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High-Power Diode Laser Technology and Applications VIII
Editor(s): Mark S. Zediker
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Volume Number: 7583
Date Published: 17 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7583
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Reliability of high performance 9xx-nm single emitter laser diodes
Author(s): Ling Bao; Jun Wang; Mark Devito; Dapeng Xu; Damian Wise; Paul Leisher; Mike Grimshaw; Weimin Dong; Shiguo Zhang; Kirk Price; Daming Li; Chendong Bai; Steve Patterson; Rob Martinsen
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Highly reliable 637-639 nm red high-power LDs for displays
Author(s): Takehiro Nishida; Naoyuki Shimada; Kenichi Ono; Tetsuya Yagi; Akihiro Shima
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Reliability of high-power QCW arrays
Author(s): Ryan Feeler; Jeremy Junghans; Jennifer Remley; Don Schnurbusch; Ed Stephens
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Reliability and performance of 808-nm single emitter multi-mode laser diodes
Author(s): J. Wang; L. Bao; M. Devito; D. Xu; D. Wise; M. Grimshaw; W. Dong; S. Zhang; C. Bai; P. Leisher; D. Li; H. Zhou; S. Patterson; R. Martinsen; J. Haden
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Reliable operation of 8xx mini-bar-based hermetic modules
Author(s): Xu Jin; Serge Cutillas; Daming Liu; Ed Wolak; Sang-Ki Park; Kelly Johnson; Terry Towe; Dino Lenarduzzi; Touyen Nguyen; Tom Truchan; Jeff Mott; James Harrison; Andrea Guarino; Jürgen Müller; Susanne Pawlik; Boris Sverdlov; Norbert Lichtenstein; Chris Button
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Root cause investigation of catastrophic degradation in high power multi-mode InGaAs-AlGaAs strained quantum well lasers
Author(s): Yongkun Sin; Neil Ives; Nathan Presser; Steven C. Moss
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High-brightness fiber-coupled pump laser development
Author(s): Kirk Price; Scott Karlsen; Paul Leisher; Robert Martinsen
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Roadmap to low cost high brightness diode laser power out of the fiber
Author(s): D. Schröder; E. Werner; A. Franke; L. Wagner; G. Bonati; F. Dörfel; H. Ziemer; A. Liem; T. Gabler
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High-brightness 9XXnm pumps with wavelength stabilization
Author(s): V. Gapontsev; N. Moshegov; P. Trubenko; A. Komissarov; I. Berishev; O. Raisky; N. Strougov; V. Chuyanov; O. Maksimov; A. Ovtchinnikov
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Dramatic advances in direct diode lasers
Author(s): David Havrilla; Rüdiger Brockmann; Stephan Strohmaier; Marco Holzer
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High duty cycle hard soldered kilowatt laser diode arrays
Author(s): Genady Klumel; Yoram Karni; Jacob Oppenheim; Yuri Berk; Moshe Shamay; Renana Tessler; Shalom Cohen
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Micro-optic solutions for beam shaping of individually addressable high-power single-mode diode laser arrays
Author(s): M. Forrer; D. Kura; E. Langenbach
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KW-class industrial diode lasers comprised of single emitters
Author(s): Kirk Price; Frank Pfeffer; Paul Leisher; Scott Karlsen; Robert Martinsen
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High-power diode laser modules from 410 nm to 2200 nm
Author(s): Bernd Köhler; Heiko Kissel; Marco Flament; Paul Wolf; Thomas Brand; Jens Biesenbach
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Fiber coupling of high-power diode laser stack for direct polycarbonate processing
Author(s): E. Vidal; I. Quintana; U. Azkorbebeitia; E. Mendez; G. Viera; M. Galán; D. Otaduy
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Expansion matched heat sinks made by μ-metal injection molding
Author(s): Michael Leers; E. Liermann; P. Imgrund; L. Kramer; J. Volkert
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Simple method for modeling thermoelectric cooler (TEC) performance of single-emitter semiconductor-laser packages with concentrated heat sources
Author(s): J. Du; M. Au; L. Zavala; P. Yalamanchili; J. Skidmore; E. Zucker
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Development of asymmetric epitaxial structures for 65% efficiency laser diodes in the 9xx-nm range
Author(s): Moshe Levy; Yoram Karni; Noam Rapaport; Yaroslav Don; Yuri Berk; Dan Yanson; Shalom Cohen; Jacob Oppenheim
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Progress in the development of active heat sink for high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Vetrovec; Ryan Feeler; Steve Bonham
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Recent development of high-power-efficiency 50-W CW TE/TM polarized 808-nm diode laser bar at Lasertel
Author(s): Chuanshun Cao; Li Fan; Irene Ai; Jiang Li; Brian Caliva; Linfei Zeng; Prabhu Thiagarajan; Mark McElhinney
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Extending the wavelength range in the Oclaro high-brightness broad area modules
