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Medical Imaging 2010: Ultrasonic Imaging, Tomography, and Therapy
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Volume Number: 7629
Date Published: 10 March 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7629
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Automated 3D whole-breast ultrasound imaging: results of a clinical pilot study
Author(s): Anaïs Leproux; Michiel van Beek; Ute de Vries; Martin Wasser; Leon Bakker; Olivier Cuisenaire; Martin van der Mark; Rob Entrekin
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Reconstruction error in 3D ultrasound imaging with mechanical probes
Author(s): Ji Cao; Kerem Karadayi; Ravi Managuli; Yongmin Kim
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3D motion and strain estimation of the heart: initial clinical findings
Author(s): Daniel Barbosa; Krassimira Hristova; Dirk Loeckx; Frank Rademakers; Piet Claus; Jan D'hooge
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Registration of x-ray mammograms and three-dimensional speed of sound images of the female breast
Author(s): Torsten Hopp; Marie Holzapfel; Nicole V. Ruiter; Cuiping Li; Neb Duric
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Breast imaging with ultrasound tomography: a comparative study with MRI
Author(s): Bryan Ranger; Peter Littrup; Neb Duric; Cuiping Li; Steven Schmidt; Jessica Lupinacci; Lukasz Myc; Amy Szczepanski; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight
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A 1D wavelet filtering for ultrasound images despeckling
Author(s): Sonia Dahdouh; Mathieu Dubois; Emmanuelle Frenoux; Angel Osorio
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Advanced noise reduction in placental ultrasound imaging using CPU and GPU: a comparative study
Author(s): G. Zombori; J. Ryan; F. McAuliffe; L. Rainford; M. Moran; P. Brennan
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Automatic detection and measurement of femur length from fetal ultrasonography
Author(s): Prateep Mukherjee; Gokul Swamy; Madhumita Gupta; Uday Patil; Kajoli Banerjee Krishnan
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Trajectory-based deformation correction in ultrasound images
Author(s): Shih-Yu Sun; Brian W. Anthony; Matthew W. Gilbertson
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Real-time ultrasound simulation for low cost training simulators
Author(s): Sjur Urdson Gjerald; Reidar Brekken; Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes
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Ultrasound image quality assessment: a framework for evaluation of clinical image quality
Author(s): Martin Christian Hemmsen; Mads Møller Petersen; Svetoslav Ivanov Nikolov; Michael Backmann Nielsen; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Accurate step-FMCW ultrasound ranging and comparison with pulse-echo signaling methods
Author(s): Shyam Natarajan; Rahul S. Singh; Michael Lee; Brian P. Cox; Martin O. Culjat; Warren S. Grundfest M.D.; Hua Lee
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Optoacoustic spectroscopic imaging of radiolucent foreign bodies
Author(s): Leland Page; Saher Maswadi; Randolph D. Glickman
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Tomographic reconstruction of the pulse-echo spatiotemporal impulse response
Author(s): Nghia Q. Nguyen; Craig K. Abbey; Rebecca D. Yapp; Michael F. Insana
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Assessment of harmonic source correction for ultrasound medical imaging
Author(s): Scott W. Dianis; Olaf T. von Ramm
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Detection of multiple electrical sources in tissue using ultrasound current source density imaging
Author(s): Zhaohui Wang; Pier Ingram; Ragnar Olafsson; Qian Li; Russell S. Witte
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Robust ultrasound travel-time tomography using the bent ray model
Author(s): Ali Hormati; Ivana Jovanović; Olivier Roy; Martin Vetterli
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Sound speed estimation using wave-based ultrasound tomography: theory and GPU implementation
Author(s): O. Roy; I. Jovanović; A. Hormati; R. Parhizkar; M. Vetterli
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Inverse scattering and refraction corrected reflection for breast cancer imaging
Author(s): J. Wiskin; D. Borup; S. Johnson; M. Berggren; D. Robinson; J. Smith; J. Chen; Y. Parisky; John Klock
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The different structural scales of the breast and their impact on time-of-flight and diffraction tomography
Author(s): P. Huthwaite; F. Simonetti; L. Huang
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In-vivo imaging results with ultrasound tomography: report on an ongoing study at the Karmanos Cancer Institute
Author(s): Nebojsa Duric; Peter Littrup; Priti Chandiwala-Mody; Cuiping Li; Steven Schmidt; Lukasz Myc; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight; Jessica Lupinacci; Bryan Ranger; Amy Szczepanski; Erik West
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Volumetric breast density evaluation by ultrasound tomography and magnetic resonance imaging: a preliminary comparative study
Author(s): Lukasz Myc; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Cuiping Li; Bryan Ranger; Jessica Lupinacci; Steven Schmidt; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight
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Fabrication and characterization of an indium tin oxide acoustoelectric hydrophone
