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Optical Sensors and Biophotonics
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Volume Number: 7634
Date Published: 23 November 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7634
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering sensor based on fused biconical taper fiber
Author(s): Lin Liu; Zhenyi Chen; Tingyun Wang; Fufei Pang; Na Chen; Chenglin Li
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Dynamic optical coherence elastography and applications
Author(s): Xing Liang; Stephen A. Boppart
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Laser intracavity analysis of droplets by multicolour microfluidic dye laser
Author(s): Guillaume Aubry; Lin Chen; Sébastien Méance; Anne-Marie Haghiri-Gosnet; Qingli Kou
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Clinical diagnosis of oral submucous fibrosis with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Cheng-Kuang Lee; Meng-Tsan Tsai; C. C. Yang; Chun-Pin Chiang
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Optical coherence tomography imaging based on non-harmonic analysis
Author(s): Xu Cao; Shigeki Hirobayashi; Changho Chong; Atsushi Morosawa; Koki Totsuka; Takuya Suzuki
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Determining the regularization parameter: a hybrid reconstruction technique in fluorescence molecular tomography
Author(s): Zhun Xu; Yan Jin; Jing Bai
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Multi-modality optical tomography for simultaneous morphological and molecular imaging
Author(s): Shuai Yuan; Qian Li; Yu Chen
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Autofluorescence spectroscopy and imaging for cancer detection in the larynx
Author(s): Kan Lin; Wei Zheng; Zhiwei Huang
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Multi-modality systems for molecular tomographic imaging
Author(s): Mingze Li; Jing Bai
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Near-infrared autofluorescence imaging for colonic cancer detection
Author(s): Xiaozhuo Shao; Wei Zheng; Zhiwei Huang
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In vivo measurement of Indocyanine green biodistribution in mammalian organs using fiber based system
Author(s): Qixiao Chen; Shuo Mao; Jing Bai
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Fully distributed chirped FBG sensor and application in laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy
Author(s): Chenglin Li; Na Chen; Zhenyi Chen; Tingyun Wang
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Temperature-insensitive FBG tilt sensor with a large measurement range
Author(s): Hualong Bao; Xinyong Dong; Huaping Gong; Chi Chiu Chan; P. Shum
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Temperature independent strain sensor based on intensity measurement using a highly birefringent photonic crystal fiber loop mirror
Author(s): Chun-Liu Zhao; Xinyong Dong; Shuqin Zhang; Wei Jin
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Temperature-independent accelerometer with a strain-chirped fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Lan Li; Xinyong Dong; Wenjun Zhou; Yiling Sun
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Studying liver cancer metastasis by in vivo imaging and flow cytometer
Author(s): Chen Wang; Xunbin Wei
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A microfluidic system for semicontinuous bead-based biosensing platforms
Author(s): Hye Won Kim; Young Man Kim; Sung Keun Yoo; Sang Youl Yoon; Jong Hyun Lee; Sung Yang
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Demonstration of fiber-optic distributed monitoring system using birefringent optical circuit synthesis
Author(s): Lutang Wang; Chao Zhang; Nian Fang; Zhaoming Huang
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High performance distributed feedback fiber laser sensor array system
Author(s): Jun He; Fang Li; Tuanwei Xu; Yan Wang; Yuliang Liu
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Underwater fiber laser geophone: theory and experiment
Author(s): Wentao Zhang; Xuecheng Li; Faxiang Zhang; Fang Li; Yuliang Liu
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Optical liquid level sensor based on cladding-mode resonance of specialty double-cladding fiber
Author(s): Huanhuan Liu; Fufei Pang; Na Chen; Zhenyi Chen; Tingyun Wang
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Refractive index sensor for ultra-thin layer based on short range surface plasmon polariton hybrid coupler
Author(s): Ruiyuan Wan; Fang Liu; Yidong Huang; Boyu Fan; Shuai Hu; Jiangde Peng
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Hybrid nano plasmonics for integrated biosensor
Author(s): Chii-Wann Lin; Jun-Haw Lee; Nan-Fu Chiu; Szu-Yuan Lee; Kou-Chen Liu; Feng-Yu Tsai; Chia-Yu Yen; Chun-Nan Lee
