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Alternative Lithographic Technologies II
Editor(s): Daniel J. C. Herr
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Volume Number: 7637
Date Published: 10 March 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7637
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Maskless lithography and nanopatterning with electron and ion multibeam projection
Author(s): Elmar Platzgummer
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Step and flash imprint lithography for semiconductor high volume manufacturing?
Author(s): M. Malloy; L. C. Litt
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Planarizing material for reverse-tone step and flash imprint lithography
Author(s): Tsuyoshi Ogawa; Satoshi Takei; B. Michael Jacobsson; Ryan Deschner; William Bell; Michael W. Lin; Yuji Hagiwara; Makoto Hanabata; C. Grant Willson
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E-beam maskless lithography: prospects and challenges
Author(s): Kurt Ronse
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50 keV electron-beam projection maskless lithography (PML2): results obtained with 2,500 programmable 12.5-nm sized beams
Author(s): Christof Klein; Jan Klikovits; Laszlo Szikszai; Elmar Platzgummer; Hans Loeschner
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Evaluation of throughput improvement by MCC and CP in multicolumn e-beam exposure system
Author(s): Akio Yamada; Yoshihisa Oae; Tatsuro Okawa; Masahiro Takizawa; Masaki Yamabe
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Evaluation of maskless electron beam direct writing with double character projection apertures
Author(s): Y. Midoh; T. Terasaka; K. Nakamae
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Multiple pass exposure in e-beam lithography: application to the sub-22nm nodes
Author(s): L. Martin; S. Manakli; B. Icard; J. Pradelles; R. Orobtchouk; A. Poncet; L. Pain
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MAPPER: high-throughput maskless lithography
Author(s): M. J. Wieland; G. de Boer; G. F. ten Berge; M. van Kervinck; R. Jager; J. J. M. Peijster; E. Slot; S. W. H. K. Steenbrink; T. F. Teepen; B. J. Kampherbeek
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Self-assembling materials for lithographic patterning: overview, status, and moving forward
Author(s): William Hinsberg; Joy Cheng; Ho-Cheol Kim; Daniel P. Sanders
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Templated self-assembly of Si-containing block copolymers for nanoscale device fabrication
Author(s): C. A. Ross; Y. S. Jung; V. P. Chuang; J. G. Son; K. W. Gotrik; R. A. Mickiewicz; J. K. W. Yang; J. B. Chang; K. K. Berggren; J. Gwyther; I. Manners
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CMOS process compatible directed block copolymer self-assembly for 20nm contact holes and beyond
Author(s): Li-Wen Chang; Xin-Yu Bao; H.-S. Philip Wong
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Directed assembly of block copolymers on lithographically defined surfaces
Author(s): Gordon S. W. Craig; Paul F. Nealey
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Adhesion of DNA nanostructures and DNA origami to lithographically patterned self-assembled monolayers on Si[100]
Author(s): Koshala Sarveswaran; Bo Gao; Kyoung Nan Kim; Gary H. Bernstein; Marya Lieberman
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Electron-beam directed materials assembly
Author(s): Richard P. Kingsborough; Russell B. Goodman; David Astolfi; Theodore H. Fedynyshyn
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Self-assembling nanosphere lithography process for gated carbon nanotube field emission arrays
Author(s): Benjamin L. Crossley; Ronald A. Coutu Jr.; LaVern A. Starman; Peter J. Collins
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Field-based simulations of directed self-assembly in a mixed brush system
Author(s): Su-Mi Hur; Amalie L. Frischknecht; Dale L. Huber; Glenn H. Fredrickson
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Inspection of imprint lithography patterns for semiconductor and patterned media
