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Biomedical Applications of Light Scattering IV
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Volume Number: 7573
Date Published: 15 February 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7573
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Simulating the optical phase conjugation phenomenon of light multiply scattered through a macroscopic random medium
Author(s): Snow H. Tseng; Meng Cui; Changhuei Yang
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Measuring distance through turbid media: a simple frequency domain approach
Author(s): A. L. Dayton; N. Choudhury; S. A. Prahl
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Effects of spatial and spectral frequencies on wide-field functional imaging (wifi) characterization of preclinical breast cancer models
Author(s): Austin Moy; Jae G. Kim; Eva Y. H. P. Lee; Bernard Choi
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Fluctuation spectroscopy in low-coherence dynamic light scattering of tissue responding to pharmacologicals
Author(s): D. D. Nolte; K. Jeong; J. Turek
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A statistical model of light scattering in biological continuous random media based on the Born approximation
Author(s): Ilker R. Çapoglu; Jeremy D. Rogers; Allen Taflove; Vadim Backman
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Stochastic Huygens and partial coherence propagation through thin tissues
Author(s): Scott A. Prahl; Donald D. Duncan; David G. Fischer
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Investigating the spectral characteristics of backscattering from heterogeneous spheroidal nuclei using broadband finite-difference time-domain simulations
Author(s): Guo-Shan Chao; Kung-Bin Sung
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Tomographic imaging of flourescence resonance energy transfer in highly light scattering media
Author(s): Vadim Y. Soloviev; James McGinty; Khadija B. Tahir; Romain Laine; Daniel W. Stuckey; P. Surya Mohan; Joseph V. Hajnal; Alessandro Sardini; Paul M. W. French; Simon R. Arridge
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Optical narrow band frequency analysis of polystyrene bead mixtures
Author(s): Kaloyan A. Popov; Timothy P. Kurzweg
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Scanning fiber system for angle-resolved low coherence interferometry
Author(s): Yizheng Zhu; Neil G. Terry; Michael G. Giacomelli; Adam Wax
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A fiber-coupled microfluidic cytometer for the obtaining of nanostructural mitochondria information in single cells
Author(s): Xuantao Su; Wojciech Rozmus; Ying Y. Tsui
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Quantification of colloidal and intracellular gold nanomarkers down to the single particle level using confocal microscopy
Author(s): Sabine Klein; Svea Petersen; Ulrike Taylor; Detlef Rath; Stephan Barcikowski
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Assessment of breast tumor margins via quantitative diffuse reflectance imaging
Author(s): J. Quincy Brown; Torre M. Bydlon; Stephanie A. Kennedy; Joseph Geradts; Lee G. Wilke; William Barry; Lisa M. Richards; Marlee K. Junker; Jennifer Gallagher; Nimmi Ramanujam
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Fourier-domain angle-resolved low coherence interferometry for clinical detection of dysplasia
Author(s): Neil G. Terry; Yizheng Zhu; Adam Wax
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Micro-tattoo guided OCT imaging of site specific inflammation
Author(s): Kevin G. Phillips; Niloy Choudhury; Ravikant V. Samatham; Harvinder Singh; Steven L. Jacques
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Correlation between light scattering signal and tissue reversibility in rat brain exposed to hypoxia
Author(s): Satoko Kawauchi; Shunichi Sato; Yoichi Uozumi; Hiroshi Nawashiro; Miya Ishihara; Makoto Kikuchi
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Detection of precancerous cervical conditions using elastic light single-scattering spectroscopy
Author(s): Murat Canpolat; Tuba Denkceken; Seyda Karaveli; Elif Pestereli; Gülgün Erdoğan; Deniz Özel; Uğur Bilge; Tayup Simsek
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High anisotropy utilized diffuse light suppression for large area spectroscopic imaging
Author(s): Zhengbin Xu; Jingjing Liu; Young L. Kim
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Probing turbid medium structure using ultra-low coherence enhanced backscattering spectroscopy
Author(s): Bianca DeAngelo; Grant Arzumanov; Charles Matovu; Patrick Shanley; Joseph Zeylikovich; M. Xu
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Helicity flip of the backscattered circular polarized light
Author(s): Vladimir Kuzmin; Igor Meglinski
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Measuring structural features using a dual window method for light scattering spectroscopy and Fourier-domain low coherence interferometry
Author(s): Francisco E. Robles; Adam Wax
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Anisotropic optical property of a bio-medium with highly photon-scattering anisotropic bio-molecules
Author(s): Tsu-Wei Nee; Soe-Mie F. Nee
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Spatially resolved 2D attenuation image of a semi-infinite non-homogeneous tissue from diffuse reflectance
Author(s): Jorden Tse; Lian-Kuan Chen
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Non-negative matrix factorization: a blind sources separation method applied to optical fluorescence spectroscopy and multiplexing
Author(s): Anne-Sophie Montcuquet; Lionel Hervé; Jean-Marc Dinten; Jérôme I. Mars
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Photon-cell interactive monte carlo (pciMC) model to describe both intracellular and extracellular optical pathways for biconcave red blood cells: phase function and albedo
Author(s): D. Sakota; S. Takatani
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Comparison of the performance of two depth-resolved optical imaging systems: laminar optical tomography and spatially modulated imaging
Author(s): Edgar Guevara; Maxime Abran; Samuel Bélanger; Nicolas Ouakli; Frédéric Lesage
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Surface effect measurement of a small scattering object in highly scattering medium by use of diffuse photon-pairs density wave
Author(s): Li-Ping Yu; Hsien-Ming Wu; Ker-jer Huang; Jheng-Syong Wu; Yu-Pin Lan; Chien Chou
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Study on dynamics of photon migration in human breast based on three-dimensional Monte Carlo modeling
Author(s): Ching-Cheng Chuang; Chung-Ming Chen; Chia-Yen Lee; Jui-che Tsai; Chih-Wei Lu; Chia-Wei Sun
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