Author(s): Susanne Pawlik; Andrea Guarino; Boris Sverdlov; Jürgen Müller; Christopher Button; Sebastian Arlt; Dominik Jaeggi; Norbert Lichtenstein
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975-nm high-power broad area diode lasers optimized for narrow spectral linewidth applications
Author(s): P. Crump; C. M. Schultz; A. Pietrzak; S. Knigge; O. Brox; A. Maaßdorf; F. Bugge; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert
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Mid-infrared high-power diode lasers and modules
Author(s): Márc T. Kelemen; Juergen Gilly; Marcel Rattunde; Joachim Wagner; Sandra Ahlert; Jens Biesenbach
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High temperature and high peak-power 808nm QCW bars and stacks
Author(s): G. Bacchin; A. Fily; B. Qiu; D. Fraser; S. Robertson; V. Loyo-Maldonado; S. D. McDougall; B. Schmidt
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Eye safe high power laser diode in the 1410-1550nm range
Author(s): Julien Boucart; Brian de Largy; Mark Kearley; Norbert Lichtenstein
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High power DFB laser diodes
Author(s): Wolfgang Zeller; Martin Kamp; Johannes Koeth
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Comparison of concepts for high-brightness diode lasers at 976 nm
Author(s): J. Gilly; P. Friedmann; H. Kissel; J. Biesenbach; M. T. Kelemen
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Scaling brilliance of high power laser diodes
Author(s): Harald König; Guenther Grönninger; Christian Lauer; Wolfgang Reill; Markus Arzberger; Uwe Strauß; Heiko Kissel; Jens Biesenbach; Arnd Kösters; Joerg Malchus; Volker K. Krause
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JENOPTIK diode lasers and bars optimized for high-power applications in the NIR range
Author(s): M. Zorn; R. Hülsewede; H. Schulze; J. Sebastian; P. Hennig; D. Schröder
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High-brightness 635nm tapered diode lasers with optimized index guiding
Author(s): D. Feise; G. Blume; H. Dittrich; Chr. Kaspari; K. Paschke; G. Erbert
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Characteristics of red-emitting broad area stripe laser diodes with zinc diffused window structures
Author(s): Tomoki Ohno; Mikio Takiguchi; Kazuya Wakabayashi; Hiroyuki Uchida; Kaori Naganuma; Maho Ohara; Satoshi Ito; Shoji Hirata
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Demonstration of high pointing accuracy dual-axis collimation of 49 emitter diode bar using a laser-written custom phase-plate
Author(s): Natalia Trela; Howard J. Baker; Jozef J. Wendland; Denis R. Hall
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Coherent beam combining of high-power broad-area laser diode array in CW and pulsed modes
Author(s): Bo Liu; Yun Liu; Yehuda Braiman
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Progress in high-brightness diode laser development based on tailored diode laser bars
Author(s): S. D. Roh; D. M. Grasso; N. Shou; R. Pathak; G. Cheung; D. Schleuning; T. Hasenberg
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Coherent polarization locking of a diode emitter array
Author(s): S. P. Ng; P. B. Phua
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High-brightness emission from stripe-array broad area diode lasers operated in off-axis external cavities
Author(s): Andreas Jechow; Danilo Skoczowsky; Mark Lichtner; Mindaugas Radziunas; Ralf Menzel
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250W diode laser for low pressure Rb vapor pumping
Author(s): A. Podvyaznyy; G. Venus; V. Smirnov; O. Mokhun; V. Koulechov; D. Hostutler; L. Glebov
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Degradation analysis of individual emitters in 808nm QCW laser diode array for space applications
Author(s): Othman Rehioui; Laurent Bechou; Thierry Fillardet; Andreas Kohl; Yves Ousten; Gerard Volluet
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High-power distributed-feedback tapered master-oscillator power amplifiers emitting at 1064 nm
Author(s): D. Jedrzejczyk; O. Brox; F. Bugge; J. Fricke; A. Ginolas; K. Paschke; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert
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CW to QCW power scaling of high-power laser bars
Author(s): J. Müller; R. Todt; M. Krejci; Y. Manz-Gilbert; B. Valk; R. Brunner; R. Bättig; N. Lichtenstein
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1043nm semiconductor disk laser
Author(s): Yanrong Song; Peng Zhang; Jinrong Tian; Xinping Zhang
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High-power high-brightness 808nm QCW laser diode mini bars
Author(s): Hua Huang; Jun Wang; Mark DeVito; Ling Bao; Aaron Hodges; Shiguo Zhang; Damian Wise; Mike Grimshaw; Dapeng Xu; Chendong Bai
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Laser-assisted shearing: new application for high-power diode lasers
Author(s): Michael Emonts; Christian Brecher
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