Author(s): Douglas J. Resnick; Gaddi Haase; Lovejeet Singh; David Curran; Gerard M. Schmid; Kang Luo; Cindy Brooks; Kosta Selinidis; John Fretwell; S. V. Sreenivasan
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Fully automated hot embossing processes utilizing high resolution working stamps
Author(s): T. Glinsner; T. Veres; G. Kreindl; E. Roy; K. Morton; T. Wieser; C. Thanner; D. Treiblmayr; R. Miller; P. Lindner
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Automating molecular transfer lithography at 25nm on 200mm wafers including site-remote coating of resist on dissolvable templates
Author(s): Charles D. Schaper
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Nanoprobe maskless lithography
Author(s): Ivo W. Rangelow; Tzvetan Ivanov; Yanko Sarov; Andreas Schuh; Andreas Frank; Hans Hartmann; Jens-Peter Zöllner; Dierdre L. Olynick; V. Kalchenko
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Conventional and reversed image printing in electron beam direct write lithography with proximity effect corrections based on dose and shape modification
Author(s): Kang-Hoon Choi; Manuela Gutsch; Martin Freitag; Katja Keil; Philipp Jaschinsky; Christoph Hohle
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Full-chip high resolution electron-beam lithography proximity effect correction modeling
Author(s): Artak Isoyan; Lawrence S. Melvin III
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Biomolecular architectures and systems for nanoscience engineering
Author(s): Jennifer N. Cha; Alfred M. Hung; Hyunwoo Noh
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Performance evaluation of MOSFETs with discrete dopant distribution by one-by-one doping method
Author(s): T. Shinada; M. Hori; Y. Ono; K. Taira; A. Komatsubara; T. Tanii; T. Endoh; I. Ohdomari
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Surface electron emission lithography system based on a planar type Si nanowire array ballistic electron source
Author(s): A. Kojima; T. Ohta; H. Ohyi; N. Koshida
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Flying plasmonic lens at near field for high speed nanolithography
Author(s): Liang Pan; Yong-Shik Park; Yi Xiong; Erick Ulin-Avila; Li Zeng; Cheng Sun; David B. Bogy; Xiang Zhang
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Multi-shaped beam proof of lithography
Author(s): Matthias Slodowski; Hans-Joachim Doering; Wolfgang Dorl; Ines A. Stolberg
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Hardware implementation of Block GC3 lossless compression algorithm for direct-write lithography systems
Author(s): Hsin-I Liu; Brian Richards; Avideh Zakhor; Borivoje Nikolic
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Characteristics performance of production-worthy multiple e-beam maskless lithography
Author(s): S. J. Lin; W. C. Wang; P. S. Chen; C. Y. Liu; T. N. Lo; Jack J. H. Chen; Faruk Krecinic; Burn J. Lin
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Advances in DMD-based UV application reliability below 320nm
Author(s): Jonathan T. Fong; Tom W. Winter; S. Josh Jacobs
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Advances in roll-to-roll imprint lithography for display applications
Author(s): Albert Jeans; Marcia Almanza-Workman; Robert Cobene; Richard Elder; Robert Garcia; Fernando Gomez-Pancorbo; Warren Jackson; Mehrban Jam; Han-Jun Kim; Ohseung Kwon; Hao Luo; John Maltabes; Ping Mei; Craig Perlov; Mark Smith; Carl Taussig; Frank Jeffrey; Steve Braymen; Jason Hauschildt; Kelly Junge; Don Larson; Dan Stieler
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High volume jet and flash imprint lithography for discrete track patterned media
Author(s): Zhengmao Ye; Rick Ramos; Cynthia B. Brooks; Paul Hellebrekers; Scott Carden; Dwayne LaBrake
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Tip-based nanofabrication: an approach to true nanotechnology
Author(s): Adam R. Schofield; Kristen P. Bloschock; Thomas W. Kenny
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Direct write 3-dimensional nanopatterning using probes
Author(s): David Pires; Armin Knoll; Urs Duerig; Ute Drechsler; Michel Despont; Heiko Wolf; James Hedrick; Ekmini de Silva
