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Optical Micro- and Nanometrology III
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Volume Number: 7718
Date Published: 12 May 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7718
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Deep-ultraviolet digital holographic microscopy for nano-inspection
Author(s): Ahmad Faridian; David Hopp; Giancarlo Pedrini; Wolfgang Osten
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Digital holography from shadowgraphic phase estimates
Author(s): Falk Eilenberger; Dimitris Pliakis; Stefano Minardi; Thomas Pertsch
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Fast noncontact surface roughness measurements up to the micrometer range by dual-wavelength digital holographic microscopy
Author(s): Jonas Kühn; Eduardo Solanas; Sébastien Bourquin; Jean-François Blaser; Luca Dorigatti; Thierry Keist; Yves Emery; Christian Depeursinge
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Managing the depth of focus in 3D imaging through controlled distortion of digital holograms
Author(s): M. Paturzo; P. Memmolo; A. Finizio; P. Ferraro
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Investigation of enhanced 2D field-stitching method as a simulation-tool for line-edge roughness in scatterometry
Author(s): Bartosz Bilski; Karsten Frenner; Wolfgang Osten
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CCD-ARS set-up: a comprehensive and fast high-sensitivity characterisation tool for optical components
Author(s): Myriam Zerrad; Michel Lequime; Carole Deumié; Claude Amra
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Interferometric precision with Fourier-based deflectometry
Author(s): D. Beghuin; X. Dubois; L. Joannes; X. Hutsebaut; P. Antoine
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A deflectometric sensor for the on-machine surface form measurement and adaptive manufacturing
Author(s): Stefan Krey; Iris Erichsen; Ilka Mahns; Wim D. van Amstel; Karl Vielhaber
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Statistical signatures of random media: application to selective cancellation of scattered light
Author(s): Jacques Sorrentini; Myriam Zerrad; Claude Amra
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Object-adapted fringe projection technique on scattered data interpolation
Author(s): Wenjing Zhou; Junzheng Peng; Mingyi Chen; Yingjie Yu
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Next-generation test equipment for micro-production
Author(s): Kay Gastinger; Lars Johnsen; Malgorzata Kujawinska; Michal Jozwik; Uwe Zeitner; Peter Dannberg; Jorge Albero; Sylwester Bargiel; Christoph Schaeffel; Stephan Beer; Rudolf Moosburger; Patrick Lambelet; Marco Pizzi
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Automated multiscale measurement system for MEMS characterisation
Author(s): W. Lyda; A. Burla; T. Haist; J. Zimmermann; W. Osten; O. Sawodny
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Simulation and in-plane movement characterization of 2D MEMS platform
Author(s): Jerzy Krężel; Karolina Laszczyk; Sylwester Bargiel; Christophe Gorecki; Małgorzata Kujawińska; Olivier Parriaux; Svetlen Tonchev
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Multiresolution analysis of 2D confocal microscope images
Author(s): D. Bianchi; A. Vernes; G. Vorlaufer; G. Betz
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Comparability and uncertainty of shape measurements with white-light interferometers
Author(s): S. Boedecker; W. Bauer; R. Krüger-Sehm; P. H. Lehmann; C. Rembe
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Modelling the colour of a coated rough-steel surface
Author(s): V. Goossens; E. Stijns; S. Van Gils; R. Finsy; H. Terryn
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Measurements of characteristic parameters of extremely small cogged wheels with low module by means of low-coherence interferometry
Author(s): Anna Pakula; Slawomir Tomczewski; Andrzej Skalski; Dionizy Biało; Leszek Salbut
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Optical characterization of semiconductor microlenses using a Mach-Zehnder interferometer in the near-infrared region
Author(s): H. Ottevaere; N. Vermeulen; V. Gomez; H. Thienpont
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Sensitivity enhancement of bimaterial MOEMS thermal imaging sensor array using 2-λ wavelength readout
Author(s): O. Ferhanoĝlu; H. Urey
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Characterization and inspection of micro-lens array by SCBS microscope
Author(s): Weijuan Qu; Oi Choo Chee; Yingjie Yu; Hooi Leng Ng-Lee; Ailing Tian; Anand Asundi
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Multispectral characterization of diffractive micromirror arrays
Author(s): Dirk Berndt; Jörg Heber; Steffen Sinning; Detlef Kunze; Jens Knobbe; Jan-Uwe Schmidt; Martin Bring; Dirk Rudloff; Martin Friedrichs; Jana Rössler; Mark Eckert; Wolfram Kluge; Hannes Neumann; Michael Wagner; Hubert Lakner
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Unification of approaches to optimization and metrological characterization of continuous-relief diffractive optical elements
Author(s): V. P. Korolkov; S. V. Ostapenko; R. K. Nasyrov; A. S. Gutman; A. R. Sametov
