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Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2010 and Display Technologies and Applications for Defense, Security, and Avionics IV
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Volume Number: 7690
Date Published: 23 April 2010

Table of Contents
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Current research activities on holographic video displays
Author(s): Levent Onural; Fahri Yaras; Hoonjong Kang
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Speckle-based phase retrieval applied to 3D microscopy
Author(s): Arun Anand; Bahram Javidi
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Using disparity in digital holograms for three-dimensional object segmentation
Author(s): Tomi Pitkäaho; Thomas J. Naughton
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Novel proposals in widefield 3D microscopy
Author(s): E. Sanchez-Ortiga; A. Doblas; G. Saavedra; M. Martinez-Corral
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Three-dimensional displays suitable for human visual field characteristics
Author(s): Sumio Yano
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LED projection architectures for stereoscopic and multiview 3D displays
Author(s): Youri Meuret; Lawrence Bogaert; Stijn Roelandt; Jana Vanderheijden; Aykut Avci; Herbert De Smet; Hugo Thienpont
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Stereoscopic display technologies for FHD 3D LCD TV
Author(s): Dae-Sik Kim; Young-Ji Ko; Sang-Moo Park; Jong-Hoon Jung; Sergey Shestak
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Near-eye displays: state-of-the-art and emerging technologies
Author(s): Hong Hua; Dewen Cheng; Yongtian Wang; Sheng Liu
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Polarization imaging of a 3D object by use of digital holography and its application
Author(s): Takanori Nomura; Bahram Javidi
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Depth cues in human visual perception and their realization in 3D displays
Author(s): Stephan Reichelt; Ralf Häussler; Gerald Fütterer; Norbert Leister
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High-definition 3D display for enhanced visualization
Author(s): Richard Edmondson; J. Larry Pezzaniti; Justin Vaden; Brian Hyatt; James Morris; David Chenault; Joe Tchon; Tracy Barnidge; Chris Brown
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Exploring cell dynamics at nanoscale with digital holographic microscopy for diagnostic purposes
Author(s): P. Marquet; D. Boss; J. Kühn; P. Jourdain; C. Depeursinge; P. Magistretti
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Generation, encoding, and presentation of content on holographic displays in real time
Author(s): Enrico Zschau; Robert Missbach; Alexander Schwerdtner; Hagen Stolle
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Fourier hologram generation from multiple incoherent defocused images
Author(s): Jae-Hyeung Park; Seung-Woo Seo; Ni Chen; Nam Kim
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Wavefront error analysis and compensation in a digital holographic microscope
Author(s): Moonseok Kim; Sukjoon Hong; Kwangsup Soh; Sanghoon Shin; Jung-Young Son; Jaesung Lee; Jaisoon Kim
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Fresnel patterns insertion on image for data encoding and robust perceptual image hashing
Author(s): T. Fournel; A. Rivoire; J. M. Becker; B. Javidi
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Characteristics of diverging radial type stereoscopic camera
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Seok-Won Yeom; Dong-Soo Lee; Kwang-Hoon Lee; Min-Chul Park
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3D imaging system for biometric applications
Author(s): Kevin Harding; Gil Abramovich; Vijay Paruchura; Swaminathan Manickam; Arun Vemury
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High-efficiency acquisition of ray-space using radon transform
Author(s): Keiji Yamashita; Tomohiro Yendo; Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani; Toshiaki Fujii; Masayuki Tanimoto
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All-around convergent view acquisition system using ellipsoidal mirrors
Author(s): Gentaro Takeda; Tomohiro Yendo; Mehrdad Panahpour Tehrani; Toshiaki Fujii; Masayuki Tanimoto
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Optical slicing of large scenes by synthetic aperture integral imaging
Author(s): Héctor Navarro; Genaro Saavedra; Ainhoa Molina; Manuel Martínez-Corral; Raúl Martínez-Cuenca; Bahram Javidi
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Three-dimensional (3D) visualization and recognition using truncated photon counting model and integral imaging
Author(s): Inkyu Moon
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Extension of depth of field using amplitude modulation of the pupil function for bio-imaging
Author(s): Zahra Kavehvash; Saeed Bagheri; Khashayar Mehrany; Bahram Javidi; Emilio Sanchez; Manuel Martinez-Corral
