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Plasmonics in Biology and Medicine VII
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Volume Number: 7577
Date Published: 17 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7577
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Plasmonic nanostructures for biophotonic applications
Author(s): D. Cialla; K. K. Strelau; T. Schüler; R. Möller; U. Hübner; H. Schneidewind; M. Zeisberger; R. Mattheis; W. Fritzsche; J. Popp
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Shape-dependent effect of surface-enhanced Raman scattering on gold nanostructured arrays
Author(s): Hsing-Ying Lin; Chen-Han Huang; Chih-Han Chang; Hsiang-Chen Chui
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Functionalized nanoparticles for measurement of biomarkers using a SERS nanochannel platform
Author(s): Melodie Benford; Miao Wang; Jun Kameoka; Theresa Good; Gerard Cote
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High sensitivity of SPR with microplasmonic structures
Author(s): Ludovic S. Live; Jean-Francois Masson
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The detection of small organic molecules based on novel functionalized surface plasmon resonance sensors
Author(s): Rui Zheng; Brent D. Cameron
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The circular polarization interferometer based surface plasmon biosensor
Author(s): C.-M. Jan; Y.-H. Lee; C.-K. Lee
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CMOS modulated light cameras for sensitive surface plasmon resonance imaging
Author(s): Nicholas S. Johnston; Roger A. Light; Ciaran E. Stewart; Mike G. Somekh; Mark C. Pitter
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Enhanced fluorescence from metal nanoapertures: physical characterizations and biophotonic applications
Author(s): Jérome Wenger; Heykel Aouani; Davy Gérard; Steve Blair; Thomas W. Ebbesen; Hervé Rigneault
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Metal-enhanced intrinsic fluorescence of proteins and label-free bioassays
Author(s): Krishanu Ray; Henryk Szmacinski; Mustafa H. Chowdhury; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Numerical and experimental study of fluorescence enhancement with silica encapsulated metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): J. B. Zhang; J. F. Ho; L. Cheng; Q. Q. Teo; J. Y. Sze; B. Luk'yanchuk
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The use of aluminum nanostructures as platforms for metal enhanced fluorescence of the intrinsic emission of biomolecules in the ultra-violet
Author(s): Mustafa H. Chowdhury; Krishanu Ray; Stephen K. Gray; James Pond; Joseph R. Lakowicz
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Plasmon resonance gold nanoparticles for improving optical diagnostics and photothermal therapy of tumor
Author(s): E. V. Zagainova; M. A. Sirotkina; M. V. Shirmanova; V. V. Elagin; M. Kirillin; P. Agrba; V. A. Kamensky; V. A. Nadtochenko
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Sub-wavelength plasmonic readout for direct linear analysis of optically tagged DNA
Author(s): Jonathan Varsanik; William Teynor; John LeBlanc; Heather Clark; Jeffrey Krogmeier; Tian Yang; Kenneth Crozier; Jonathan Bernstein
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Plasmon resonant gold-coated liposomes for spectrally controlled content release
Author(s): Sarah J. Leung; Michael C. Bobnick; Marek Romanowski
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Gold colloidals optical characterization by observing their scattering polarization
Author(s): Bassam Al-Qadi; Toshiharu Saiki
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Extraction of complex refractive index dispersion from SPR data
Author(s): Mohamed Nakkach; Julien Moreau; Michael Canva
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Experimental and numerical analysis of extraordinary optical transmission through nano-hole arrays in a thick metal film
Author(s): Mohamadreza Najiminaini; Fartash Vasefi; Clint K. Landrock; Bozena Kaminska; Jeffrey J.-L. Carson
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Biodegradable near-infrared plasmonic nanoclusters for biomedical applications
Author(s): Justina O. Tam; Jasmine M. Tam; Avinash Murthy; Davis Ingram; Li Leo Ma; Kort Travis; Keith P. Johnston; Konstantin Sokolov
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SERS+MEF of the anti-tumoral drug emodin adsorbed on silver nanoparticles
Author(s): Paz Sevilla; Raquel De Llanos; Concepción Domingo; Santiago Sánchez-Cortés; José V. García-Ramos
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Synthesis, optical and microscopical characterization of albumin/porous silica/gold nanorods
Author(s): Fulvio Ratto; Sonia Centi; Paolo Matteini; Francesca Rossi; Roberto Pini
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Stability of cetrimonium and silica modified gold nanorods/polyvinyl alcohol nano-composites upon near infrared laser excitation
Author(s): Fulvio Ratto; Paolo Matteini; Sonia Centi; Francesca Rossi; Roberto Pini
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The plasmonic Raman sensor using periodic nanofocusing arrays
Author(s): Kenzo Yamaguchi; Masamitsu Fujii; Martin L. Kurth; Steven J. Goodman; Dmitri K. Gramotnev; Peter Fredericks; Mitsuo Fukuda
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Momentum mismatch for improved plasmon enhanced total internal reflection fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Youngjin Oh; Kyujung Kim; Kyungjae Ma; Eunji Sim; Donghyun Kim
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