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Multi-wavelength digital holographic microscopy for high-resolution inspection of surfaces and imaging of phase specimen
Author(s): Sebastian Kosmeier; Patrik Langehanenberg; Sabine Przibilla; Gert von Bally; Björn Kemper
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Advances in the development of the LNE metrological atomic force microscope
Author(s): Benoit Poyet; Sébastien Ducourtieux
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Millimeter scale topographical image of highly integrated optical structures using enlarged metrological atomic-force microscopy
Author(s): Suat Topsu; Luc Chassagne; Ahmad Sinno; Pascal Ruaux; Yasser Alayli; Gilles Lerondel; Stéphane Blaize; Auréline Bruyant; Pascal Royer
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One-shot measurement of surface profile using an astigmatic microscope system
Author(s): C.-S. Kang; J.-U. Lee; J. W. Kim; J.-A. Kim; J. Jin; T. B. Eom
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Test objects for calibration of SEMs and AFMs operating at the nanoscale
Author(s): V. P. Gavrilenko; Yu A. Novikov; A. V. Rakov; P. A. Todua
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Digital reflection holography based systems development for MEMS testing
Author(s): Vijay Raj Singh; Sui Liansheng; Anand Asundi
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Measuring ultra-sonic in-plane vibrations with the scanning confocal heterodyne interferometer
Author(s): C. Rembe; F. Ur-Rehman; F. Heimes; S. Boedecker; A. Dräbenstedt
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Motion detection using speckle photography and extended fractional Fourier transform
Author(s): B. Bhaduri; C. J. Tay; C. Quan
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Electromagnetic prediction of multiscale depolarization
Author(s): Myriam Zerrad; Jacques Sorrentini; Gabriel Soriano; Claude Amra
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Error analysis of 3D shearography using finite-element modelling
Author(s): D. T. Goto; R. M. Groves
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Phase retrieval in ESPI from a dense phase fringe pattern
Author(s): H. Niu; C. Quan; C. J. Tay
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Narrow-selection bandwith of femtosecond laser comb with application to changes in optical path distance
Author(s): Radek Šmíd; Jan Ježek; Zdenêk Buchta; Martin Čížek; Josef Lazar; Ondřej Číp
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Investigations of fast-rotating bodies using an interferometric laser Doppler distance sensor system
Author(s): P. Günther; F. Dreier; T. Pfister; J. Czarske; T. Haupt; M. Gude; W. Hufenbach
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Accuracy of ellipsometric measurements of Si-SiO2 structures
Author(s): V. P. Gavrilenko; Yu. A. Novikov; A. V. Rakov; P. A. Todua
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An optical microform calibration system for ball-shaped hardness indenters
Author(s): Zhi Li; Sai Gao; Konrad Herrmann
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Optical metrology for process control: modeling and simulation of sensors for a comparison of different measurement principles
Author(s): D. Fleischle; W. Lyda; F. Mauch; W. Osten
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Scatterometric analysis of chatter marks occurring in industrial grinding processes
Author(s): J. Böhm; A. Vernes; M. Jech; M. Vellekoop
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An optically non-destructive, non-contact, and vibration-insensitive edge quality assessment system for semiconductor and harddisk drive industries
Author(s): Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn; Kosom Chaitavon
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Optical coherent sensor for monitoring and measurement of engineering structures
Author(s): Dariusz Łukaszewski; Leszek Sałbut; Jan A. Dziuban
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Highly sensitive wavefront sensor for visual inspection of bare and patterned silicon wafers
Author(s): I. Lazareva; A. Nutsch; M. Schellenberger; L. Pfitzner; L. Frey
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Semi-derivative real filter for the measurement of the wavefront distortion
Author(s): Rafał Kasztelanic; Maciej Barański
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In situ control of roughness of processed surfaces by reflectometric method
Author(s): Yuriy D. Filatov; Oleksandr Yu. Filatov; Uwe Heisel; Michael Storchak; Guy Monteil
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A micro-SPM head array for large-scale topography measurement
Author(s): S. Gao; Z. Li; K. Herrmann
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Simple methods for alignment of line distance sensor arrays
Author(s): H. Bremer; F. Schmähling; C. Elster; S. Krey; A. Ruprecht; M. Schulz; M. Stavridis; A. Wiegmann
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Optical testing of bifocal diffractive-refractive intraocular lenses using Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): A. S. Gutman; I. V. Shchesyuk; V. P. Korolkov
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