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Visual Information Processing and Communication
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Volume Number: 7543
Date Published: 17 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7543
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Improved video coding efficiency exploiting tree-based pixelwise coding dependencies
Author(s): Giuseppe Valenzise; Antonio Ortega
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Anisotropic multiscale sparse learned bases for image compression
Author(s): Angélique Drémeau; Cédric Herzet; Christine Guillemot; Jean-Jacques Fuchs
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Variable block size transforms with higher order kernels for ultra-high definition video coding
Author(s): Bumshik Lee; Sangsoo Ahn; Munchurl Kim; Hui Yong Kim; Jongho Kim; Se Yoon Jeong
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Beyond pixels: applying the GPU to accelerate computer vision
Author(s): James Fung
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A CUDA implementation of thumbnail-assisted decoder motion search for error concealment
Author(s): Wai-Tian Tan
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GPU-aided motion adaptive video deinterlacing
Author(s): Xiaolin Wu; Jie Cao
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GPU implementation of JPEG XR
Author(s): Ming-Chao Che; Jie Liang
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Geometry-based block partitioning for efficient intra prediction in depth video coding
Author(s): Min-Koo Kang; Jaejoon Lee; Jin Young Lee; Yo-Sung Ho
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Depth map coding with distortion estimation of rendered view
Author(s): Woo-Shik Kim; Antonio Ortega; PoLin Lai; Dong Tian; Cristina Gomila
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Multiple description coding of 3D dynamic meshes based on temporal subsampling
Author(s): M. Oguz Bici; Gozde Bozdagi Akar
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Compression efficiency analysis of Wyner-Ziv video coding with motion compensated side information interpolation
Author(s): João Ascenso; Catarina Brites; Fernando Pereira
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A second-order-residual (SOR) coding approach to high-bit-rate video compression
Author(s): Qi Zhang; Seung-Hwan Kim; Yunyang Dai; C.-C. Jay Kuo
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Phase refinement for image prediction based on sparse representation
Author(s): Aurélie Martin; Jean-Jacques Fuchs; Christine Guillemot; Dominique Thoreau
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Prediction matching for video coding
Author(s): Yunfei Zheng; Peng Yin; Òscar Divorra Escoda; Joel Solé; Cristina Gomila
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Automatic pose initialization of swimmers in videos
Author(s): Christian X. Ries; Rainer Lienhart
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A kinematic model for Bayesian tracking of cyclic human motion
Author(s): Thomas Greif; Rainer Lienhart
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A Viterbi tracker for local features
Author(s): Gary Baugh; Anil Kokaram
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Object tracking initialization using automatic moving object detection
Author(s): Ka Ki Ng; Edward J. Delp
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Image analysis and compression: renewed focus on texture
Author(s): Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; Jana Zujovic; David L. Neuhoff
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Texture refinement framework for improved video coding
Author(s): F. Racapé; M. Babel; O. Déforges; D. Thoreau; J. Viéron; E. François
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Smoothed reference inter-layer texture prediction for bit depth scalable video coding
Author(s): Zhan Ma; Jiancong Luo; Peng Yin; Cristina Gomila; Yao Wang
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An enhancement of H.264 coding mode for R-D optimization of ultra-high-resolution video coding under low bit rate
Author(s): Tomonobu Yoshino; Sei Naito; Shigeyuki Sakazawa; Shuichi Matsumoto
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Image deblurring and denoising with non-local regularization constraint
Author(s): Peter van Beek; Junlan Yang; Shuhei Yamamoto; Yasuhiro Ueda
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Image reconstruction from videos distorted by atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Xiang Zhu; Peyman Milanfar
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Adaptive motion estimation using warping for video frame rate up-conversion
Author(s): Ying Chen; Mark J.T. Smith; Edward Delp
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Adaptation of H.264/AVC predictions for enabling fast transrating
Author(s): Philippe Bordes; Safa Cherigui
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Exact JPEG recompression
Author(s): Andrew B. Lewis; Markus G. Kuhn
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Seamless heterogeneous tessellation via smoothing and mosaicking in the DWT domain
Author(s): K. Hayat; W. Puech; G. Gesquiere
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Video coding mode decision as a classification problem
Author(s): Rashad Jillani; Urvang Joshi; Chiranjib Bhattacharya; Hari Kalva; R. K. Ramakrishnan
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JP3D compressed-domain watermarking of volumetric medical data sets
Author(s): Azza Ouled Zaid; Achraf Makhloufi; Christian Olivier
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Improved quantization index modulation based watermarking integrated to JPEG2000 coding scheme
Author(s): Azza Ouled Zaid; Achraf Makhloufi; Christian Olivier
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Dynamic algorithm for correlation noise estimation in distributed video coding
Author(s): Kuganeswaran Thambu; Xavier Fernando; Ling Guan
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A novel embedding technique for dirty paper trellis codes watermarking
Author(s): Marc Chaumont
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A sliced synchronous iteration architecture for real-time global stereo matching
Author(s): Soon Kwon; ChungHee Lee; Young-Chul Lim; Jong-Hun Lee
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