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Optical Components and Materials VII
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Volume Number: 7598
Date Published: 15 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7598
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Similar behaviors of sulfide and selenide-based chalcogenide glasses to form glass ceramics
Author(s): Laurent Calvez; Changgui Lin; Mathieu Rozé; Yannick Ledemi; Erwan Guillevic; Bruno Bureau; Mathieu Allix; Xianghua Zhang
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The influence of photonic mode density on the luminescence of erbium-doped optical materials
Author(s): Feng Song; Qingru Wang; Chengguo Ming; Jianguo Tian; Jingjun Xu; Shangxin Lin; Edwin Y. B. Pun
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Two-photon pumped random lasing in a dye-doped silica gel powder
Author(s): Sara García-Revilla; Íñigo Solá; Rolindes Balda; Luis Roso; David Levy; Marcos Zayat; Joaquín Fernández
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Spectral and luminescent properties of Bi-doped bulk glasses and factors acting on them
Author(s): Boris I. Denker; Boris I. Galagan; Ilya L. Shulman; Sergey E. Sverchkov; Evgeny M. Dianov
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Generation of wide color gamut visible light in NIR-excited thulium-holmium-ytterbium codoped tantalum oxide nanopowders
Author(s): Artur S. Gouveia-Neto; Luciano A. Bueno; Ernande B. Costa; Elias A. Silva Jr.; Jefferson L. Ferrari; Karmel O. Lima; Rogéria R. Gonçalves
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Application of ceramic phosphors for near infrared biomedical imaging technologies
Author(s): Kohei Soga; Kimikazu Tokuzen; Kosuke Tsuji; Tomoyoshi Yamano; Nallusamy Venkatachalam; Hiroshi Hyodo; Hidehiro Kishimoto
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White LED phosphors: the next step
Author(s): Hajime Yamamoto
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Construction of photoconductivity measurement system as functions of excitation wavelength and temperature: application to Eu2+-activated phosphors
Author(s): Takayuki Nakanishi; Setsuhisa Tanabe
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The efficiencies of energy transfer from Cr to Nd ions in silicate glasses
Author(s): Shintaro Mizuno; Hiroshi Ito; Kazuo Hasegawa; Hiroyuki Nasu; Mark Hughes; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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The influence of Yb2+ ions on optical properties and power stability of ytterbium-doped laser fibers
Author(s): J. Kirchhof; S. Unger; A. Schwuchow; S. Jetschke; V. Reichel; M. Leich; A. Scheffel
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Silicon photonic parametric optical processing for ultra-high bandwidth on-chip signal grooming
Author(s): Aleksandr Biberman; Noam Ophir; Keren Bergman
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Optical properties of atomic layer deposited materials and their application in silicon waveguides
Author(s): Tapani Alasaarela; Jussi Hiltunen; Amit Khanna; Antti Säynätjoki; Ari Tervonen; Seppo Honkanen
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Silicon based 2-dimensional slot waveguides
Author(s): A. Khanna; T. Alasaarela; A. Säynätjoki; A. Tervonen; S. Honkanen
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Optical microresonator for application to an opto-electronic oscillator
Author(s): Yu-Mei Wu; Laurent Vivien; Eric Cassan; Vu Hai Nam Luong; Lam Duy Nguyen; Bernard Journet
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Recent developments in bend-insensitive and ultra-bend-insensitive fibers
Author(s): David Boivin; Louis-Anne de Montmorillon; Lionel Provost; Nelly Montaigne; Frans Gooijer; Eugen Aldea; Jaap Jensma; Pierre Sillard
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Innovative fiber coating systems based on organic modified ceramics
Author(s): Kay Schuster; Jens Kobelke; Klaus Rose; Manfred Helbig; Mohammad Zoheidi; Alexander Heinze
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Novel shape memory alloy optical fibre connection method
Author(s): G. Trouillard; P. Zivojinovic; R. Cerutti; X. Pruneau Godmaire; E. Weynant
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Tunable birefringent phase shift induced in fiber Bragg gratings by a shape memory alloy phase modulator
Author(s): A. Fraser; M. Bernier; E. Weynant; R. Vallée
