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Ground/Air Multi-Sensor Interoperability, Integration, and Networking for Persistent ISR
Editor(s): Michael A. Kolodny
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Volume Number: 7694
Date Published: 22 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7694
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimising the deployment of airborne heterogeneous sensors for persistent ISR missions
Author(s): Alex J. Barnett; Gavin Pearson; Robert I. Young
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Aspects of sensor data fusion in interoperable ISR systems of systems for wide-area ground surveillance
Author(s): Wolfgang Koch; Martin Ulmke; Joachim Biermann; Marion Sielemann
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Distributed policy based access to networked heterogeneous ISR data sources
Author(s): G. Bent; D. Vyvyan; David Wood; Petros Zerfos; Seraphin Calo
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Management of coalition sensor networks
Author(s): Dinesh Chandra Verma; Theodore Brown; Carolyn Ortega
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Airborne multisensor demonstrator program for persistent wide-area surveillance
Author(s): Shane J. Rouse; Robert I. Young; Barry D. McGrath
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Generic Vehicle Architecture for the integration and sharing of in-vehicle and extra-vehicle sensors
Author(s): Flavio Bergamaschi; Dave Conway-Jones; Nicholas Peach
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Persistent surveillance using mutually-visible robotic formations
Author(s): Ethan A. Stump; Brian M. Sadler
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An automatic UAV search, intercept, and follow algorithm for persistent surveillance
Author(s): Gaemus E. Collins
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User evaluation of a GUI for controlling an autonomous persistent surveillance team
Author(s): Paul Scerri; Sean Owens; Katia Sycara; Michael Lewis
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Environmental awareness for sensor and emitter employment
Author(s): Kenneth K. Yamamoto; D. Keith Wilson
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CityBeat @ Tec^Edge
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Graley; Lauren E. Quinn; Adrian P. Palomino
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Unattended ground sensors standards working group
Author(s): Robert Heathcock; Kent Linnebur; Colson Brasch
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Standards and protocols for interoperation of unattended ground sensors
Author(s): Gary H. Stolovy
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A roadmap for future UGS
Author(s): John H. McQuiddy
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Interoperability of unattended ground sensors with an open architecture controller using SensorML
Author(s): Jon Chambers; Scott Fairgrieve
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Open-source-based architecture for layered sensing applications
Author(s): Daniel A. Uppenkamp; Todd V. Rovito; Kevin L. Priddy
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Collaborative air/ground command and control for responsive persistent ISR operations using unmanned systems
Author(s): Rick Ordower; Lee Dixon; Nick Lynch
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Heterogeneous sensor networks: a bio-inspired overlay architecture
Author(s): Jerry Burman; Joao Hespanha; Upamanyu Madhow; Daniel Klein; Jason Isaacs; Sriram Venkateswaran; Tien Pham
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Optimal placement of multiple types of communicating sensors with availability and coverage redundancy constraints
Author(s): Sergey N. Vecherin; D. Keith Wilson; Chris L. Pettit
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Unmanned vehicle technology for networked non-line-of-sight sensing applications
Author(s): Miguel Gates; Gary Pepper; Atindra K. Mitra; Colin Hu; Saleh Zein-Sabatto; Tamara Rogers; Rastko Selmic; Elrasheed Hamdan; Mohan Malkani
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High-performance, miniature RF transceivers for energy-aware UGSS
Author(s): Michael E. Barr; Lyle A. Webster; David Maldonado
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Network of acoustic sensors for the detection of weapons firing: tests for the choice of individual sensing elements
Author(s): P. Naz; Ch. Marty; S. Hengy; P. Hamery
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Mobile optical detection system for counter-surveillance
Author(s): Laurel Sadler; Troy A. Alexander
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Implementation of utility-based resource optimization protocols on ITA Sensor Fabric
Author(s): Sharanya Eswaran; Archan Misra; Flavio Bergamaschi; Thomas La Porta
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Compact networked radars for Army unattended ground sensors
Author(s): David A. Wikner; Edward A. Viveiros; Ronald Wellman; John Clark; Jim Kurtz; Jeff Pulskamp; Robert Proie; Tony Ivanov; Ronald G. Polcawich; Eric D. Adler
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Profiling system design tradeoffs using the sparse detector sensor model
Author(s): Aaron L. Robinson; Carl E. Halford
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Profiling sensor classification algorithm implementation on an embedded controller
Author(s): Robert K. Reynolds; David J. Russomanno; Srikant K. Chari; Carl E. Halford
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Mission specification and control for unmanned aerial and ground vehicles for indoor target discovery and tracking
Author(s): Patrick D. Ulam; Zsolt Kira; Ronald C. Arkin; Thomas R. Collins
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The layered sensing operations center: a modeling and simulation approach to developing complex ISR networks
Author(s): Christopher Curtis; Matthew Lenzo; Matthew McClure; Bruce Preiss
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Pheromone-based coordination strategy to static sensors on the ground and unmanned aerial vehicles carried sensors
Author(s): Edison Pignaton de Freitas; Tales Heimfarth; Carlos Eduardo Pereira; Armando Morado Ferreira; Flávio Rech Wagner; Tony Larsson
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Real-time geo-registered steerable video generation
Author(s): Paul Maenner; Shiloh L. Dockstader; Roddy Shuler; Bernard V. Brower; Matthew F. Pellechia
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Multi-asset control, sensor fusion, and information sharing through a centralized operator station
Author(s): Derick L. Gerlock; Duke Buster; Karl U. Schultz
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Sensor fusion for ISR assets
Author(s): Thyagaraju Damarla
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Services oriented architecture (SOA)-based persistent ISR simulation system
Author(s): Genshe Chen; Erik Blasch; Dan Shen; Huimin Chen; Khanh Pham
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Flexible application for consolidation and presentation of intelligence, and surveillance reconnaissance data
Author(s): Dave R. Garrison II
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Robust extended target detection using nonlinear morphological operations
Author(s): Hai-Wen Chen; Chris Volpe; Michael Tarnowski; Stephen Snarski
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Low-resolution vehicle tracking using dense and reduced local gradient features maps
Author(s): Michael P. Dessauer; Sumeet Dua
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Optical flow object detection, motion estimation, and tracking on moving vehicles using wavelet decompositions
Author(s): Michael P. Dessauer; Sumeet Dua
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Range and velocity independent classification of humans and animals using a profiling sensor
Author(s): Srikant Chari; Forrest Smith; Carl Halford; Eddie Jacobs; Jason Brooks
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