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Laser Resonators and Beam Control XII
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Volume Number: 7579
Date Published: 17 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7579
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Compact fast multi-wavelength switchable single frequency laser
Author(s): Christophe Moser; Lawrence Ho; Frank Havermeyer
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New paradigms for old problems: some (small) advances in laser resonator research at the CSIR
Author(s): Andrew Forbes
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Saturation characteristics of gain guiding in index-antiguided waveguides
Author(s): Tsing-Hua Her; Xianyu Ao; Lee W. Casperson
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Shaping of dark beams in resonators with a bi-lens reflector
Author(s): Yurij N. Parkhomenko; Boris Spektor; Joseph Shamir
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Propagation of 3D beams using a finite-difference algorithm: practical considerations
Author(s): Alan H. Paxton
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Precision control of the transfer matrix method for transverse-mode fields of laser resonators
Author(s): Dongxiong Ling; Hongcheng Wang; Shaoqiang Zhang
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Engineering optical forces in waveguides and cavities based on optical response
Author(s): Peter T. Rakich; Zheng Wang; Milos A. Popovic
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Integration of chalcogenide and titanium-diffused lithium-niobate waveguides
Author(s): Mehmet E. Solmaz; Christi K. Madsen
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Generation of multikilowatt radially or azimuthally polarized CO2 laser beams by a triple-axicon optical resonator
Author(s): Masamori Endo
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Tolerance analysis for stable laser resonators
Author(s): Michael Kuhn; Frank Wyrowski; Christian Hellmann; Torsten Schöning
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Multi dither adaptive system based on Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor
Author(s): J. Sheldakova; A. Kudryashov; V. Samarkin; A. Alexandrov
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Common cavity resonators for passive laser beam combining: effects of path length errors
Author(s): J. R. Leger; M. Khajavikhan; C. Wan
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A novel technology based on CO2 lasers for surface finishing and direct fiber fusion of beam delivery optics
Author(s): George Curatu; Omar Ruiz
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Gaussian beam shaping based on multimode interference
Author(s): X. Zhu; A. Schülzgen; H. Li; J. V. Moloney; N. Peyghambarian
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Applying refractive beam shapers in creating spots of uniform intensity and various shapes
Author(s): Alexander Laskin; Gavin Williams; Alexander Demidovich
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Overview: process-optimized beam transformers and their impact on high-power laser applications
Author(s): O. Homburg; T. Mitra; L. Aschke
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Complete description of optical fields propagating in passive LMA fibers regarding amplitude, relative phase delay, and polarization by means of optical correlation filters
Author(s): Daniel Flamm; Siegmund Schröter; Michael Duparré
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Spatial control and diagnostics of femtosecond pulses with programmable microoptics
Author(s): Ruediger Grunwald; Martin Bock
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Fractional power in the bucket, beam quality and M2
Author(s): Santanu Basu; Lee M. Gutheinz
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Intracavity frequency conversion: from bow-ties to whispering galleries
Author(s): Ingo Breunig; Rosita Sowade; Jens Kießling; Tobias Beckmann; Heiko Linnenbank; Daniel Haertle; Karsten Buse
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Tuning of whispering gallery modes of polymeric micro-spheres and shells using external electric field
Author(s): Tindaro Ioppolo; Ulas Ayaz; M. Volkan Ötügen
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PDMS-based microfluidic lasers using whispering gallery modes for lab-on-a-chip applications
Author(s): Jonathan D. Suter; Daniel J. Howard; Eric Hoppmann; Ian M. White; Xudong Fan
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Evanescent waves outside eccentric optical cavities
Author(s): Stephen C. Creagh; Michael White
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Hybrid approaches toward single emitter coupling to optical microresonators
Author(s): Michael Barth; Markus Gregor; Rico Henze; Tim Schröder; Nils Nüsse; Bernd Löchel; Oliver Benson
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Slow light rotation sensors and gyroscopes
Author(s): Jacob Scheuer
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Three-mode opto-acoustic interactions in optical cavities: introducing the three-mode opto-acoustic parametric amplifier
Author(s): Francis A. Torres; David G. Blair; Li Ju; Chunnong Zhao; Haixing Miao
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High-Q optical resonators: characterization and application to stabilization of lasers and high spectral purity microwave oscillators
Author(s): O. Llopis; P. H. Merrer; A. Bouchier; K. Saleh; G. Cibiel
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Ultra-narrowband fiber Bragg gratings for laser linewidth reduction and RF filtering
Author(s): M. Poulin; Y. Painchaud; M. Aubé; S. Ayotte; C. Latrasse; G. Brochu; F. Pelletier; M. Morin; M. Guy; J.-F. Cliche
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Single cavity filters on end-faces of optical fibers
Author(s): Stefan Meister; Dawid Schweda; Marcus Dziedzina; Aws Al-Saadi; Bülent A. Franke; Chris Scharfenorth; Bernd Grimm; Daniela Dufft; Sigurd K. Schrader; Hans J. Eichler
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Ultrafast fiber laser technology: status and prospects
Author(s): Andreas Tünnermann; Jens Limpert
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Optical-axis perturbation in triaxial ring resonators II: induced by spherical mirror's axial displacement
Author(s): Xingwu Long; Jie Yuan
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Spectra, coherence, and polarization of diffracted electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-model beams
Author(s): Liuzhan Pan; Chaoliang Ding; Zhiguo Zhao
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Temperature-dependent random lasing from GaAs powders
Author(s): T. Nakamura; T. Takahashi; S. Adachi
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