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Advanced Environmental, Chemical, and Biological Sensing Technologies VII
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Volume Number: 7673
Date Published: 26 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7673
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Development of a fieldable rapid pesticide exposure analysis sensing system
Author(s): Kevin M. Spencer; Susan L. Clauson; Sarah A. Spencer; James M. Sylvia; Quirina M. Vallejos; Sara A. Quandt; Thomas A. Arcury
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Metal-coated silicon nanopillars with large Raman enhancement for explosives detection
Author(s): Michael Stenbæk Schmidt; Anja Boisen
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Use of quantum dot-labeled imprinted polymer microparticles for detection of nitroaromatic compounds
Author(s): R. Cody Stringer; Shubhra Gangopadhyay; Sheila A. Grant
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Infrared surface plasmon resonance biosensor
Author(s): Justin W. Cleary; Gautam Medhi; Robert E. Peale; Walter R. Buchwald; Oliver Edwards; Isaiah Oladeji
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Label-free detection of biomolecules using a tapered optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Ye Tian; Wenhui Wang; Armand Chery Jr.; Nan Wu; Charles Guthy; Xingwei Wang
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Chemical and biological sensors based on nanomembrane technology
Author(s): Ozgenc Ebil; Ahmed S. Sharkawy; Mathew J. Zablocki; Dennis W. Prather
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Floating gate based ultra-high-sensitivity two-terminal AlGaN/GaN HEMT hydrogen sensor
Author(s): Sazia A. Eliza; Achyut K. Dutta
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Investigations for real-time Raman measurements in the deep ocean by applying a 1.5 W BA DFB diode laser and long optical fibers
Author(s): Heinz-Detlef Kronfeldt; Martin Maiwald; Hossam Ahmad; Heinar Schmidt; Klaus Wohlfart; Bernd Sumpf; Andreas Klehr; Götz Erbert
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Detection of explosive analytes using a fiber-based optical Fabry-Perot gas sensor
Author(s): Jing Liu; Daniel J. Howard; Paul Whiteside; Yuze Sun; Mahmoud Almasri; Greg Frye-Mason; Aaron Thompson; Shiou-jyh Ja; Xudong Fan
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Remote sensing from manned low Earth orbit spacecraft: implications for the International Space Station
Author(s): Patricia Mendoza Watson
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Feasibility study of detection of hazardous airborne pollutants using passive open-path FTIR
Author(s): M. Segal-Rosenheimer; Y. Dubowski; C. Jahn; K. Schäfer; G. Gerl; R. Linker
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Standoff gas identification and quantification from turbulent stack plumes with an imaging Fourier-transform spectrometer
Author(s): Pierre Tremblay; Simon Savary; Matthias Rolland; André Villemaire; Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley; Louis Brault; Jean Giroux; Jean-Luc Allard; Éric Dupuis; Tiarles Padia
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Development of the colorimetric sensor array for detection of explosives and volatile organic compounds in air
Author(s): N. V. Kostesha; T. S. Alstrøm; C. Johnsen; K. A. Nilesen; J. O. Jeppesen; J. Larsen; M. H. Jakobsen; A. Boisen
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A dynamic analysis of regional land use and cover changing (LUCC) by remote sensing and GIS: taking Fuzhou area as example
Author(s): Ming Yu; Dawei Chen; Ruihong Huang; Tinghua Ai
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Surface-enhanced Raman scattering on optical material fabricated by femtosecond laser
Author(s): Wenhui Wang; Haibin Huo; Nan Wu; Mengyan Shen; Charles Guthy; Xingwei Wang
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Optically coded nanocrystal taggants and optical frequency IDs
Author(s): George M. Williams Jr.; Thomas Allen; Charles Dupuy; Thomas Novet; David Schut
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Shifted excitation resonance Raman difference spectroscopy using a microsystem light source at 488 nm
Author(s): M. Maiwald; K. Sowoidnich; H. Schmidt; B. Sumpf; G. Erbert; H.-D. Kronfeldt
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Rational engineering of highly sensitive SERS substrate based on nanocone structures
Author(s): Wei Wu; Min Hu; Fung Suong Ou; R. Stanley Williams; Zhiyong Li
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Reversible low-loss fiber optic hydrazine sensor
Author(s): Alfred Andrawis; Barun Ranjitkar; XingZhong Yan; Yuelin Peng
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UV imaging of biochips based on resonant grating
Author(s): Kristelle Bougot-Robin; Jean-Luc Reverchon; Henri Benisty; Michel Fromant; Pierre Plateau
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Piezo impedance sensors to monitor degradation of biological structure
Author(s): Kiran Kishore Kumar Annamdas; Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas
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Combining VIS and MIR lidars to separate aerosol modes in the troposphere
Author(s): Chuen Meei Gan; Paul Corrigan; Barry Gross; YongHua Wu; Fred Moshary
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Development of a high-speed real-time PCR system for rapid and precise nucleotide recognition
Author(s): Hideyuki Terazono; Hiroyuki Takei; Akihiro Hattori; Kenji Yasuda
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Impedance based sensor technology to monitor stiffness of biological structures
Author(s): Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas; Kiran Kishore Kumar Annamdas
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Preparation and properties of new complex sensing film for fiber optic glucose sensor
Author(s): Jun Huang; Chao Wang; Yinquan Yuan; Hai Wang; Liyun Ding; Dian Fan
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Fiber optic sensor system for simultaneous measurement of different environmental parameters
Author(s): Liqiu Men; Ping Lu; Qiying Chen
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A novel fiber optic biosensor for nitric oxide determination based on vicinal diaminobenzozcridine fluorescent probe
Author(s): Liyun Ding; Lanfen Huang; Jun Huang; Yunming Zhong; Dian Fan
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Multifunctional sol-gel sensing membrane for fiber optic glucose sensor
Author(s): Hai Wang; Jun Huang; Yinquan Yuan; Liyun Ding; Dian Fan
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