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Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers XIV
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Volume Number: 7615
Date Published: 5 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7615
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Experimental demonstration of low jitter performance and high reliable 1060nm VCSEL arrays for 10Gbpsx12ch optical interconnection
Author(s): Keishi Takaki; Norihiro Iwai; Shinichi Kamiya; Hitoshi Shimizu; Koji Hiraiwa; Suguru Imai; Yasumasa Kawakita; Tomohiro Takagi; Takuya Ishikawa; Naoki Tsukiji; Akihiko Kasukawa
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Manufacturability of 850nm data communication VCSELs in high volume
Author(s): Terry E. Sale; Chen Chu; Jeong-Ki Hwang; Gim-Hong Koh; Rashit Nabiev; Jason L.-C. Tan; Laura M. Giovane; Ramana M. V. Murty
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Emcore VCSEL failure mechanism and resolution
Author(s): Chun Lei; Neinyi Li; Chuan Xie; Rich Carson; Xinyu Sun; Wenlin Luo; Livia Zhao; Chris Helms; Dan Jensen; Chiyu Liu
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High-speed low-current-density 850 nm VCSELs
Author(s): Anders Larsson; Petter Westbergh; Johan Gustavsson; Åsa Haglund
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Emerging VCSEL technologies at Finisar
Author(s): D. Gazula; J. K. Guenter; R. H. Johnson; G. D. Landry; A. N. MacInnes; G. Park; J. K. Wade; J. R. Biard; J. A. Tatum
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120 Gbps VCSEL arrays: fabrication and quality aspects
Author(s): Martin Grabherr; Steffan Intemann; Christian Wimmer; Lin R. Borowski; Roger King; Dieter Wiedenmann; Roland Jäger
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Optimizing 10Gbps VCSEL for real-world laser driver in parallel optical transceiver
Author(s): Chuan Xie; Neinyi Li; Chun Lei; Xinyu Sun; Wenlin Luo
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VCSEL based Faraday rotation spectroscopy at 762nm for battery powered trace molecular oxygen detection
Author(s): Stephen So; Gerard Wysocki
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Polymer-coated vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser diode vapor sensor
Author(s): Thor Ansbæk; Claus H. Nielsen; Niels B. Larsen; Søren Dohn; Anja Boisen; Il-Sug Chung; David Larsson; Kresten Yvind
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Non-mechanical beam steering of high speed VCSEL arrays
Author(s): John R. Joseph; Rashid Safaisini; Gerard Dang; Kevin L. Lear
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Position sensing using an integrated VCSEL and PIN photodetector microsystem
Author(s): A. V. Giannopolous; A. M. Kasten; N. Hardy; T. Jefvert; K. D. Choquette
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Fabrication of an integrated 670nm VCSEL-based sensor for miniaturized fluorescence sensing
Author(s): Thomas D. O'Sullivan; Elizabeth Munro; James S. Harris; Ofer Levi
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High power VCSELs for miniature optical sensors
Author(s): Jon Geske; Chad Wang; Michael MacDougal; Ron Stahl; David Follman; Henry Garrett; Todd Meyrath; Don Snyder; Eric Golden; Jeff Wagener; Jason Foley
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High-brightness pump sources using 2D VCSEL arrays
Author(s): Jean-Francois Seurin; Guoyang Xu; Qing Wang; Baiming Guo; Robert Van Leeuwen; Alexander Miglo; Prachi Pradhan; James D. Wynn; Viktor Khalfin; Chuni Ghosh
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Advanced characterization techniques for high power VCSELs
Author(s): Holger Moench; Johannes Baier; Stephan Gronenborn; Johanna Kolb; Michael Miller; Pavel Pekarski; Marcel Schemmann; Adriaan Valster
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High-power low-noise VCSEL seed laser for fiber laser applications
Author(s): Baiming Guo; Qing Wang; Bing Xu; Robert van Leeuwen; Jean Francois Seurin; Guoyang Xu; Chuni Ghosh
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Dynamics of the angular emission spectrum of large-area VCSELs
Author(s): Stephan Gronenborn; Holger Moench; Michael Miller; Philipp Gerlach; Johanna Kolb; Peter Loosen
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High-index-contrast subwavelength grating VCSEL
Author(s): Philippe Gilet; Nicolas Olivier; Philippe Grosse; Karen Gilbert; Alexei Chelnokov; Il-Sug Chung; Jesper Mørk
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80-nm-tunable high-index-contrast subwavelength grating long-wavelength VCSEL: proposal and numerical simulations
Author(s): Il-Sug Chung; Jesper Mørk; Alexei Sirbu; Vladmir Iakovlev; Alexandru Mereuta; Andrei Caliman; Kapon Elyahou
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Thermal resistance reduction in 670 nm vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Rashid Safaisini; Klein Johnson; Kevin L. Lear
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Proton-implanted red photonic crystal VCSELs with high quality output beam
Author(s): Ansas M. Kasten; Hyungrae Cha; Levi Naden; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner; Klein Johnson; Kent D. Choquette
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High-speed 850 nm oxide-confined VCSELs for DATACOM applications
Author(s): Alex Mutig; Sergey Blokhin; Alexey M. Nadtochiy; Gerrit Fiol; James A. Lott; Vitaly A. Shchukin; Nikolai N. Ledenstov; Dieter Bimberg
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Development of high-speed VCSELs beyond 10 Gb/s at Emcore
Author(s): Neinyi Li; Chuan Xie; Chun Lei; Wenlin Luo; Xinyu Sun; Daniel Kuchta; Clint Schow; Fuad Doany
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High-speed 980nm VCSELs with integrated distributed losses for mode control
Author(s): Ahmad N. Al-Omari; Kevin L. Lear; Husam Hamad
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Dynamics of 1.55 µm Buried Tunnel Junction VCSELs under optical injection around threshold
Author(s): Aidan Daly; Brendan Roycroft; Frank H. Peters; Markus Ortsiefer; Brian Corbett
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