Ivan Favero; David Hunger; Philipp Paulitschke; Jakob Reichel; Khaled Karrai; Eva M. Weig
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Adiabatic passage methods in cooling trapped molecular ions
Author(s): Constantinos Lazarou; Matthias Keller; Barry M. Garraway
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Phase transition and storage of quantum optical information in spatially periodical atomic structure
Author(s): Igor O. Barinov; Eugenii S. Sedov; Alexander P. Alodjants; Sergei M. Arakelian
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Ultralong photon storage using an optical locking
Author(s): Byoung S. Ham
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Wave function formalism in quantum optics and generalized Huygens-Fresnel principle for N-photon states: derivation and applications
Author(s): E. Brainis; Ph. Emplit
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Design of a tunable single photon interferometer based on modal engineered tapered optical fibers
Author(s): Manfred Niehus; Gil G. Martins Fernandes; Armando Nolasco Pinto
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Frequency-modulation high-precision spectroscopy of coherent dark resonances
Author(s): Yu. V. Vladimirova; V. N. Zadkov; A. V. Akimov; A. Yu. Samokotin; A. V. Sokolov; V. N. Sorokin; N. N. Kolachevsky
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Uncertainty, entropy, and non-Gaussianity for mixed states
Author(s): Aikaterini Mandilara; Evgueni Karpov; Nicolas J. Cerf
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Spatio-temporal properties of multipartite entanglement
Author(s): Giuseppe Patera; Mikhail I. Kolobov
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Quantum water-filling solution for the capacity of Gaussian information channels
Author(s): Joachim Schäfer; Evgueni Karpov; Nicolas J. Cerf
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Quantum radar cross sections
Author(s): Marco Lanzagorta
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Six-photon entangled Dicke state enabled by a UV enhancement cavity as novel SPDC photon source
Author(s): Witlef Wieczorek; Roland Krischek; Akira Ozawa; Géza Tóth; Nikolai Kiesel; Patrick Michelberger; Thomas Udem; Harald Weinfurter
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A semiconductor ridge microcavity source of quantum light at room temperature
Author(s): Adeline Orieux; Xavier Caillet; Aristide Lemaître; Pascal Filloux; Ivan Favero; Giuseppe Leo; Sara Ducci
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DC and pulsed electrical excitation of single quantum dots
Author(s): Matthias Reischle; Christian Kessler; Wolfgang-Michael Schulz; Marcus Eichfelder; Robert Roßbach; Michael Jetter; Peter Michler
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Single-photon emission from Ni-related color centers in CVD diamond
Author(s): David Steinmetz; Elke Neu; Christian Hepp; Roland Albrecht; Wolfgang Bolse; Jan Meijer; Detlef Rogalla; Christoph Becher
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Comments on the dual nature of photons
Author(s): N. V. Joshi
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Sympathetic cooling in a multi-isotope Sr+ Coulomb crystal
Author(s): S. Removille; Q. Glorieux; T. Coudreau; L. Guidoni; J.-P. Likforman; S. Guibal
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Long lifetime of single atom in optical tweezer with laser cooling
Author(s): Junmin Wang; Jun He; Baodong Yang; Tiancai Zhang; Kunchi Peng
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