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Novel fiber bottle microresonator add-drop filters
Author(s): Ganapathy Senthil Murugan; James S. Wilkinson; Michalis N. Zervas
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Ultra-wideband integrated 2x2 optical router using novel MMI design
Author(s): Mohamed A. Swillam; Mohamed H. Bakr; Xun Li
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Fabrication of low losses chalcogenide photonic crystal fibers by molding process
Author(s): Quentin Coulombier; Laurent Brilland; Patrick Houizot; Thanh Nam Nguyen; Thierry Chartier; Gilles Renversez; Achille Monteville; Julien Fatome; Frédéric Smektala; Thierry Pain; Hervé Orain; Jean-Christophe Sangleboeuf; Johann Trolès
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Fabrication and characterization of colloidal crystals infiltrated with metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): A. Chiappini; S. Guddala; C. Armellini; S. Berneschi; I. Cacciari; C. Duverger-Arfuso; M. Ferrari; G. C. Righini
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Planar long-period gratings for photonic applications
Author(s): Jia Jiang; Claire L. Callender; Christopher J. Ledderhof; Jianfu Ding
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Time evolution of an electro-optic modulator by detection of its nonlinear behavior
Author(s): Dang Thanh Bui; Lam Duy Nguyen; Isabelle Ledoux-Rak; Bernard Journet
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Compact Raman spectrometer system for low frequency spectroscopy
Author(s): Christophe Moser; Frank Havermeyer
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A new class of polarization filters for laser applications
Author(s): Ligang Wang; Craig Hodgson; Turan Erdogan
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Serial pixel analog-to-digital converter (ADC)
Author(s): Eric D. Larson
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Simulation based design for back-side illuminated ultrahigh-speed CCDs
Author(s): T. Arai; T. Hayashida; K. Kitamura; J. Yonai; H. Maruyama; N. Ohtsuka; C. Vo Le; T. G. Etoh; H. van Kuijk
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Modified uni-traveling-carrier photodiode-based V-band optoelectronic mixers with high up-converted power and high responsivity
Author(s): Huapu Pan; Zhi Li; Joe C. Campbell
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Dark count in single photon avalanche Si detectors
Author(s): R. Pagano; S. Libertino; G. Valvo; G. Condorelli; B. Carbone; A. Piana; M. Mazzillo; D. N. Sanfilippo; G. G. Fallica; G. Falci; S. Lombardo
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DC and AC performance of leaky-mode metal-semiconductor-metal polysilicon photodetectors
Author(s): Robert Pownall; Guangwei Yuan; Charles Thangaraj; Joel Kindt; Tom W. Chen; Phil Nikkel; Kevin L. Lear
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Ultra-high sensitivity photodetector arrays with integrated amplification and passivation nano-layers
Author(s): Jie Yao; Irina A. Mokina; Feng Liu; Sean Wang; Jack Zhou; Michael Lange; Weiguo Yang; Patrick Gardner; Leora Peltz; Robert Frampton; Jeffrey H. Hunt
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Back-thinned CMOS sensor optimization
Author(s): Paul Jerram; David Burt; Neil Guyatt; Vincent Hibon; Joel Vaillant; Yann Henrion
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Two micron pore size MCP-based image intensifiers
Author(s): John Glesener; Joseph Estrera
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Progress in crystalline semiconductor core optical fibers
Author(s): J. Ballato; T. Hawkins; P. Foy; C. McMillen; R. Stolen; R. Rice
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Pulse amplification in semiconductor optical amplifiers with ultrafast gain-recovery times
Author(s): Prashant P. Baveja; Aaron M. Kaplan; Drew N. Maywar; Govind P. Agrawal
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High-temperature stability of lasing wavelength in GaAsSb/GaAs double quantum wells lasers
Author(s): Hsin-Chieh Yu; Cheng-Tien Wan; Yan-Kuin Su; Ricky W. Chuang; Wei-Cheng Chen; Chun-Yuan Huang; Wei-Hung Lin; Manfred H. Pilkuhn
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1.54 μm emitter and optical amplifier based on Er doped InGaN/GaN
Author(s): R. Dahal; J. Y. Lin; H. X. Jiang; J. M. Zavada
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Near and medium infrared optical fiber lasers and emerging applications
