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Reporters, Markers, Dyes, Nanoparticles, and Molecular Probes for Biomedical Applications II
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Volume Number: 7576
Date Published: 17 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7576
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Targeted light-inactivation of the Ki-67 protein using theranostic liposomes leads to death of proliferating cells
Author(s): Ramtin Rahmanzadeh; Prakash Rai; Johannes Gerdes; Tayyaba Hasan
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Two different approaches in skin cancer therapy: using a photosensitizer/a natural product
Author(s): Annie Abraham; Devi D. Gayathri; T. R. Cibin; D. Ramaiah
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Microdistribution of fluorescently-labeled monoclonal antibody in a peritoneal dissemination model of ovarian cancer
Author(s): Nobuyuki Kosaka; Mikako Ogawa; David S. Paik; Chang H. Paik; Peter L. Choyke; Hisataka Kobayashi
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Reporters to monitor cellular MMP12 activity
Author(s): Amanda Cobos-Correa; Marcus A. Mall; Carsten Schultz
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Bio-luminescent imaging and characterization of organ-specific metastasis of human cancer in NOD/SCID mice
Author(s): Nicole A. L. Chun; Takashi Murakami
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Near-infrared fluorophores as biomolecular probes
Author(s): Gabor Patonay; Garfield Beckford; Lucjan Strekowski; Maged Henary; Yonathan Merid
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Single dose toxicity study of IRDye 800CW in Sprague-Dawley rats
Author(s): Milton V. Marshall; Daniel Draney; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca; D. Michael Olive
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In vivo investigation of pharmacokinetics of model drug: comparison of near infrared technique with high-performance liquid chromatography
Author(s): Yueqing Gu; Fei Liu; Chunsheng Fang; Zhiyu Qian; Samuel Achilefu
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Phosphorescent light-emitting iridium complexes serve as a hypoxia-sensing probe for tumor imaging in living animals
Author(s): Toshiyuki Takeuchi; Shaojuan Zhang; Kazuya Negishi; Toshitada Yoshihara; Masahiro Hosaka; Seiji Tobita
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Near-infrared molecular imaging probes based on chlorin-bacteriochlorin dyads
Author(s): Marcin Ptaszek; Hooi Ling Kee; Chinnasamy Muthiah; Ralph Nothdurft; Walter Akers; Samuel Achilefu; Joseph P. Culver; Dewey Holten
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Strategies for developing pH sensitive fluorescent probes
Author(s): Mikhail Y. Berezin; Kevin Guo; Hyeran Lee; Walter Akers; Adah Almutairi; Jean M. J. Fréchet; Samuel Achilefu
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Fluorescence lifetime imaging spectroscopy in living cells with particular regards to pH dependence and electric field effect
Author(s): Nobuhiro Ohta; Takakazu Nakabayashi; Shugo Oshita; Masataka Kinjo
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Modeling structure and spectra of red fluorescent proteins
Author(s): Jack R. Collins; Igor A. Topol; Alexander V. Savitsky; Alexander V. Nemukhin
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Transferrin protein nanospheres: a nanoplatform for receptor-mediated cancer cell labeling and gene delivery
Author(s): Michael A. McDonald; Tighe A. Spurlin; Alessandro Tona; John T. Elliott; Michael Halter; Anne L. Plant
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Multifunctional inorganic nanoparticles for imaging, targeting, and drug delivery
Author(s): Travis A. Pecorelli; Marcelle M. Dibrell; Zongxi Li; Courtney R. Thomas; Jeffrey I. Zink
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Synthesis of a dual contrast agent for ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging
Author(s): Katheryne Wilson; Kimberly Homan; Stanislav Emelianov
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Photophysical characterization of fluorescent metal nanoclusters synthesized using oligonucleotides, proteins and small molecule ligands
Author(s): Hsin-Chih Yeh; Jaswinder Sharma; Hyojong Yoo; Jennifer S. Martinez; James H. Werner
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Synthesis and characterization of upconversion emission on lanthanides doped ZrO[sub]2[/sub] nanocrystals coated with SiO[sub]2[/sub] for biological applications
Author(s): Tzarara López-Luke; Elder De La Rosa; Ana Lilia González-Yebra; Beatriz González-Yebra; Carlos Ángeles-Chávez; David Solís; Pedro Salas; Carlos Saldaña; Octavio Meza
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Dynamic molecular imaging using nanoparticle plasmon resonance coupling
Author(s): K. Sokolov; J. Aaron; T. Larson; K. Travis; N. Harrison