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Axially distributed 3D imaging and reconstruction
Author(s): Mehdi Daneshpanah; Robert Schulein; Bahram Javidi
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Compressive light field imaging
Author(s): Amit Ashok; Mark A. Neifeld
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of absorbed data in thin photonic data storage media
Author(s): Osamu Matoba; Kouichi Nitta; Wataru Watanabe
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Geometric analysis on stereoscopic images captured by single high-definition television camera on lunar orbiter Kaguya (SELENE)
Author(s): Masato Miura; Jun Arai; Junichi Yamazaki; Hisayuki Sasaki; Makoto Okui; Shin-ichi Sobue; Fumio Okano
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3D display and image processing system for metal bellows welding
Author(s): Min-Chul Park; Jung-Young Son
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Three-dimensional passive millimeter-wave imaging and depth estimation
Author(s): Seokwon Yeom; Dong-Su Lee; Hyoung Lee; Jung-Young Son; Vladimir P. Guschin
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Quantum dot dispersions in aerogels: a new material for true volumetric color displays
Author(s): Val R. Marinov; Ivan T. Lima Jr.; Ross Miller
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CSI Helsinki: comparing three-dimensional imaging of diagonal cutter toolmarks using confocal microscopy and SWLI
Author(s): I. Kassamakov; C. Barbeau; S. Lehto; P. Ahvenainen; T. Reinikainen; E. Hæggström
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Human factor study on the crosstalk of multiview autostereoscopic displays
Author(s): Jinn-Cherng Yang; Kuo-Chung Huang; Chou-Lin Wu; Kuen Lee; Sheue-Ling Hwang
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Moiré pattern reduction by using special designed parallax barrier in an autostereoscopic display
Author(s): Wei-Ting Yen; Chi-Lin Wu; Chou-Lin Wu; Chao-Hsu Tsai; Chen-Ju Chou
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Comparing numerical error and visual quality in reconstructions from compressed digital holograms
Author(s): Taina M. Lehtimäki; Kirsti Sääskilahti; Tomi Pitkäaho; Thomas J. Naughton
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Novel approach to estimate fringe order in Moire profilometry
Author(s): Mahesh Kondiparthi
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An examination of OLED display application to military equipment
Author(s): J. Thomas; S. Lorimer
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Panoramic cockpit displays for tactical military cockpits
Author(s): Mark Fletcher; David Huffman
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Development of high-performance low-reflection rugged resistive touch screens for military displays
Author(s): Raymond Wang; Minshine Wang; John Thomas; Lawrence Wang; Victor Chang
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Cost of ownership for military cargo aircraft using a common versus disparate display configuration
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Marvin C. Most
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Dual redundant display in bubble canopy applications
Author(s): Ken Mahdi; James Niemczyk
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Command and control displays for space vehicle operations
Author(s): Daniel D. Desjardins; Paul Zetocha; Denise Aleva
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High-definition 3D display for training applications
Author(s): J. Larry Pezzaniti; Richard Edmondson; Justin Vaden; Brian Hyatt; James Morris; David Chenault; Joe Tchon; Tracy Barnidge
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3D display for enhanced tele-operation and other applications
Author(s): Richard Edmondson; J. Larry Pezzaniti; Justin Vaden; Brian Hyatt; James Morris; David Chenault; Andrew Bodenhamer; Bradley Pettijohn; Joe Tchon; Tracy Barnidge; Seth Kaufman; David Kingston; Scott Newell
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On-demand stereoscopic 3D displays for avionic and military applications
Author(s): Kalluri Sarma; Kanghua Lu; Brent Larson; John Schmidt; Frank Cupero
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Wearable computer technology for dismounted applications
Author(s): Reginald Daniels
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Color tunable photonic textiles for wearable display applications
Author(s): I. Sayed; J. Berzowska; M. Skorobogatiy
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Visor projected HMD for fast jets using a holographic video projector
Author(s): Jonathan P. Freeman; Timothy D. Wilkinson; Paul Wisely
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OLED microdisplay design and materials
Author(s): Ihor Wacyk; Olivier Prache; Tariq Ali; Ilyas Khayrullin; Amalkumar Ghosh
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Near-eye displays for rugged body-worn applications
Author(s): James E. Melzer
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