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Unmanned Systems Technology XII
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Volume Number: 7692
Date Published: 22 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7692
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
All weather collision avoidance for unmanned aircraft systems
Author(s): Mark Contarino
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Lidar-based door and stair detection from a mobile robot
Author(s): Mayank Bansal; Ben Southall; Bogdan Matei; Jayan Eledath; Harpreet Sawhney
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Human-robot interaction research for current and future military applications: from the laboratory to the field
Author(s): Keryl A. Cosenzo; Michael J. Barnes
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Robust natural language dialogues for instruction tasks
Author(s): Matthias Scheutz
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Field testing of tele-operation versus shared and traded control for military assets: an evaluation involving real-time embedded simulation and soldier assessment
Author(s): Jason S. Metcalfe; Jillyn Alban; Keryl Cosenzo; Tony Johnson; Erin Capstick
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Comparison of tele-operation and supervisory control for navigation and driving with degraded communications
Author(s): Gary Witus; R. Darin Ellis; Robert Karlsen; Shawn Hunt
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Combined virtual and real robotic test-bed for single operator control of multiple robots
Author(s): Sam Y.-S. Lee; Shawn Hunt; Alex Cao; Abhilash Pandya
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Experimentation and evaluation of threat detection and local area awareness using advanced computational technologies in a simulated military environment
Author(s): Jason S. Metcalfe; Gabriella Brick Larkin; Tony Johnson; Kelvin Oie; Victor Paul; James Davis
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Human-robot interaction modeling and simulation of supervisory control and situational awareness during field experimentation with military manned and unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Tony Johnson; Jason Metcalfe; Benjamin Brewster; Christopher Manteuffel; Matthew Jaswa; Terrance Tierney
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Delegation control of multiple unmanned systems
Author(s): Susan R. Flaherty; Robert J. Shively
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Stereo-vision-based perception capabilities developed during the Robotics Collaborative Technology Alliances program
Author(s): Arturo Rankin; Max Bajracharya; Andres Huertas; Andrew Howard; Baback Moghaddam; Shane Brennan; Adnan Ansar; Benyang Tang; Michael Turmon; Larry Matthies
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Velodyne HDL-64E lidar for unmanned surface vehicle obstacle detection
Author(s): Ryan Halterman; Michael Bruch
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Close range ISR (PRISTA) and close quarters combat (CQC) with unmanned aerial systems (UAS)
Author(s): Jon Maynell
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Combining structure and appearance cues for real-time pedestrian detection
Author(s): Mayank Bansal; Sang-Hack Jung; Bogdan Matei; Jayan Eledath; Harpreet Sawhney
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ESARR: enhanced situational awareness via road sign recognition
Author(s): V. E. Perlin; D. B. Johnson; M. M. Rohde; R. M. Lupa; G. Fiorani; S. Mohammad
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A final evaluation of pedestrian detection and tracking from a moving platform
Author(s): Barry A. Bodt; Richard Camden
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Vision systems for manned and robotic ground vehicles
Author(s): John N. Sanders-Reed; Phillip L. Koon
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3D vision upgrade kit for TALON robot
Author(s): Richard Edmondson; Justin Vaden; Brian Hyatt; James Morris; J. Larry Pezzaniti; David B. Chenault; Joe Tchon; Tracy Barnidge; Seth Kaufman; Brad Pettijohn
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Detecting and tracking moving objects from a moving platform using epipolar constraints
Author(s): Jonah C. McBride; Andrey Ostapchenko; Howard Schultz; Magnus S. Snorrason
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Cognitive object recognition system (CORS)
Author(s): Chaitanya Raju; Karthik Mahesh Varadarajan; Niyant Krishnamurthi; Shuli Xu; Irving Biederman; Troy Kelley
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Unmanned systems to support the human exploration of Mars
Author(s): Douglas W. Gage
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Automatic payload deployment system
Author(s): Narek Pezeshkian; Hoa G. Nguyen; Aaron Burmeister; Kevin Holz; Abraham Hart
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Fusing ultra-wideband radar and lidar for small UGV navigation in all-weather conditions
Author(s): Brian Yamauchi
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Experimental evaluation of assistive behaviors for man-portable robots
Author(s): C. Pierce; D. Baran; B. Bodt
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Experiments with autonomous mobile radios for wireless tethering in tunnels