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High throughput plasmonic lithography for sub 50nm patterning with a contact probe
Author(s): Yongwoo Kim; Seok Kim; Howon Jung; Jae W. Hahn
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Maskless plasmonic lithography for patterning of one- and two-dimensional periodic features
Author(s): V. M. Murukeshan; K. V. Sreekanth
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SLICE image analysis for diblock copolymer characterization and process optimization
Author(s): Yang Hong; Li-Wen Chang; Albert Lin; H.-S. Philip Wong
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Monitor and self-diagnostic technology for mask e-beam writing system
Author(s): N. Samoto; H. Manabe; O. Wakimoto; S. Iida; H. Hoshi; M. Yamabe
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Lossless compression algorithm for REBL direct-write e-beam lithography system
Author(s): George Cramer; Hsin-I Liu; Avideh Zakhor
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Full area pattern decomposition of self-aligned double patterning for 30nm node NAND FLASH process
Author(s): Yi-Shiang Chang; Jason Sweis; Jun-Cheng Lai; Chia-Chi Lin; Jonathan Yu
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A novel lithography process for 3D (three-dimensional) interconnect using an optical direct-writing exposure system
Author(s): T. Azuma; M. Sekiguchi; M. Matsuo; A. Kawasaki; K. Hagiwara; H. Matsui; N. Kawamura; K. Kishimoto; A. Nakamura; Y. Washio
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Architecture for next-generation massively parallel maskless lithography system (MPML2)
Author(s): Ming-Shing Su; Kuen-Yu Tsai; Yi-Chang Lu; Yu-Hsuan Kuo; Ting-Hang Pei; Jia-Yush Yen
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Nanoimprint template fabrication using wafer pattern for sub-30nm
Author(s): C. M. Park; K. J. Kim; Y. J. Lee; K. Y. Cho; Y. M. Lee; J. O. Park; In S. Kim; J. H. Yeo; S. W. Choi; C. H. Park; D. H. Lee; B. K. Lee; S. W. Hwang
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CP based EBDW throughput enhancement for 22nm high volume manufacturing
Author(s): Takashi Maruyama; Y. Machida; S. Sugatani
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Monte Carlo modeling of BSE reflection in e-beam writers
Author(s): H. Alves; K.-P. Johnsen; P. Hahmann; D. Gnieser; C. G. Frase; H. Bosse
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Investigation of lithographic feature characteristics using UV cure as a pitch doubling stabilization technology for the 32nm node and beyond
Author(s): Karen Petrillo; Matthew Colburn; Shannon Dunn; Dave Hetzer; Tom Winter; Satoru Shimura
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Model-based proximity effect correction for electron-beam direct-write lithography
Author(s): Chun-Hung Liu; Pei-Lin Tien; Philip C. W. Ng; Yu-Tian Shen; Kuen-Yu Tsai
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High volume manufacturing of nanoimprint lithography produced devices: addressing the stamp supply challenge
Author(s): Ye Zhou; Mohamed Asbahi; Gang Luo; Torbjörn Eriksson; Shoko Yamada; Prasanna Venkatesh Krishnan; Babak Heidari
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Operation and performance of the CNSE Vistec VB300 electron beam lithography system
Author(s): J. G. Hartley; T. R. Groves; R. Bonam; A. Raghunathan; J. Ruan; A. McClelland; N. Crosland; J. Cunanan; K. Han
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Throughput enhancement technique for MAPPER maskless lithography
Author(s): M. J. Wieland; H. Derks; H. Gupta; T. van de Peut; F. M. Postma; A. H. V. van Veen; Y. Zhang
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Design and fabrication of Si-based photonic crystal stamps with electron beam lithography (EBL)
Author(s): Reihaneh Jannesary; Iris Bergmair; Saeid Zamiri; Kurt Hingerl
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A first order analysis of scatterometry sensitivity for NIL process
Author(s): Takahiro Miyakawa; Koichi Sentoku; Kazuhiro Sato; Hideki Ina
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