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Computational Imaging VIII
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Volume Number: 7533
Date Published: 27 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7533
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A regions of confidence based approach to enhance segmentation with shape priors
Author(s): Vikram V. Appia; Balaji Ganapathy; Amer Abufadel; Anthony Yezzi; Tracy Faber
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Human pose tracking from monocular video by traversing an image motion mapped body pose manifold
Author(s): Saurav Basu; Joshua Poulin; Scott T. Acton
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Semi-automatic object geometry estimation for image personalization
Author(s): Hengzhou Ding; Raja Bala; Zhigang Fan; Reiner Eschbach; Charles A. Bouman; Jan P. Allebach
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A method for recognizing the shape of a Gaussian mixture from a sparse sample set
Author(s): Hector J. Santos-Villalobos; Mireille Boutin
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Extraction of arbitrarily-shaped objects using stochastic multiple birth-and-death dynamics and active contours
Author(s): Maria S. Kulikova; Ian H. Jermyn; Xavier Descombes; Elena Zhizhina; Josiane Zerubia
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Symmetrized local co-registration optimization for anomalous change detection
Author(s): Brendt Wohlberg; James Theiler
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High resolution SAR-image classification by Markov random fields and finite mixtures
Author(s): Gabriele Moser; Vladimir Krylov; Sebastiano B. Serpico; Josiane Zerubia
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Randomized group testing for acoustic source localization
Author(s): William Mantzel; Justin Romberg; Karim Sabra
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Blind deconvolution of depth-of-field limited full-field lidar data by determination of focal parameters
Author(s): John P. Godbaz; Michael J. Cree; Adrian A. Dorrington
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Compressive inverse scattering using ultrashort pulses
Author(s): Kyung Hwan Jin; Kanghee Lee; Jaewook Ahn; Jong Chul Ye
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Implementation and evaluation of a penalized alternating minimization algorithm for computational DIC microscopy
Author(s): Chrysanthe Preza; Joseph A. O'Sullivan
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Virtual surgical modification for planning tetralogy of Fallot repair
Author(s): Jonathan Plasencia; Haithem Babiker; Randy Richardson; Edward Rhee; Brigham Willis; John Nigro; David Cleveland; David H. Frakes
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Numerical observer for cardiac motion assessment
Author(s): Jovan G. Brankov; Thibault Marin; P. Hendrik Pretorius; Yongyi Yang; Miles N. Wernick
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Passive imaging with cross correlations in a discrete random medium
Author(s): M. Moscoso; G. Papanicolaou; R.-H. Sun
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Construction and exploitation of a 3D model from 2D image features
Author(s): Karl Ni; Zachary Sun; Nadya Bliss; Noah Snavely
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An optimal algorithm for reconstructing images from binary measurements
Author(s): Feng Yang; Yue M. Lu; Luciano Sbaiz; Martin Vetterli
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Digital neutral density filter for moving picture cameras
Author(s): Michael Schöberl; Alexander Oberdörster; Siegfried Fößel; Hans Bloss; André Kaup
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Adaptive removal of show-through artifacts by histogram analysis
Author(s): Jin-Kyung Hong; Ki-Min Kang; Sang-Ho Kim
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Automatic portion estimation and visual refinement in mobile dietary assessment
Author(s): Insoo Woo; Karl Otsmo; SungYe Kim; David S. Ebert; Edward J. Delp; Carol J. Boushey
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Motion blur removal in nonlinear sensors
Author(s): Tomer Faktor; Tomer Michaeli; Yonina C. Eldar
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SPIRAL out of convexity: sparsity-regularized algorithms for photon-limited imaging
Author(s): Zachary T. Harmany; Roummel F. Marcia; Rebecca M. Willett
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Novel integro-differential equations in image processing and its applications
Author(s): Prashant Athavale; Eitan Tadmor
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Band reduction for hyperspectral imagery processing
Author(s): Stefan A. Robila
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Identifying a walking human by a tensor decomposition based approach and tracking the human across discontinuous fields of views of multiple cameras
Author(s): Takayuki Hori; Jun Ohya; Jun Kurumisawa
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Restitution of multiple overlaid components on extremely long series of solar corona images
Author(s): A. Llebaria; J. Loirat; P. Lamy
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Several approaches to solve the rotation illusion with wheel effect
Author(s): Cheng Zhang; Rick Parent
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Restoring the spatial resolution of refocus images on 4D light field
Author(s): JaeGuyn Lim; ByungKwan Park; JooYoung Kang; SeongDeok Lee
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OASIS: a simulator to prepare and interpret remote imaging of solar system bodies
Author(s): L. Jorda; S. Spjuth; H. U. Keller; P. Lamy; A. Llebaria
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