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Smart Sensor Phenomena, Technology, Networks, and Systems 2010
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Volume Number: 7648
Date Published: 25 March 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7648
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Interrogation of a wavelength tunable fiber Bragg grating sensor based ring laser for dynamic strain monitoring
Author(s): Oluwaseyi Balogun; Yinian Zhu; Sridhar Krishnaswamy
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High-speed full-spectrum interrogation of fiber Bragg gratings for composite impact sensing
Author(s): S. Chadderdon; T. Vella; R. Selfridge; S. Schultz; S. Webb; C. Park; K. Peters; M. Zikry
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Impact induced damage assessment in composite laminates through embedded fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): S. Webb; K. Peters; M. A. Zikry; T. Vella; S. Chadderdon; R. Selfridge; S. Schultz
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Long range multiplexed sensors based on identical Bragg gratings with ultra-low reflectivity
Author(s): M. G. Shlyagin; Luis Antonio Arias Castro; Rodolfo Martínez Manuel; S. V. Miridonov
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High-precision thermal strain measurements using surface-mounted fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Uwe C. Mueller; Jan Both; Johannes Roths; Horst Baier
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Fiber optic thermal health monitoring of composites
Author(s): Meng-Chou Wu; William P. Winfree; Jason P. Moore
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A film pressure sensor based on optical fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Zhichun Zhang; Gang Deng; Yongbo Dai; Yanju Liu; Jinsong Leng
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Embedded fiber Bragg sensors for damage identification in sandwich composites after impact
Author(s): Drew A. Hackney; Kara J. Peters
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Multi-axial fiber-optic electric field sensor
Author(s): D. Perry; R. Gibson; B. Schreeve; S. Schultz; D. Selfridge
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Non-contact structural damage detection using magnetic admittance approach with circuitry tuning
Author(s): X. Wang; J. Tang
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Sensitivity analysis of a smart two-directional MOSFET magnetic sensor
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour; Essam Mohamed; Ossama Abo-Elnor; M. Ibrahim
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A performance comparison of transducer designs for interferometric fiber optic accelerometers
Author(s): Erik A. Moro; M. D. Todd; Anthony Puckett
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A low-cost digital image correlation based constitutive sensor
Author(s): Gun-Jin Yun; Shen Shang; Shilpa Kunchum; Joan Carletta; Si-Byung Nam
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Intelligent inventory management for packaged gases
Author(s): A. Mason; A. Shaw; A. I. Al-Shamma'a
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Self-repairing polymer optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Young J. Song; Kara J. Peters
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Embedded high resolution sensor based on optical feedback in a vertical cavity surface emitting laser
Author(s): Bram Van Hoe; Deben Lamon; Erwin Bosman; Geert Van Steenberge; Jeroen Missinne; Pauwel Goethals; Panajotov Krassimir; Dominiek Reynaerts; Jan Vanfleteren; Peter Van Daele
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Polymer encapsulated 2.5D sensor arrays as building blocks for creating smart objects
Author(s): Maryna Lishchynska; Liam Moore; Daniel Rogoz; Kieran Delaney; John Barrett
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SHM process as perceived through 350 projects
Author(s): Branko Glisic; Daniele Inaudi; Nicoletta Casanova
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Smart fiber-reinforced polymer anchorage system with optical fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Minghua Huang; Zhi Zhou; Jianping He; Genda Chen; Jinping Ou
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Piezoelectric wafer active sensor guided wave imaging
Author(s): Lingyu Yu; Victor Giurgiutiu
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A comparison of three optical systems for the detection of broadband ultrasound
Author(s): G. Thursby; C. McKee; B. Culshaw
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Fatigue crack detection and localization using reference-free method
Author(s): Sunilkumar Soni; Seung Bum Kim; Aditi Chattopadhyay
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Comparison of guided wave sensors for SHM sensor networks
Author(s): T. Windisch; B. Köhler; N. Meyendorf
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Flexible ultrasonic transducers for structural health monitoring of metals and composites
Author(s): M. Kobayashi; K.-T. Wu; J.-L. Shih; C.-K. Jen; S. E. Kruger
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Subsurface material characterization using high frequency eddy current spectroscopy
Author(s): Henning Heuer; Susanne Hillmann; Marcus Klein; Norbert Meyendorf
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A physically based classification approach for identifying AE source mechanism
Author(s): D. Rajendra; A. Esterline; M. Sundaresan
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Bayesian probabilistic structural modeling for optimal sensor placement in ultrasonic guided wave-based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Eric B. Flynn; Michael D. Todd
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Machine learning approach to impact load estimation using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Clyde K. Coelho; Cristobal Hiche; Aditi Chattopadhyay
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The role of embedded sensors in damage assessment in composite laminates
Author(s): Chun Park; Kara Peters; Mohammed Zikry
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Experimental study in optical fiber temperature monitoring
Author(s): Jun He; Hui-juan Dong; Kan Yang; Guang-yu Zhang
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The feasibility of low power wireless sensor devices in an industrial environment
Author(s): A. Mason; A. Shaw; A. I. Al-Shamma'a
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Study on the sensing performance of OFBG under large-scale negative strain
Author(s): Chuan Wang; Qingli Hu; Jinping Ou
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The application research of wireless sensor networks for SHM
Author(s): Jianxin Wang; Huan Gong; Yu Song
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Dynamic forces measurement of cables in structural health monitoring
Author(s): Yu Song; Jianxin Wang
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A technique for autonomous structural damage detection with smart wireless sensor network
Author(s): Y. Lei; Y. K. Mao; Y. L. Tang; J. X. Wang
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