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Light-Emitting Diodes: Materials, Devices, and Applications for Solid State Lighting XIV
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Volume Number: 7617
Date Published: 8 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7617
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Increased pressure digital metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy system with high-speed switching valves for growing high-In-content GaInN
Author(s): Hiroshi Amano; Kensuke Nagata; Kentaro Nagamatsu; Daisuke Iida; Motoaki Iwaya; Satoshi Kamiyama; Isamu Akasaki
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Development of phosphorescent OLED lighting panels for highly efficient solid state lighting
Author(s): Peter A. Levermore; Vadim Adamovich; Kamala Rajan; Walt Yeager; Chun Lin; Sean Xia; Michael S. Weaver; Raymond Kwong; Ruiqing Ma; Mike Hack; Julie J. Brown
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Planar lighting by blue LEDs array with remote phosphor
Author(s): Chung-Hao Tien; Chien-Hsiang Hung; Bo-Wen Xiao; Hsin-Tao Huang; Yi-Pai Huang; Chuang-Chuang Tsai
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Enhancement of angular flux utilization and light extraction efficiency based on micro array in GaN LEDs
Author(s): Ching-Cherng Sun; Shang-Yu Tsai; Tsung-Xian Lee; Wei-Ting Chien
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Abbreviated GaN metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy growth mode on nano-patterned sapphire for enhanced efficiency of InGaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Yik-Khoon Ee; Xiao-Hang Li; Jeff Biser; Wanjun Cao; Helen M. Chan; Richard P. Vinci; Nelson Tansu
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A study on the reverse-bias and ESD instabilities of InGaN-based green LEDs
Author(s): M. Meneghini; A. Tazzoli; N. Trivellin; E. Ranzato; M. Dal Lago; B. Hahn; U. Zehnder; R. Butendeich; G. Meneghesso; E. Zanoni
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Surface roughness of gallium nitride with volcano-like protrusions formed by KrF excimer laser etching
Author(s): Shui-Jinn Wang; Wei-Chi Lee; Kai-Ming Uang; Tron-Min Chen; Der-Ming Kuo; Pei-Ren Wang; Po-Hong Wang
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Enhanced performance of vertical GaN-based LEDs with a highly reflective ohmic contact and a nano-roughened indium-zinc oxide transparent conduction layer
Author(s): Der-Ming Kuo; Shui-Jinn Wang; Kai-Ming Uang; Tron-Ming Chen; Wei-Chi Lee; Pei-Ren Wang
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Surface plasmon dispersion engineering via double-metallic Au/Ag layers for nitride light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Hongping Zhao; Guangyu Liu; Nelson Tansu
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Influence of the injection current on the degradation of white high-brightness light emitting diodes
Author(s): Sebastien Bouchard; Hugo Lemieux; Marie-Pier Côté; Simon Thibault
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'No blue' LED solution for photolithography room illumination
Author(s): Haiyan Ou; Dennis Corell; Carsten Dam-Hansen; Paul-Michael Petersen; Dan Friis
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Novel sensor for color control in solid state lighting applications
Author(s): Alex Gourevitch; Thomas Thurston; Rajiv Singh; Bartosz Banachowicz; Vladimir Korobov; Cliff Drowley
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Novel concepts for OLED lighting
Author(s): Björn Lüssem; Sebastian Reineke; Thomas Rosenow; Gregor Schwartz; Karl Leo
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On the lighting design aspect of OLED lighting
Author(s): Peter Y. Ngai
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Measuring the internal luminescence quantum efficiency of OLED emitter materials in electrical operation
Author(s): Michael Flämmich; Norbert Danz; Dirk Michaelis; Christoph A. Wächter; Andreas H. Bräuer; Malte C. Gather; Klaus Meerholz
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Outcoupling efficiency in small-molecule OLEDs: from theory to experiment
Author(s): Mauro Furno; Rico Meerheim; Michael Thomschke; Simone Hofmann; Björn Lüssem; Karl Leo
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Nonpolar and semipolar GaN heteroepitaxy on sapphire for LED application
Author(s): Qian Sun; Jung Han
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High efficiency green LEDs using II-VI color converters
Author(s): Thomas J. Miller; Michael A. Haase; Xiaoguang Sun; Bing Hao; Junying Zhang; Terry L. Smith; Todd Ballen; Junqing Xie; Amy S. Barnes; Fedja Kecman; Joseph Yang; James Thielen; Catherine A. Leatherdale; Ralph Wirth; Andreas Biebersdorf; Karl Engl; Stefan Groetsch
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Silicon nanocrystals based light emitting diodes integrated using all inorganic metal oxides as the charge transport layers
Author(s): A.-J. Cheng; R. W. Liptak; U. Kortshagen; S. A. Campbell
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Recent progress of 220-280 nm-band AlGaN based deep-UV LEDs
Author(s): Hideki Hirayama
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Improved performance of near-ultraviolet InGaN/AlGaN LEDs with various insertion structures
Author(s): Dong-Sing Wuu; Wen-Yu Lin; Ying-Chiuan Tsai; Shih-Cheng Huang; Ray-Hua Horng; Chien-Min Liu
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Ni/Ag as low resistive ohmic contact to p-type AlGaN for UV LEDs
Author(s): T. Passow; R. Gutt; M. Maier; W. Pletschen; M. Kunzer; R. Schmidt; J. Wiegert; D. Luick; S. Liu; K. Köhler; J. Wagner
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Effect of current crowding on the ideality factor in MQW InGaN/GaN LEDs on sapphire substrates
Author(s): V. K. Malyutenko; S. S. Bolgov
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White-light generation through Ce3+/Mn2+-codoped and Eu2+-doped Ba1.2Ca0.8-δSiO4 T-phase phosphors
Author(s): Kwang Won Park; Jae Bum Lee; Tae Hoon Kim; Jong Su Kim; Patrick Kung; Seongsin Margaret Kim
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Blue-emitting Sr3Ga2O5Cl2:Eu2+ phosphor for white-light-emitting diode
Author(s): Jae Bum Lee; Kwang Won Park; Jehong Park; Jong Su Kim; Patrick Kung; SeongSin M. Kim
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Syntonized white up-converted emission by Tm3+-Yb3+-Er3+-Ho3+ doped ZrO2 nanocrystals
Author(s): D. Solís; T. López-Luke; E. De La Rosa; O. Meza; S. Anderson
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Efficiency enhancement in white phosphor-on-cup light-emitting diodes using short wave-pass filters
Author(s): Sang-Hwan Cho; Jeong Rok Oh; Yong-Hee Lee; Young Rag Do
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Dirty LED: effect of dust, fat, fingerprints, water, oil and coal on light output
Author(s): Ivan Moreno
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Grating coupled enhancement of light emission from IR light emitting diode devices
Author(s): Naresh C. Das; W. Change
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Phosphor concentration and geometry for high power white light emitting diode
Author(s): Kyung-Mi Moon; Se-Hwan An; Hyung-Kun Kim; Jung-Hye Chae; Yong-Jo Park
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