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Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems VIII
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Volume Number: 7593
Date Published: 11 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7593
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Emerging research in micro and nano systems: opportunities and challenges for societal impact
Author(s): Yogesh B. Gianchandani
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SERS measurements in microfluidic devices: a promising way for online-monitoring of lowest agent concentrations
Author(s): Jürgen Popp; Anne März; Katrin Ackermann; Petra Rösch; Thomas Henkel
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Investigating fast enzyme-DNA kinetics using multidimensional fluorescence imaging and microfluidics
Author(s): Tom Robinson; Hugh B. Manning; Christopher Dunsby; Mark A. A. Neil; Geoff S. Baldwin; Andrew J. de Mello; Paul M. W. French
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Optofluidic generation of color and shape encoded microparticle for multiplexed bioassay
Author(s): Hyoki Kim; Jianping Ge; Yadong Yin; Sunghoon Kwon
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Feasibility study of micro-optical diffusion sensor based on laser-induced dielectrophoresis
Author(s): K. Itani; A. Ebisui; Y. Taguchi; Y. Nagasaka
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Pressure mediated tunable elastomeric optofluidic devices
Author(s): Wuzhou Song; Demetri Psaltis
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A research factory for polymer microdevices: muFac
Author(s): Brian W. Anthony; David E. Hardt; Melinda Hale; Nadege Zarrouati
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Hybrid tooling technologies for injection molded and hot embossed polymeric microfluidic devices
Author(s): Holger Becker; Erik Beckert; Claudia Gärtner
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LABONFOIL: investigations regarding microfluidic skin patches for drug detection using flexible OLEDs
Author(s): M. Scholles; L. Kroker; U. Vogel; J. Krüger; R. Walczak; J. Ruano-Lopez
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Tuning parameters of metal ion implantation within a microfluidic channel
Author(s): Jae-Woo Choi; Samuel Rosset; Muhamed Niklaus; James R. Adleman; Herbert Shea; Demetri Psaltis
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Patterning of PMMA microfluidic parts using screen printing process
Author(s): Aminreza Ahari Kaleibar; Mona Rahbar; Marius Haiducu; Ash M. Parameswaran
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Effect of surface treatments/coatings and soft bake profile on surface uniformity and adhesion of SU-8 on a glass substrate
Author(s): Samantha Grist; Jasbir N. Patel; Moeed Haq; Bonnie L. Gray; Bozena Kaminska
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From bioseparation to artificial micro-organs: microfluidic chip based particle manipulation techniques
Author(s): Martin Stelzle
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Device for in-vivo study of the tumor micro-environment
Author(s): Waseem Khan Raja; Bojana Gligorijevic; Michael R. Padgen; Douglas Eggers; John Condeelis; James Castracane
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Theoretical investigation of capillary flow under gravity with microbead suspension
Author(s): Prashant R. Waghmare; Sushanta K. Mitra
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Mesoscale to microscale controlled manipulation of microscale objects using MEMS based microgripper and haptic interface
Author(s): Ashwin P. Vijayasai; Ganapathy Sivakumar; Matthew Mulsow; Shelby Lacouture; Alex Holness; Tim E. Dallas
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Development of an integrated microsystem for the multiplexed detection of breast cancer markers in serum using electrochemical immunosensors
Author(s): Alex Fragoso; Noemi Laboria; Mary Luz Botero; Diego Bejarano; Daniel Latta; Thomas E. Hansen-Hagge; Wolfgang Kemmner; Ioanis Katakis; Claudia Gärtner; Klaus Drese; Ciara K. O'Sullivan
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Microfluidic diagnostics for low-resource settings
Author(s): Kenneth R. Hawkins; Bernhard H. Weigl
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Portable microfluidic cytometer for whole blood cell analysis
Author(s): Meggie M. Grafton; Michael D. Zordan; Han-Sheng Chuang; Pooja Rajdev; Lisa M. Reece; Pedro P. Irazoqui; Steven T. Wereley; Ron Byrnes; Paul Todd; James F. Leary
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Experimental and theoretical investigation of capillary flow with BSA and microbead suspensions
Author(s): Prashant R. Waghmare; Sushanta K. Mitra
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Microfluidic cell separation: applications and challenges in tissue engineering
Author(s): Brian D. Plouffe; James V. Green; Shashi K. Murthy
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Design and fabrication of a PDMS microchip based immunoassay
Author(s): Guocheng Shao; Wanjun Wang; Jun Wang; Yuehe Lin
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Sample to answer: a fully integrated nucleic acid identification system for bacteria monitoring
Author(s): Jungkyu Kim; John Elsnab; Michael Johnson; Bruce K. Gale
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MEMS-based sensing and algorithm development for fall detection and gait analysis
Author(s): Piyush Gupta; Gabriel Ramirez; Donald Y. C. Lie; Tim Dallas; Ron E. Banister; Andrew Dentino
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Defect tolerance in microfluidic chambers for capacitive biosensors
Author(s): Glenn Chapman; Bonnie L. Gray; Vijay K. Jain
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Electrochemical impedance monitoring of immunochemical reactions using varying IDE geometries for signal enhancement
Author(s): Robin H. Page; Calum McNeil
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Compact and fast read-out for wavelength-encoded biosensors
Author(s): Konrad Bellmann; Peter Kiesel; Noble Johnson
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Multiplexed Dip Pen Nanolithography patterning by simple desktop nanolithography platform
Author(s): Jae-Won Jang; Alexander Smetana; Paul Stiles
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Biomimetic nanolithography and its application for biosensor chip fabrication
Author(s): Hiroshi Matsui
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Surface assembly of pyridyl-substituted porphyrins on Au(111) investigated in situ using scanning probe lithography
Author(s): Zorabel M. LeJeune; Matt McKenzie; Erhong Hao; M. Graca H. Vicente; Bin Chen; Jayne C. Garno
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Self-leveling 2D DPN probe arrays
Author(s): Jason R. Haaheim; Vadim Val; Ed Solheim; John Bussan; J. Fragala; Mike Nelson
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Microfluidic sorting system based on optical force switching
Author(s): Siew-Kit Hoi; Chammika Udalagama; Chorng-Haur Sow; Andrew A. Bettiol
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Fabrication and properties of conductive micromoldable thermosetting polymer for electronic routing in highly flexible microfluidic systems
Author(s): A. Khosla; B. L. Gray
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Analysis on the effect of geometrical design parameters on maximum shear stresses in an electromagnetic micropump
Author(s): A. T. Al-Halhouli
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Fabrication and testing of integrated permanent micromagnets for microfluidic systems
Author(s): A. Khosla; J. L. Korčok; B. L. Gray; D. B. Leznoff; J. W. Herchenroeder; D. Miller; Z. Chen
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PDMS surface modification in the application of waveguide claddings for evanescent field sensing
Author(s): Meng Wang; Sanna Uusitalo; Risto Myllylä; Leena Hakalahti; Markku Känsäkoski
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A PDMS sample pretreatment microdevice to enable downstream electrokinetic manipulations in bovine serum
Author(s): Timothy J. Abram; David S. Clague
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