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Advanced Photon Counting Techniques IV
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Volume Number: 7681
Date Published: 21 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7681
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Functional diffuse reflectance spectroscopy at small source-detector distances based on fast-gated single-photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Davide Contini; Antonio Pifferi; Lorenzo Spinelli; Alessandro Torricelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Fabrizio Martelli; Giovanni Zaccanti; Alberto Dalla Mora; Alberto Tosi; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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Characterisation of photon counting systems at NPL
Author(s): Evangelos Theocharous; Jessica Cheung; Christopher Chunnilall
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A technology review of time-of-flight photon counting for advanced remote sensing
Author(s): Robert A. Lamb
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Anti-aliasing techniques in photon-counting depth imaging using GHz clock rates
Author(s): Nils J. Krichel; Aongus McCarthy; Robert J. Collins; Gerald S. Buller
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Cross strip microchannel plate imaging photon counters with high time resolution
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; John V. Vallerga; Anton S. Tremsin; Laura C. Stonehill; Robert Shirey; Michael W. Rabin; David C Thompson
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Photon counting detector for laser time transfer and optical navigation in space
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka; Jan Kodet
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Superconducting transition-edge sensors optimized for high-efficiency photon-number resolving detectors
Author(s): A. E. Lita; B. Calkins; L. A. Pellouchoud; A. J. Miller; S. Nam
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A superconducting nanowire single-photon detector system for single-photon source characterization
Author(s): C. R. Fitzpatrick; C. M. Natarajan; R. E. Warburton; G. S. Buller; B. Baek; S. Nam; S. Miki; Z. Wang; M. Sasaki; A. G. Sinclair; R. H. Hadfield
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Room-temperature single-photon sources: design, performance, and applications
Author(s): Michael Barth; David Höckel; Lars Koch; Stefan Schietinger; Tim Schröder; Thomas Aichele; Oliver Benson
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Simulations of avalanche breakdown statistics: probability and timing
Author(s): Jo Shien Ng; Chee Hing Tan; John P. R. David
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Photon-timing jitter dependence on the injection position in single-photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Mattia Assanelli; Antonino Ingargiola; Ivan Rech; Angelo Gulinatti; Massimo Ghioni
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Planar silicon SPADs with improved photon detection efficiency
Author(s): Angelo Gulinatti; Francesco Panzeri; Ivan Rech; Piera Maccagnani; Massimo Ghioni; Sergio D. Cova
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Progress towards photon counting between 1µm and 1.6µm using silicon with infrared absorbers
Author(s): Alan P. Morrison; John M. Hayes; Farzan Gity; Brian Corbett
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Hybridization process for back-illuminated silicon Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode arrays
Author(s): Daniel R. Schuette; Richard C. Westhoff; Andrew H. Loomis; Douglas J. Young; Joseph S. Ciampi; Brian F. Aull; Robert K. Reich
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Antimonide-based Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes for SWIR and MWIR photon counting
Author(s): Erik K. Duerr; Michael J. Manfra; Mohamed A. Diagne; Robert J. Bailey; John J. Zayhowski; Joseph P. Donnelly; Michael K. Connors; Michael J. Grzesik; George W. Turner
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InGaAs/InP SPADs for near-infrared applications: device operating conditions and dedicated electronics
Author(s): Alberto Tosi; Alberto Dalla Mora; Simone Tisa; Fabio Acerbi; Franco Zappa; Sergio Cova
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High-performance InGaAs/InP-based single-photon avalanche diode with reduced afterpulsing
Author(s): Chong Hu; Xiaoguang Zheng; Joe C. Campbell; Bora M. Onat; Xudong Jiang; Mark A. Itzler
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Bias-dependant jitter of InGaAs(P) single-photon detectors
Author(s): William H. Farr; Kevin Birnbaum
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Single-photon detectors based on InP avalanche diodes: status and prospects
Author(s): Mark A. Itzler; Xudong Jiang; Mark Entwistle; Bora M. Onat; Krystyna Slomkowski
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Modeling negative feedback in single-photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Majeed M. Hayat; David A. Ramirez; Graham J. Rees; Mark A. Itzler
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High-gain and low-excess noise near-infrared single-photon avalanche detector arrays
Author(s): Krishna Linga; Yuriy Yevtukhov; Bing Liang
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Comparison of linear-mode avalanche photodiode lidar receivers for use at one-micron wavelength
Author(s): Michael A. Krainak; Xiaoli Sun; Guangning Yang; Wei Lu
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2.23 GHz gating InGaAs/InP single-photon avalanche diode for quantum key distribution
Author(s): Jun Zhang; Patrick Eraerds; Nino Walenta; Claudio Barreiro; Rob Thew; Hugo Zbinden
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Iqueye: a single-photon counting very high-speed photometer for the ESO 3.5m NTT
Author(s): C. Barbieri; G. Naletto; I. Capraro; T. Occhipinti; E. Verroi; P. Zoccarato; S. Gradari; M. Barbieri; C. Germana; L. Zampieri; E. Giro; V. Da Deppo; A. Di Paola; C. Facchinetti; P. Bolli; C. Pernechele; S. Billotta; G. Bonanno; M. Belluso; F. Messina; M. Zaccariotto
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