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Imaging and Printing in a Web 2.0 World; and Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems IV
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Volume Number: 7540
Date Published: 8 February 2010

Table of Contents
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Contextual advertisement placement in printed media
Author(s): Sam Liu; Parag Joshi
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Content-based image retrieval with ontological ranking
Author(s): Shen-Fu Tsai; Min-Hsuan Tsai; Thomas S. Huang
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A case study on rule-based and CRF-based author extraction methods
Author(s): Shengwen Yang; Yuhong Xiong
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New performance evaluation models for character detection in images
Author(s): YanWei Wang; XiaoQing Ding; ChangSong Liu; Kongqiao Wang
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Xerox trails: a new web-based publishing technology
Author(s): Venkatesh G. Rao; David Vandervort; Jesse Silverstein
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WikiPrints: rendering enterprise Wiki content for printing
Author(s): Kathrin Berkner
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Navigating web search results
Author(s): Steven Harrington
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Cloud-based printing for mobile devices
Author(s): Nina Bhatti; Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Jerry Liu
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DIY eBooks: collaborative publishing made easy
Author(s): Steve Battle; Fabio Vitali; Angelo Di Iorio; Matthew Bernius; Tona Henderson; Manu Choudhury
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Using ePub as framework for the automated collection, tagging, and transformation of web content for cross-media publication
Author(s): Tona Henderson; Steven Battle; Matt Bernius; Manu Choudhury
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MagCloud: magazine self-publishing for the long tail
Author(s): Kok-Wei Koh; Ehud Chatow
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A web-based rapid assessment tool for production publishing solutions
Author(s): Tong Sun
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An investigation of document aesthetics for web-to-print repurposing of small-medium business marketing collateral
Author(s): J. P. Allebach; Maria Ortiz Segovia; C. Brian Atkins; Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Niranjan Damera-Venkata; Nina Bhatti; Jerry Liu; Qian Lin
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Learning from graphic designers: using grids as a scaffolding for automatic print layout
Author(s): Eamonn O'Brien-Strain; Jerry Liu
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Ubiquitous picture-rich content representation
Author(s): Wiley Wang; Jennifer Dean; Russ Muzzolini
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A novel XML-based document format with printing quality for web publishing
Author(s): Ruiheng Qiu; Zhi Tang; Liangcai Gao; Yinyan Yu
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Smart Browser: a framework for bringing intelligence into the browser
Author(s): Demiao Lin; Jianming Jin; Yuhong Xiong
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AutoPhotobook: using technology to streamline photobook creation
Author(s): Xuemei Zhang; Yuli Gao; C. Brian Atkins; Phil Cheatle; Jun Xiao; Hui Chao; Peng Wu; Daniel Tretter; David Slatter; Andrew Carter; Roland Penny; Chris Willis
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Faces from the web: automatic selection and composition of media for casual screen consumption and printed artwork
Author(s): Phil Cheatle; Darryl Greig; David Slatter
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Semi-automatic image personalization tool for variable text insertion and replacement
Author(s): Hengzhou Ding; Raja Bala; Zhigang Fan; Reiner Eschbach; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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Automatic image cropping for republishing
Author(s): Phil Cheatle
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Assessing photographer competence using face statistics
Author(s): Darryl Greig; Yuli Gao
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Automatic eye enhancement by sclera whitening
Author(s): Changhyung Lee; Morgan T. Schramm; Mireille Boutin; Jan P. Allebach
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Automatic digital photo-book making system
Author(s): Wiley Wang; Patrick Teo; Russ Muzzolini
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The impact of geo-tagging on the photo industry and creating revenue streams
Author(s): Rolf Richter; Henning Böge; Christoph Weckmann; Malte Schloen
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Cooperative classification of shared images
Author(s): Claudio Cusano; Simone Santini
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Semantic retrieval and automatic annotation: linear transformations, correlation, and semantic spaces
Author(s): Jonathon S. Hare; Paul H. Lewis
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Generic and optimized framework for multi-content analysis based on learning approaches
Author(s): Quentin Besnehard; Cédric Marchessoux; Tom Kimpe
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Benchmark of multiple approaches for feature extraction and image similarity characterization
Author(s): Chunlei Yang; Yuli Gao; Jianping Fan
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Three-domain image representation for personal photo album management
Author(s): E. Ardizzone; M. La Cascia; M. Morana; F. Vella
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Harvesting weakly tagged images for computer vision tasks
Author(s): Yi Shen; Chunlei Yang; Yuli Gao; Jianping Fan
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Image retrieval for identifying house plants
Author(s): Hanife Kebapci; Berrin Yanikoglu; Gozde Unal
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Comparative study of content-based image retrieval and video fingerprinting
Author(s): Xiaofan Lin
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Robust video and audio-based synchronization of multimedia files
Author(s): Benjamin A. Raichel; Peter Bajcsy
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Query-based video event definition using rough set theory and video prototypes
Author(s): Kimiaki Shirahama; Chieri Sugihara; Kuniaki Uehara
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Composition of SIFT features for robust image representation
Author(s): Ignazio Infantino; Giovanni Spoto; Filippo Vella; Salvatore Gaglio
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On accuracy, privacy, and complexity in the identification problem
Author(s): F. Beekhof; S. Voloshynovskiy; O. Koval; T. Holotyak
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