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Medical Imaging 2010: Advanced PACS-based Imaging Informatics and Therapeutic Applications
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Volume Number: 7628
Date Published: 10 March 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7628
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An automatic system to detect and extract texts in medical images for de-identification
Author(s): Yingxuan Zhu; P. D. Singh; Khan Siddiqui; Michael Gillam
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Database schema models of integrated biomedical information in relational database system
Author(s): Dongkyu Kim; Adil Alaoui; Betty Levine; Kevin Cleary
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Managing and querying image annotation and markup in XML
Author(s): Fusheng Wang; Tony Pan; Ashish Sharma; Joel Saltz
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Evaluation of an open source tool for indexing and searching enterprise radiology and pathology reports
Author(s): Woojin Kim; William Boonn
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Minimizing the semantic gap in biomedical content-based image retrieval
Author(s): Haiying Guan; Sameer Antani; L. Rodney Long; George R. Thoma
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Semantic annotation of medical images
Author(s): Sascha Seifert; Michael Kelm; Manuel Moeller; Saikat Mukherjee; Alexander Cavallaro; Martin Huber; Dorin Comaniciu
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A hierarchical SVG image abstraction layer for medical imaging
Author(s): Edward Kim; Xiaolei Huang; Gang Tan; L. Rodney Long; Sameer Antani
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CBIR for mammograms using medical image similarity
Author(s): David Tahmoush
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Exemplary design of a DICOM structured report template for CBIR integration into radiological routine
Author(s): Petra Welter; Thomas M. Deserno; Ralph Gülpers; Berthold B. Wein; Christoph Grouls; Rolf W. Günther
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Support of surgical process modeling by using adaptable software user interfaces
Author(s): T. Neumuth; B. Kaschek; M. Czygan; D. Goldstein; G. Strauß; J. Meixensberger; O. Burgert
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Storing data generated by optical surface scanners using DICOM: a work item proposal
Author(s): Oliver Burgert; Thomas Treichel; Christian Dressler; Michael Gessat
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Migration from a prototype ePR for IA-MISS system to alpha version
Author(s): Jorge R. Documet; Anh Le; Brent J. Liu
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Decision support tools for proton therapy ePR: intelligent treatment planning navigator and radiation toxicity tool for evaluating of prostate cancer treatment
Author(s): Anh H. Le; Ruchi Deshpande; Brent J. Liu
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The development of a disease oriented eFolder for multiple sclerosis decision support
Author(s): Kevin Ma; Colin Jacobs; James Fernandez; Lilyana Amezcua; Brent Liu
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Multi-site evaluation of a computer aided detection (CAD) algorithm for small acute intra-cranial hemorrhage and development of a stand-alone CAD system ready for deployment in a clinical environment
Author(s): Ruchi R. Deshpande; James Fernandez; Joon K. Lee; Tao Chan; Brent J. Liu; H K. Huang
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Computer-aided bone age assessment for ethnically diverse older children using integrated fuzzy logic system
Author(s): Kevin Ma; Paymann Moin; Aifeng Zhang; Brent Liu
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Quality control of diffusion weighted images
Author(s): Zhexing Liu; Yi Wang; Guido Gerig; Sylvain Gouttard; Ran Tao; Thomas Fletcher; Martin Styner
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An automatic quantification system for MS lesions with integrated DICOM structured reporting (DICOM-SR) for implementation within a clinical environment
Author(s): Colin Jacobs; Kevin Ma; Paymann Moin; Brent Liu
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A proxy of DICOM services
Author(s): Luís S. Ribeiro; Carlos Costa; José Luís Oliveira
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A practical fast method for medical imaging transmission based on the DICOM protocol
Author(s): Rouzbeh Maani; Sergio Camorlinga; Neil Arnason; Rasit Eskicioglu
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Framework design and development of an informatics architecture for a systems biology approach to traumatic brain injury
Author(s): Adil Alaoui; Dongkyu Kim; Betty Levine; Kevin Cleary; Howard J. Federoff; Timothy Mhyre
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A study-centric database model for organizing multimodality images and metadata in animal imaging research facilities
Author(s): Jasper Lee; Alparslan Gurbuz; Brent Liu
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ePR for data grid breast imaging: design and specifications
Author(s): Jorge R. Documet; Brent J. Liu
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Pitfalls in radiology informatics when deploying an enterprise solution
Author(s): L. Lindsköld; M. Wintell; N. Lundberg
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Transforming the radiological interpretation process: TRIP - Where are we now?
Author(s): Janice Honeyman-Buck
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Analyzing how radiologists recommend follow-up: toward development of an automated tracking and feedback system for clinical, laboratory, and radiologic studies
Author(s): T. S. Cook; J. N. Itri; W. W. Boonn; W. Kim
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Minerva: using a software program to improve resident performance during independent call (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Jason N. Itri; Regina O. Redfern; Tessa Cook; Mary H. Scanlon
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A zero-footprint 3D visualization system utilizing mobile display technology for timely evaluation of stroke patients
Author(s): Young Woo Park; Bing Guo; Monique Mogensen; Kevin Wang; Meng Law; Brent Liu
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Parallel image registration with a thin client interface
Author(s): Ganesh Saiprasad; Yi-Jung Lo; William Plishker; Peng Lei; Tabassum Ahmad; Raj Shekhar
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Performance evaluation for volumetric segmentation of multiple sclerosis lesions using MATLAB and computing engine in the graphical processing unit (GPU)
Author(s): Anh H. Le; Young W. Park; Kevin Ma; Colin Jacobs; Brent J. Liu
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DICOMGrid: a middleware to integrate PACS and EELA-2 grid infrastructure
Author(s): Ramon A. Moreno; Marina de Sá Rebelo; Marco A. Gutierrez
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Content-based numerical report searching for image enabled case retrieval
Author(s): Liang Xue; Tonghui Ling; Jianguo Zhang
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Web-accessible cervigram automatic segmentation tool
Author(s): Zhiyun Xue; Sameer Antani; L. Rodney Long; George R. Thoma
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On image rendering methods for improved image consistency in PACS environment
Author(s): Zhimin Huo; Jane Zhang; Huihai Lu; John Wandtke; David Foos
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Displaying Dicom-SR reports on non-SR aware radiology workstations
Author(s): G. Carlsson; M. Wintell; L. Lindsköld
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Data migration and persistence management in a medical imaging informatics data grid
Author(s): Jasper Lee; Jorge Documet; Brent Liu
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Computer-aided diagnosis workstation and teleradiology network system for chest diagnosis using the web medical image conference system with a new information security solution
Author(s): Hitoshi Satoh; Noboru Niki; Kenji Eguchi; Hironobu Ohmatsu; Masahiro Kaneko; Ryutaro Kakinuma; Noriyuki Moriyama
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