Author(s): Pier Ingram; Charles L. Greenlee; Zhaohui Wang; Ragnar Olafsson; Robert A. Norwood; Russell S. Witte
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Novel interconnection and fabrication method for high-frequency ultrasound arrays
Author(s): Eric A. Simpson; Holly S. Lay; Geoffrey R. Lockwood
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Simulation-based optimization of the acoustoelectric hydrophone for mapping an ultrasound beam
Author(s): Zhaohui Wang; Pier Ingram; Ragnar Olafsson; Charles L. Greenlee; Robert A. Norwood; Russell S. Witte
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Fabrication of a conformal ring-annular ultrasound array
Author(s): Aaron E. Dann; David B. Bennett; Rahul S. Singh; Jean-Jacques Lemaire; Warren S. Grundfest; Martin O. Culjat
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Designing multistatic ultrasound imaging systems using software analysis
Author(s): Michael Lee; Rahul S. Singh; Martin O. Culjat; Scott Stubbs; Shyam Natarajan; Elliott R. Brown; Warren S. Grundfest; Hua Lee
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An MRI-compatible three-axis focused ultrasound system for performing drug delivery studies in small animal models
Author(s): Adam C. Waspe; Anthony Chau; Aleksandra Kukic; Rajiv Chopra; Kullervo Hynynen
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The ACUSITT ultrasonic ablator: the first steerable needle with an integrated interventional tool
Author(s): E. Clif Burdette; D. Caleb Rucker; Punit Prakash; Chris J. Diederich; Jordon M. Croom; Clyde Clarke; Philipp Stolka; Titania Juang; Emad M. Boctor; Robert J. Webster III
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Quantification of turbulence intensity in patients with symptomatic carotid atherosclerosis: a pilot study
Author(s): Meghan L. Thorne; Richard N. Rankin; Tamie L. Poepping; David W. Holdsworth
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Global optimization for motion estimation with applications to ultrasound videos of carotid artery plaques
Author(s): Sergio Murillo; Marios Pattichis; Peter Soliz; Simon Barriga; C. P. Loizou; C. S. Pattichis
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IVUS-based histology of atherosclerotic plaques: improving longitudinal resolution
Author(s): Arash Taki; Olivier Pauly; S. Kamaledin Setarehdan; Gozde Unal; Nassir Navab
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Ultrasound-directed robotic system for thermal ablation of liver tumors: a preliminary report
Author(s): Jian Zheng; Jie Tian; Yakang Dai; Xing Zhang; Di Dong; Min Xu
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Liver fibrosis grading using multiresolution histogram information in real-time elastography
Author(s): A. Albouy-Kissi; L. Sarry; S. Massoulier; C. Bonny; K. Randl; A. Abergel
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Replace-approximation method for ambiguous solutions in factor analysis of ultrasonic hepatic perfusion
Author(s): Ji Zhang; Mingyue Ding; Ming Yuchi; Wenguang Hou; Huashan Ye; Wu Qiu
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A novel method for monitoring liver ablation using ultrasound elastography
Author(s): Hassan Rivaz; Ankur Kapoor; Ioana Fleming; Gregory D. Hager; Emad M. Boctor
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Improved 3D reconstruction algorithm for ultrasound B-scan image with freehand tracker
Author(s): Shuangren Zhao; Jasjit Suri
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Coronary 3D reconstruction using IVUS images only: a numeric phantom investigation
Author(s): Monica Mitiko Soares Matsumoto; Fernando Mitsuyama Cardoso; Pedro Alves Lemos; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Image enhancement for sonograms acquired by high frame rate mode
Author(s): Wen-Li Lee; Mei-Juan Chen
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Simulation and training of ultrasound supported anaesthesia: a low-cost approach
Author(s): T. Schaaf; M. Lamontain; J. Hilpert; F. Schilling; T. Tolxdorff
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A feasibility study of epicardial coronary angiography from microbubble-contrasted tridimensional echocardiography: segmentation approaches
Author(s): Danilo Meneses Lage; Jeane Mike Tsutsui; Sérgio Shiguemi Furuie
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Detecting breast microcalcifications using super-resolution and wave-equation ultrasound imaging: a numerical phantom study
Author(s): Lianjie Huang; Francesco Simonetti; Peter Huthwaite; Robert Rosenberg; Michael Williamson
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Application of external tracking in ultrasound elasticity imaging
Author(s): Pezhman Foroughi; Gregory D. Hager; Frank K. Wacker; Emad M. Boctor
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Monitoring breast masses with ultrasound tomography in patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Author(s): Jessica Lupinacci; Neb Duric; Peter Littrup; Ding Wang; Cuiping Li; Steven Schmidt; Bryan Ranger; Erik West; Amy Szczepanski; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight; Lukasz Myc
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Novel reconstruction and feature exploitation techniques for sensorless freehand 3D ultrasound
Author(s): Hassan Rivaz; Hyun J. Kang; Philipp J. Stolka; Richard Zellars; Frank Wacker; Gregory Hager; Emad Boctor
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