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Terahertz Physics, Devices, and Systems IV: Advanced Applications in Industry and Defense
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Volume Number: 7671
Date Published: 23 April 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7671
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plasmon-resonant microchip emitters and detectors for terahertz sensing and spectroscopic applications
Author(s): Taiichi Otsuji; Tsuneyoshi Komori; Takayuki Watanabe; Tetsuya Suemitsu; Dominique Coquillat; Wojciech Knap
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Ageing and embedding issues for high-Tc superconducting hot-electron bolometers for THz imaging
Author(s): Mario Aurino; Alain Martinez; Ibrahim Türer; Vishal S. Jagtap; Aurélie Gensbittel; Annick F. Dégardin; Alain J. Kreisler
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Terahertz detection with field-effect-transistors via bulk plasmon-assisted self-mixing
Author(s): Sangwoo Kim; Mark S. Sherwin
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Radiometer-on-a-chip: a path toward super-compact submillimeter-wave imaging arrays
Author(s): Imran Mehdi; Bertrand Thomas; Choonsup Lee; Goutam Chattopadhyay; Robert Lin; Erich Schlecht; Alex Peralta; John Gill; Ken Cooper; Nuria Llombart; Peter Siegel
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Optimization of semi-insulating surface-plasmon waveguides within terahertz QCL's using computational models
Author(s): Christopher Baird; Bryan Crompton; Philip Slingerland; Robert Giles; William E. Nixon
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Terahertz absorption spectra of highly energetic chemicals
Author(s): E. J. Slingerland; M. K. Vallon; E. G. E. Jahngen; R. H. Giles; T. M. Goyette
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Low THz spectroscopy of some widely used explosives
Author(s): Tatiana Globus; Boris Gelmont; Tatyana Khromova
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Continuous wave terahertz emitter arrays for spectroscopy and imaging applications
Author(s): S. Bauerschmidt; S. Preu; S. Malzer; G. H. Döhler; L. J. Wang; H. Lu; A. C. Gossard
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Effect of periodic roughness and surface defects on the terahertz scattering behavior of cylindrical objects
Author(s): A. Jagannathan; A. J. Gatesman; T. Horgan; T. Goyette; M. Coulombe; R. H. Giles; W. E. Nixon
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Infrared/terahertz double resonance for chemical remote sensing: signatures and performance predictions
Author(s): Dane J. Phillips; Elizabeth A. Tanner; Henry O. Everitt; Ivan R. Medvedev; Christopher F. Neese; Jennifer Holt; Frank C. De Lucia
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Method of THz spectrum dynamics analysis for identification of compound medium
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova; Jian Chen
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Guided wave terahertz characterization of fingerprint lines in threat materials
Author(s): Joseph S. Melinger; S. Sree Harsha; N. Laman; D. Grischkowsky
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Ballistic electronics: breaking the barrier in terahertz speed processing
Author(s): Martin Margala; Paul Ampadu; Yonathan Shapir; Roman Sobolewski
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Instrumentation for beam profiling in the terahertz regime
Author(s): Martin S. Heimbeck; Henry O. Everitt; Kent Taylor; Carys Davis; Eric Hamilton; David E. Thomas; Patrick J. Reardon; Jeffrey Hesler
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Portable video rate time domain terahertz line imager for security and aerospace nondestructive examination
Author(s): David Zimdars; G. Fichter; C. Megdanoff; M. Murdock; Irl Duling; Jeffrey White; S. L. Williamson
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Thermoelasticity analysis of skin tissue with the use of terahertz radiation
Author(s): Hernando Gustavo Suarez Duran
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Terahertz-optical-asymmetric-demultiplexer (TOAD)-based arithmetic units for ultra-fast optical information processing
Author(s): Abdallah K. Cherri
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THz wave generation and imaging for industrial applications
Author(s): K. Kawase; T. Shibuya; K. Suizu; S. Hayashi
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Grating THz laser with optical pumping
Author(s): Jed Khoury; Bahareh Haji-saeed; Charles Woods; John Kierstead
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Design and fabrication of hollow flexible terahertz waveguides
Author(s): N. Arunkumar; R. H. Giles; T. Goyette; J. Kumar; W. E. Nixon
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High-efficiency transferred substrate GaAs varactor multipliers for the terahertz spectrum
Author(s): M. Henry; B. Alderman; H. Sanghera; P. de Maagt; D. Matheson
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging for security and safety applications
Author(s): Hiroyasu Sato; Kunio Sawaya; Koji Mizuno; Jun Uemura; Masamune Takeda; Junichi Takahashi; Kota Yamada; Keiichi Morichika; Tsuyoshi Hasegawa; Haruyuki Hirai; Hirotaka Niikura; Tomohiko Matsuzaki; Shigeto Kato; Jun Nakada
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Lab measurements to support modeling terahertz propagation in brownout conditions
Author(s): Steven T. Fiorino; Phillip M. Grice; Matthew J. Krizo; Richard J. Bartell; John D. Haiducek; Salvatore J. Cusumano
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Migrating from superconducting to semiconducting YBCO thin film bolometers as future far-infrared imaging pixels
Author(s): Vishal S. Jagtap; Mattia Longhin; Mukesh K. Kulsreshath; Alain J. Kreisler; Annick F. Dégardin
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Fast high-resolution terahertz radar imaging at 25 meters
Author(s): Ken B. Cooper; Robert J. Dengler; Nuria Llombart; Ashit Talukder; Anand V. Panangadan; Chris S. Peay; Imran Mehdi; Peter H. Siegel
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A microbolometer-based THz imager
Author(s): Linda Marchese; Martin Bolduc; Bruno Tremblay; Michel Doucet; Hassane Oulachgar; Loïc Le Noc; Fraser Williamson; Christine Alain; Hubert Jerominek; Alain Bergeron
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THz all-electronic 3D imaging for safety and security applications
Author(s): Bernd M. Fischer; Yaël Demarty; Markus Schneider; Torsten Löffler; Andreas Keil; Holger Quast
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A complex structure GaAs waveguide emitter with a periodic variation along the propagation direction for generation of terahertz radiation
Author(s): Tianxin Yang; Rui Li; Junlong Wang; Delin Yang; Mei Sang
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