Author(s): F. Prudenzano; L. Mescia; L. Allegretti; M. De Sario; A. D'Orazio; A. Di Tommaso; T. Palmisano; V. Petruzzelli
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Chromium-doped zinc selenide gain media: from synthesis to pulsed mid-infrared laser operation
Author(s): A. Sennaroglu; U. Demirbas; H. Cankaya; N. Cizmeciyan; A. Kurt; M. Somer
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Pulsed cladding-pumped large mode area fiber Raman amplifier
Author(s): Junhua Ji; Christophe A. Codemard; Jayanta Sahu; Johan Nilsson
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Rogue waves in femtosecond supercontinuum generation
Author(s): M. Erkintalo; G. Genty; J. M. Dudley
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Terrace-microsphere lasers: spherical cavity lasers for multiwavelength emission
Author(s): Hiyori Uehara; Tetsuji Yano; Shuichi Shibata
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Direct surface relief formation in As-S(Se) layers
Author(s): M. Trunov; P. Lytvyn; P. M. Nagy; Cs. Cserhati; I. Charnovich; S. Kokenyesi
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Potentials of the acousto-optical spectral data processing on a basis of a novel algorithm of the collinear wave heterodyning in a large-aperture KRS-5 crystalline cell
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Jewgemij Maximov; Daniel Sanchez Lucero
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Some peculiarities of designing the optical scheme of tellurium dioxide crystalline cell based acousto-optical spectrometer for the Mexican Large Millimeter Telescope
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Daniel Sanchez Lucero; Abraham Luna Castellanos; Jewgenij Maximov
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Excitation wavelength dependence of quantum efficiencies of Nd-doped glasses for solar pumped fiber lasers
Author(s): Takenobu Suzuki; Hiroyuki Kawai; Hiroyuki Nasu; Mark Hughes; Shintaro Mizuno; Kazuo Hasegawa; Hiroshi Ito; Yasutake Ohishi
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Ultraflat supercontinuum generation in an As2S3-based chalcogenide core microstructured fiber
Author(s): Xin Yan; Chitrarekha Chaudhari; Guanshi Qin; Meisong Liao; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Optical parametric amplification in composite tellurite-fluorophosphate fiber
Author(s): Chitrarekha Chaudhari; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Electronic polarizability and optical parameters of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glasses
Author(s): Feng Song; Chengguo Ming; Wentao Wang; Lanjun Luo
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Polymer microlens array with tunable focal intensity by the polarization control of the incident light
Author(s): San-Yi Huang; Tung-Chen Tung; Shin-Wei Ko; Chi-Lun Ting; Hung-Chang Jau; Ming-Shian Li; Hui-Chi Lin; Andy Ying-Guey Fuh
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Fabrication of one-dimensional SWS on bismuth borate glass by glass-imprinting method
Author(s): N. Yamashita; T. Suetsugu; N. Kitamura; K. Fukumi; J. Nishii
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A small and fast SCPEM-based ellipsometer
Author(s): F. Bammer; R. Petkovšek; J. Možina; J. Petelin
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Birefringence control of pigtails in fiber optic devices
Author(s): D. Tentori; C. Ayala-Diaz; F. Treviño Martinez
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AlN antiresonant layer ARROW waveguides
Author(s): M. V. Pelegrini; D. O. Carvalho; M. I. Alayo; I. Pereyra
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Steep and flat bandpass filter using linearly chirped and apodized fiber Bragg grating
Author(s): Xunqi Wu; Joël Jacquet; Guanghua Duan
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Spectroscopy of Yb:Tm doped tellurite glasses for efficient infrared fiber laser
Author(s): H. Gebavi; M. Taher; J. Lousteau; D. Milanese; S. Taccheo; A. Schulzgen; M. Ferraris; N. Peyghambarian
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NIR to visible upconversion in rare-earth Ion-doped NaYF4 crystals
Author(s): Darayas Patel; Calvin Vance; Newton King; Malcolm Jessup; Lekara Green; Sergey Sarkisov
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Detector development for x-ray imaging
Author(s): M. A. Mentzer; D. A. Herr; K. J. Brewer; N. Ojason; H. A. Tarpine
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