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Metabolic mapping of cell culture growth by NADH fluorescence lifetime imaging
Author(s): Vladimir Ghukasyan; Tatyana Buryakina; Fu-Jen Kao
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Highly nonlinear photonic crystal fibers for optical coherence tomography applications
Author(s): Feroza Begum; Yuncui Zhang; Shubi Kaijage; Yoshinori Namihira; Nianyu Zou
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Thickness resolution of localized surface plasmon microscope
Author(s): K. Watanabe; Janne Katainen
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High speed parallel processing of biomedical optics data with PC graphic hardware
Author(s): Chao Jiang; Pengcheng Li; Qingming Luo
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Coherent anti-stokes Raman scattering (RP-CARS) microscopy for sensing molecular orientations
Author(s): Wei Zheng; Zhiwei Huang
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Functional common-path Fourier-domain OCT for hemoglobin oxygen saturation imaging
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Jin U Kang
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3D endoscopic optical coherence tomography based on rapid-scanning MEMS mirrors
Author(s): Huikai Xie; Jingjing Sun; Shuguang Guo; Lei Wu
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The characteristics of grating structure in magnetic field measurements based on polarization properties of fiber gratings
Author(s): Yang Su; Hui Peng; Kui Feng; Yu-quan Li
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The model and its solution's uniqueness of a portable 3D vision coordinate measuring system
Author(s): Fengshan Huang; Huifen Qian
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Optical fiber extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer sensors for ultrasound detection
Author(s): Qingguo Sun; Na Chen; Yuetong Ding; Zhenyi Chen; Tingyun Wang
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A novel FBG sensing head geometry for strain-temperature discrimination
Author(s): Wenjun Zhou; Chun-Liu Zhao; Jie Huang; Weimin Shen; Xinyong Dong
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Polarization effects in the Sagnac distributed disturbance fiber-optic sensor
Author(s): Peilin Tao; Fengping Yan; Wenhua Ren; Weiwei Jiang; Zhongwei Tan; Shuisheng Jian
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Cantilever-based FBG sensor for temperature-independent acceleration measurement
Author(s): Wenjun Zhou; Xinyong Dong; Yongxing Jin; Chun-Liu Zhao
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Temperature-insensitive 2-D fiber Bragg grating inclinometer
Author(s): Shaoling He; Xinyong Dong; Kai Ni; C. C. Chan; P. Shum
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Improved model and dynamic mechanism of a semiconductor fiber ring laser for distributed sensing
Author(s): Chao Shan; Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Zhaoming Huang
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Coherent OTDR used for fibre faults detection
Author(s): Zhiyong Feng; Shaofeng Qiu; Yijia Wei; Liangchuan Li; Gordon Ning Liu; Qianjin Xiong
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Imaging of matrix-disorder in normal and pathological human dermis using nonlinear optical microscopy
Author(s): Shuangmu Zhuo; Jianxin Chen; Shusen Xie; Liqin Zheng; Xingshan Jiang
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A novel interferometric sensor for measuring the refractive index of a solution based on nanofiber
Author(s): Pinghui Wu; Chenghua Sui; Gaoyao Wei; Danyang Xu
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A comparison of Au and Ag metalized layer in microstructured optical fibers for surface plasmon resonance excitation
Author(s): Long Zheng; Xia Zhang; Xiaomin Ren; Yamiao Wang; Xiaolong Liu; Yongqing Huang
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Double-sided polishing long period fiber grating sensors for measuring liquid refractive index
Author(s): Chuen-Lin Tien; Tsai-Wei Lin; Hung-Yi Hsu; Li-Chieh Chen; Yu-Chung Chen; Wen-Feng Liu
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Study on optical frequency domain reflectometry based on tunable semiconductor laser
Author(s): Guoyu Li; Tongqing Liu; Liwei Zhang; Bai-ou Guan
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Walking intrusion signal recognition method for fiber fence system
Author(s): Nian Fang; Lutang Wang; Dongjian Jia; Chao Shan; Zhaoming Huang
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Ambipolar organic phototransistor based on F16CuPc/α6T pn heterojunction
Author(s): Rongbin Ye; Mamoru Baba; Koji Ohta
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