Author(s): Kevin L. Moore; Manoja D. Weiss; John P. Steele; Ken Anderson; Jesse Hulbert; Christer Karlsson; Eric Larson; Chris Meehan; Alejandro Weinstein
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Unmanned aircraft systems as wingmen
Author(s): Richard Garcia; Laura Barnes; MaryAnne Fields
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Fault tolerant formation control of nonholonomic mobile robots using online approximators
Author(s): Balaje T. Thumati; Travis A. Dierks; S. Jagannathan
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Control of an indoor autonomous mobile communications relay via antenna diversity
Author(s): Brian Griffin; Rafael Fierro; Ivana Palunko
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Online gaming for learning optimal team strategies in real time
Author(s): Gregory Hudas; F. L. Lewis; K. G. Vamvoudakis
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Urban Hopper
Author(s): Jonathan R. Salton; Stephen Buerger; Lisa Marron; John Feddema; Gary Fischer; Charles Little; Barry Spletzer; Patrick Xavier; Alfred A. Rizzi; Michael P. Murphy; John Giarratana; Matthew D. Malchano; Christian A. Weagle
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Agile and dexterous robot for inspection and EOD operations
Author(s): David A. Handelman; Gordon H. Franken; Haldun Komsuoglu
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Toward humanoid robots for operations in complex urban environments
Author(s): Jerry E. Pratt; Peter Neuhaus; Matthew Johnson; John Carff; Ben Krupp
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On-board SLAM for indoor UAV using a laser range finder
Author(s): M. Alpen; C. Willrodt; K. Frick; J. Horn
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Optimal powering schemes for legged robotics
Author(s): Paul Muench; David Bednarz; Gregory P. Czerniak; Ka C Cheok
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R-Gator: an unmanned utility vehicle
Author(s): Stewart J. Moorehead; Carl K. Wellington; Heidi Paulino; John F. Reid
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Life after Future Combat System: a family of ground robotic systems
Author(s): David G. Knichel
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Integration of a high degree of freedom robotic manipulator on a large unmanned ground vehicle
Author(s): Jared Giesbrecht; Blaine Fairbrother; Jack Collier; Blake Beckman
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An overview of the 2009 Fort Hood Robotics Rodeo
Author(s): Seth Norberg
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Semi-autonomous UAV/UGV for dismounted urban operations
Author(s): Michael Trentini; Blake Beckman
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Fractionated multirobotics: a hierarchical approach
Author(s): Gregory Konesky
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Human leader and robot follower team: correcting leader's position from follower's heading
Author(s): Johann Borenstein; David Thomas; Brandon Sights; Lauro Ojeda; Peter Bankole; Donald Fellars
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Robotic Mounted Detection System: robotics for route clearance
Author(s): John Hutchison; Gene Klager; Edward McCoy; David Fite; Brian Frederick
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A visual odometry method based on the SwissRanger SR4000
Author(s): Cang Ye; Michael Bruch
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Device capable small arms ammunition for unmanned systems
Author(s): Noah P. Bergeron; John W. Sweeney; Chester G. Wilson
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Pressurized structures-based hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles
Author(s): Harris L. Edge; Ainsmar Brown; Jason Collins
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A reusable robotic grasping creator
Author(s): Ying Li; Justin Keesling; Chalongrath Pholsiri; Neil Tardella; James English
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Heuristics-enhanced dead-reckoning (HEDR) for accurate position tracking of tele-operated UGVs
Author(s): Johann Borenstein; Adam Borrell; Russell Miller; David Thomas
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Monocular panoramic 3D reconstruction based on a particle filter
Author(s): Frank Pagel
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Exploiting uncalibrated stereo on a UAV platform
Author(s): Michele Banish; Mike Rodgers; Brian Hyatt; Richard Edmondson; David B. Chenault; Jason Heym; Paul DiNardo; Brian Gruber; John Johnson; Kelly Dobson
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Cooperative energy harvesting for long-endurance autonomous vehicle teams
Author(s): S. F. Page; J. D. Rogers; K. May; D. R. Myatt; D. Hickman; M. I. Smith
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On the reliability of collaboration and coordination of unmanned vehicle network
Author(s): Arati M. Dixit; Kassem Saab; Harpreet Singh
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Multichannel, agile, computationally enhanced camera based on the PANOPTES architecture
Author(s): Predrag Milojkovic; John Gill; Daniel Frattin; Kevin Coyle; Karl Haack; Scot Myhr; Dinesh Rajan; Scott Douglas; Panos Papamichalis; Manjunath Somayaji; Marc Christensen; Keith Krapels
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