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Biodegradable near-infrared plasmonic nanoclusters for biomedical applications
Author(s): Justina O. Tam; Jasmine M. Tam; Avinash Murthy; Davis Ingram; Li Leo Ma; Kort Travis; Keith P. Johnston; Konstantin Sokolov
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Gold nanoprobes for multi-modality tumor imaging
Author(s): James Nyagilo; Ming Xiao; Xiankai Sun; Digant P. Davé
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Förster resonance energy transfer measurement from a gold coated upconverting nanophosphor
Author(s): L. Sudheendra; Jin-Hee Han; I. M. Kennedy
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Feasibility of using gold nanorods for optical contrast in two photon microscopy of oral carcinogenesis
Author(s): Saam Motamedi; Tuya Shilagard; Luke Koong; Gracie Vargas
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Off-axis phase-shifting holographic interferometry for the 3D localization of cellular transmembrane receptors tagged with gold nanomarkers
Author(s): Fadwa Joud; Nilanthi Warnasooriya; Philippe Bun; Gilles Tessier; Maïte Coppey-Moisan; Michael Atlan; Pierre Desbiolles; Marie Abboud; Michel Gross
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Multipulse mode of heating nanoparticles by nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Renat R. Letfullin; Christian B. Iversen; Thomas F. George
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Biological applications of fluorescence lifetime imaging beyond microscopy
Author(s): Walter J. Akers; Mikhail Y. Berezin; Hyeran Lee; Kevin Guo; Adah Almutairi; Jean M. J. Fréchet; Georg M. Fischer; Ewald Daltrozzo; Samuel Achilefu
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Applications of fluorescence spectroscopy to problems of food safety: detection of fecal contamination and of the presence of central nervous system tissue and diagnosis of neurological disease
Author(s): Ramkrishna Adhikary; Sayantan Bose; Thomas A. Casey; Al Gapsch; Mark A. Rasmussen; Jacob W. Petrich
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Specific interaction of 7-hydroxyquinoline with Trp-214 in the drug-binding site IIA of human serum albumin
Author(s): Osama K. Abou-Zied; Najla Al-Lawatia
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Time-resolved fluorescence measurements of cyanine dyes in biomimetic systems
Author(s): Franziska Luschtinetz; Michael U. Kumke; Carsten Dosche
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Smart pH cuvette for optical monitoring of pH of biological samples
Author(s): Derek A. Guenther; Mahmoud R. Shahriari
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Smart oxygen cuvette for optical monitoring of dissolved oxygen in biological blood samples
Author(s): Harish Dabhi; Suresh Kumar Alla; Mahmoud R. Shahriari
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New fluorescent nucleosides for real-time exploration of nucleic acids
Author(s): Yitzhak Tor
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Sequence-dependent photophysical properties of Cy3-labeled DNA
Author(s): Marcia Levitus
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Lipid nanoparticles (LNP): a new technology for fluorescence contrast agents with improved properties
Author(s): J. Gravier; T. Delmas; A. C. Couffin; F. Navarro; E. Heinrich; F. Vinet; I. Texier
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Evaluation of arsenazo III as a contrast agent for photoacoustic detection of micromolar calcium transients
Author(s): Erika J. Cooley; Pieter Kruizinga; Darren W. Branch; Stanislav Emelianov
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Aqueous synthesis of PbS quantum dots for noninvasive near-infrared fluorescence imaging in a mouse model
Author(s): Dawei Deng; Xinyang Chen; Jian Zhang; Fei Liu; Jie Cao; Yueqing Gu
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Photodynamic/photocatalytic effects on microorganisms processed by nanodyes
Author(s): Elena S. Tuchina; Valery V. Tuchin
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Fluorescence emission and polarization analyses for evaluating binding of ruthenium metalloglycocluster to lectin and tetanus toxin c-fragment
Author(s): Tomoko Okada; Norihiko Minoura
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Squaraine PDT induces oxidative stress in skin tumor of swiss albino mice
Author(s): T. R. Cibin; Devi D. Gayathri; D. Ramaiah; Annie Abraham
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Cellular uptake of polymeric nanocapsules loaded with ICG by human blood monocytes and human spleen macrophages
Author(s): Baharak Bahmani; Bongsu Jung; Sharad Gupta; Bahman Anvari
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Characterization of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates fabricated from colloidal printing inks
Author(s): Manuel Figueroa; William Stephenson; Kambiz Pourrezaei; Somdev Tyagi
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